Resorts & Retreats Awards 2021 Page 13 Page 12 LUX 2021 Resorts and Retreats Awards LUX 2021 Resorts and Retreats Awards After an extraordinary year and a half, the time has come for people to take a step back from the troubles of day-to-day life and spend some time doing something totally different. The team at Purple Ski have the ideal solution, offering a luxurious getaway that combines the energy and adrenaline of skiing down the world’s most breath-taking slopes with the calm and peace that only the French Alps can offer. Purple Ski’s chalets are located in numerous beautiful ski resorts, nestled in the heart of Meribel, Courchevel, and Val d’Isere. Each of these exclusive chalets offer unparalleled skiing for all abilities and unparalleled levels of luxury from the staff, who take the time to attend to your needs. The beautiful resorts available are the perfect place to reconnect with friends and family and enjoy some quality time together. Each chalet is impeccably furnished, creating a space where modern luxury is carefully intertwined with traditional chalet design. Each is uniquely designed, with character at the heart of the process. Each chalet boasts its own incredible relaxation facilities so that you can sit back at the end of a busy day in perfect comfort. There are swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, massage rooms, gyms, and cinema rooms, giving a multitude of options for anyone and everyone who is looking for somewhere to enjoy themselves while off the slopes. During your stay, your every need can be catered for. Staff offer daily housekeeping, transport to and from the slopes at any time, and an in-chalet massage service. The dedication of this impressive team stretches through every With its revolutionary, compact design, simplicity is the key advantage of the DoorPRO Doorstop, designed for convenience and ease of use with its unique swivel belt clip. It works by being placed directly over the middle door hinge when the door is opened all the way, and then the door should be gently released until the sides of the DoorPRO rest between the hinge plates. To remove the DoorPRO from the hinge again, push the door all the way open. The DoorPRO Doorstop mutually benefits employees and hotel resorts, resulting in a win-win situation, continuing to professionalize workers in the hotel resort industry. Superior to all other doorstops in the industry today, the brilliance of the doorstop hasn’t gone unnoticed, winning multiple accolades such as Best New Product in New York at the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show in 2005, to winning Judges Choice Award and Customer Choice Award on a live stage with the Shark Tank at G2E in Las Vegas in 2018, to international sales in 2020, named Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 by Luxury Life Magazine, and now recognized as the Best Ergonomic Doorstop Product 2021 by LUXlife. Jul21811 Jul21791 Purple Ski and Purple Summer Best Luxury Ski Chalet Operator 2021 - France DoorPRO Doorstop Best Ergonomic Doorstop Product 2021: DoorPRO Doorstop aspect of the business. The in-house chefs create unrivalled culinary excellences, with each chalet’s professional chef having held senior roles in prestigious fine dining restaurants. They are given free rein to create the sort of dishes that many could only dream off, which, when combined with unlimited champagnes, fine wines and an open bar, ensures that you have the makings of a truly decadent holiday. Obviously, skiing and the incredible resort facilities are at the heart of what Purple Ski offer, but their chalets are ideally situated so that guests can explore the local area as and when they please. Each resort has been placed close to bustling town centres and centres of culture, allowing visitors the opportunity to stroll down the picturesque streets and peruse the boutiques or even sample some of the authentic local cuisine in the restaurants. For those craving the sunshine, Purple Summer’s dreamy collection of villas is ideal for escaping the drizzle back home. It features properties in both the desirable French Cote d’Azur and breathtaking Mallorca in prime locations which allow you to venture out and explore the idyllic local towns and beaches or simply enjoy the picturesque landscapes from the comfort of your own villa. Each villa is uniquely decorated with traditional French and Spanish accents and surrounded by beautiful terraces and mature gardens, so you can entertain friends and family with some al fresco dining or take a dip to cool off in your own swimming pool. For many, the opportunity to glide down the slopes of the French Alps or soak up the sun on world-class beaches would be quite enough, but the levels of luxury available to the clients at Purple Ski and Purple Summer are truly second to none. We celebrate their incredible success in the LUXlife Resort and Retreat Awards 2021, and look forward to seeing what amazing achievements they manage in the months and years to come. See you on the slopes! Company: Purple Ski and Purple Summer Name: Hannah Crane-Buck Email: [email protected] The DoorPRO DoorStop has evolved as a revolutionary breakthrough in doorstop technology for service personnel within various industries, including hospitality, education, janitorial and construction, as well as for the home. It’s the company’s innovation and exceptional ability to build relationships, drive sales and deliver products that have led to the establishment of significant corporate accounts including medical hospitals, major brand hotels (MGM International, Montage International, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Walt Disney Hotels), military bases, etc. It has also been proving to be of great use during the last 18 months. For many, the pandemic has had a negative impact, but for DoorPRO, this is very much the opposite, with its doorstops becoming an integral part in health and safety protocols in hotels across the globe. DoorPRO Doorstops are giving hotel guests extra comfort in the knowledge that additional hygiene and safety measures have been considered by hotel management. With the hospitality industry heading for permanent changes, the DoorPRO Doorstop will continue to ensure that maximum hygiene standards are met. Indeed, it’s win-win when it comes to the DoorPRO Doorstop, as confirmed by the company’s numerous happy customers. One customer, Ronald Maliksi from Pala Hotel & Casino Resort said, “Just recently purchased a couple of DoorPROs. I want to comment on how fast and quickly it came in the mail. Speaking as a bellman, these unique doorstops are a very important tool we use when we deliver luggage to the guests. And I must say a handy one as well. I am very impressed that your company is very fast on shipping items. If I need another doorstop in the future, I will definitely come to the website again. You got one customer that is happy with you.” Company: DoorPRO Doorstop Contact: Bill Hengler Email: [email protected] Website: “Just recently purchased a couple of DoorPROs. I want to comment on how fast and quickly it came in the mail. Speaking as a bellman, these unique doorstops are a very important tool we use when we deliver luggage to the guests. And I must say a handy one as well. I am very impressed that your company is very fast on shipping items. If I need another doorstop in the future, I will definitely come to the website again.You got one customer that is happy with you.” There’s nothing that quite matches up to the joy, the energy and the relaxing power of a French skiing holiday. For those who are ready to travel again, Purple Ski and Purple Summer offer the perfect luxury escape, whether it’s the stunning snow- capped peaks of the French Alps or the glorious turquoise waters of Mallorca and the French Riviera. We dig a little deeper into these amazing getaways, following their remarkable success in the LUXlife Resort and Retreat Awards, to see how they do it. It all began in 2004 when Bill Hengler was working as a bellman at a major Las Vegas hotel, having to bend over to place a doorstop each time he greeted guests in their rooms. He set out to create a temporary doorstop that would prop open hotel room doors using an ergonomically correct solution, so bellmen can deliver bags and housekeeping can clean rooms without having to keep bending over. It not only makes the lives of service personnel easier, but it also eliminates the risks of back-related injuries, therefore significantly reducing workers’ compensation and liability claims. It also shows professionalism, increases work efficiency, and reduces property damage caused by other types of hinge-based door props.