Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022

Equator Resort Key West: Best Luxury All-Male Resort - Southeast USA

welcome to the 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards LUXlife are delighted to announce that voting is now open for the seventh annual Resort and Retreat Awards in 2022. We are seeing positive changes as the travel industry continues to rebuild itself following the global pandemic. Engagement in the resorts and retreats sector is expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels. From city breaks to beach holidays, there is plenty of choice when deciding on your next getaway. In response to the stresses of recent events affecting global mental health, those who operate resorts and retreats are highlighting the importance of having a sense of wellbeing once again. As last year we saw the beginning of the travel corridor re-opening, 2022 is projected to follow this trend further. And that is why the Resort and Retreat Awards 2022 is so important. We want to promote the most luxurious destinations, companies and individuals who are helping to provide the perfect resorts and retreats to escape to. LUXlife wants to celebrate the destinations that kept us sane nationally and are now ready for us to visit internationally. For us to decide this, our winners are selected purely on merit by our experienced in-house research team. Our awards work by considering merit and quality, ensuring that the many resorts and retreats that form a vital part of this industry receive the appreciation they deserve. To move successfully from nominee to winner, there must be evidence of extensive expertise and skills, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. The Retreat at Stirling: Best Luxury B&B - Adelaide Hills 6. Equator Resort Key West: Best Luxury All-Male Resort - Southeast USA 8. Ace RV Rentals: Best RV Sales & Rentals Business - National Capital Region USA 10. Fly Hotel Gabon: Best Family-Friendly Modern Hotel - Gabon 12. The Hacienda at Warm Sands: Best Luxury Gay Resort 2022 - North America 14. Hotal Wara: Adventure Hotel of the Year - Chile 16. Glass House Retreat: Best Detox & Wellness Retreat - UK 17. Barrow Spa Therapy: Specialist Spa of the Year - North West England 18. Zeldiva Luxury: Best Luxury Travel Concierge Service 2022 - Maldives 19. Oceanview Eco Villas: Best Eco-Luxury Accommodation - Kangaroo Island 20. Long Bay Beach Resort: Best Luxury Beachside Hotel & Restaurant - British Virgin Islands 21. TrayAway: Most Innovative Room Service Cleaning Technology Provider - USA 22. Boticas Hotel ART & SPA: Best Contemporary 4 Star Hotel - Northern Portugal 23. Yalbaroo Scenic Rim Retreat: Most Tranquil Country Retreat - South East Queensland 24. Saladin Lodge: Best Country Lodge Accommodation - Central Victoria 25. Black Bull Inn Moffat: Traditional Inn of the Year - Dumfries & Galloway 26. Adelaide Style Accommodation-City and Beach Luxury Home: Best Luxury City & Beach Accommodation - South Australia 27. Tropic Star Lodge: Best Boutique Adventure Destination Provider - Panama 28. Fox Hill RV Resort and Campground: Most Hospitable RV Resort & Camping Venue - Midwest USA 29. TruDomes: Best Glamping Domes Manufacturer 2022 30. Elm Cottage: Best Rural Retreat - Snowy Mountains 31. Villa Renaissance: Best Beachfront Boutique Condo Rental Company - Turks and Caicos Islands 32. Love Home Swap: Best Luxury Home Swapping Platform 2022 33. Box Leisure: Leisure Recruitment Specialists of the Year - UK 34. Ascot Hotel: Most Intimate Cost- Efficient Hotel – Southwestern Italy 35. PtravelsClub: Most Innovative Luxury Travel Company - Europe 36. Hotel Stadt Wien: Best High-End Family-Run Hotel - Western Austria 37. Redcastle Oceanfront Golf and Spa Hotel: Best 4-Star Hotel & Golf Resort – County Donegal 38. Villa Sessanella: Best Luxury Villa Retreat – Northwest Italy 39. Loughbrickland Courtyard: Best Self- Catering Cottage Accommodation - County Down 40. Oxford Ski Company: Best Luxury Ski Chalet Collection 2022 41. The Loch Rannoch Highland Club: Best Family-Friendly Resort – Scotland 42. Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol: Most Accommodating Kid’s Club Facilities Hotel – Cyprus 43. Golden Galapagos Cruises: Best Luxury Cruise Company 2022 - Ecuador 44. Hope Decor: Best Hospitality Wall Art Decor Designer (USA): Lea Hope Bonzer 45. Amaroo Retreat & Spa: Best Adults-Only Retreat – Western Australia 46. Casita Mia de Mita: Best Premium Hotel & Dining Experience 2022 – Nayarit

Page 4 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Jun22083 A luxury bed and breakfast in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, The Retreat at Stirling is made up of four self-contained apartments across two acres of property. Nominally, it has made a name for itself with its incredibly well looked after rooms, spectacular customer service, and indoor heated pool; indeed, it is the only such B&B in the Adelaide Hills area with such a feature. Excited to welcome back guests old and new alike in the aftermath of the pandemic’s numerous lockdowns, it is pleased to say that its guests will be coming back to a bigger and better Retreat at Stirling, with boutique accommodations that are guaranteed to fit the needs of a wide range of holidaymakers. Whether a client is keen and raring to go for an intense Australian adventure, or simply looking for a quiet, out of the way place to relax, The Retreat at Stirling is an excellent choice. With all provisions provided for in its individual, secluded, and spacious apartments, the ingredients it provides for mealtimes are high quality, local, and ethically produced, as The Retreat at Stirling loves to do its part to support the local businesses of the community it invites its guests to experience. Consequentially, guests finding themselves falling in love with the Adelaide Hills region Located within walking distance of the Stirling Golf Course, Heysen trail, and local wineries, The Retreat at Stirling has made itself a jewel in the crown of local hospitality. From the exemplary experiences right on its doorstep to the individual, self-contained, and totally socially distanced apartments and indoor heated pool, it has successfully created a tranquil haven nestled in the Adelaide Hills that gives its guests a much needed respite from the hectic nature of everyday life. The Retreat at Stirling Best Luxury B&B - Adelaide Hills Page 5 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards just as much as the residents and The Retreat at Stirling itself do. Moreover, its contactless check-in process, in depth cleaning between guests, and other such measures mean that this holidaymaking experience is one of the safest ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life whilst the pandemic is still a going concern. Unlike many of its peers in the hospitality industry, its business model champions independence for guests, creating spaces that truly become a guest’s home over the course of their stay and abiding by social distancing as a result. However, this peace and space is tempered by the staff’s constant diligence. With the highest quality food available through the premises and its exceptional staff ensuring that they are on call 24/7 to provide anything and everything a guest might need. From high quality bed linens to locally sourced quilts, wool toppers, and more, its toiletries and other complimentary supplies all forge a crucial part of the overall experience thanks to The Retreat at Stirling’s attention to detail when it comes to customer service. A guest can also go so far as to tailor their night’s sleep when staying at the The Retreat at Stirling. With a vast ‘pillow menu’. It allows guests to pick from a wide range of different firmness levels and cushioning options, resulting in a warm, welcoming, inviting environment that is perfectly tailored to fit a customer’s needs and guarantees a holiday like no other. In fact, many guests need only to reside in the apartment for a couple of hours before resolving to make it one of their go-to holiday destinations for rest, relaxation, and hospitality, resulting in glowing reviews and word of mouth referrals that help it to grow its business even further. Such reviews and referrals have ensured that it has become a jewel in the crown of the Adelaide Hills’ hospitality industry, with the small but dedicated team thanking each guest for trusting The Retreat with their precious holiday time and recommending it to family, friends, and peers. Additionally, despite the small nature of the team, the quality of the service they provide often leaves guests in awe. They are tightly knit and incredibly ambitious, always putting the customer at the forefront of their concerns and supporting one another to get the work done to the highest possible standards so that a guest always has an impeccable time. Thus, when it comes to hiring, it prioritises attention to detail above all else. This is because the core goal of The Retreat at Stirling is to provide the best of the best in bespoke B&B solutions, and a staff member will always be someone who takes action over inaction when they see something that needs to do done. After all, in such an increasingly busy and in-demand industry as hospitality – especially with the recent post-lockdown travel booms – tardiness of service is not the hallmark of a business that will be growing to become a hallmark of said sector. Fastidious, dedicated, and highly talented both regarding guest relations and in their roles, every staff member of The Retreat at Stirling from the front of house administrative staff to the cleaners works hard to resolve any queries, comments, or concerns a guest may have. The Retreat at Stirling wishes to give a special thanks to its cleaning team in this respect, as each of them works incredibly hard to conduct a standardised, well developed, and watertight cleaning routine that leaves each apartment completely fresh and hygienic in time for the arrival of the next guests. Welcoming people who are holidaying locally as well as those travelling in from much further afield, it is proud to say that between its beautifully imagined spaces and its contactless service, its business has not suffered hugely during the pandemic. This has given it the breathing room to continue growing, developing, and expanding, something that it is excited to announce has led it down the path of spa planning: this is slated to open soon, and it is hopeful that guests old and new will appreciate the added dimension it will provide to their stay. Company: The Retreat at Stirling Contact: Bridget Wallace Website:

Page 6 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Jun22070 The Florida Keys archipelago is one of the most beautiful spots in the United States, renowned for its breath-taking coral reefs and stunning beaches. For those who want to get away from it all, there are few places finer, and for those who want some time in comfort and privacy, there’s no place finer than The Equator Resort Key West. This delightful resort is made of five historical properties, bound together to create a stunning hotel. The result is a stunning mismatch of different ideas where no two rooms are exactly the same. Far away from the corporate attitude of some hoteliers, the team at Equator Key West has built its business on the idea of providing a small B&B feel without actually being small and confining. The team’s position as one of three male only, clothing optional resorts sets them apart from the crowd. Unlike their competitors, however, the Equator Resort Key West team have focused on the value of privacy as far as possible. They are currently unique in their ability to offer all private bathrooms, singular in the level of privacy offered by the entire property and rare in so far as they are not open to the public. For someone who wants to get away and relax, the Equator Resort Key West is the ideal location to turn to. When looking for somewhere to stay, you want to find somewhere you can feel truly relaxed. For those looking for an All-Male resort, you should look no further than the delightful destination that is The Equator Resort Key West. With success in LUXlife’s Resort and Retreat Awards 2022 under their belts, we take a closer look to see how the team has been able to secure such tremendous success. Equator Resort Key West Best Luxury All-Male Resort - Southeast USA The heart of the business is the way in which it builds on relationships. The Equator Resort Key West is not just a place where people sleep, it’s an attraction in and of itself. General Manager, Anthony Sibilly-Juarez, considers this a direct result of his approach to hiring. “We try to fine tune the right candidate that will mesh into the environment, the clientele, and the team,” he tells us. “Before my final hiring decision, regardless of experience or qualifications, I ask myself ‘would I invite this person to my house for dinner?’ Procedures can be taught, experience can be gained, but personality is inherent.” This commitment to finding people who fit the unique ethos of this Key West classic is why so many people continue to come back year after year. “My co-workers are rock stars,” Anthony continues. “We have a diverse team from many backgrounds such as the Virgin Islands, Bhutan, Ukraine, Key West. All with individual strengths and weaknesses, and we work well together.” With such a breadth of knowledge and expertise, there is very little that the team at the Equator Resort Key West cannot overcome. Since 2018, this iconic hotel has become the top of TripAdvisor’s list of places to stay. It’s easy to see why – their efforts to develop, to grow and to continually innovate are at the heart of why they have continued to thrive. They know how to have a good time and know how to ensure that their clients have a good time too. Whilst technical faults and human error are often unavoidable, what can be controlled is the response and the team at the Equator Resort Key West have made it their mission to fix any problem – or throw enough smoke and mirrors at it so no one notices! Page 7 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Nowhere is this better shown than in the catering arrangements developed by the team. The Equator Resort Key West offers a complimentary Happy Hour every evening, with Petits Debuts in the morning. This offers a small pre-breakfast jump start with options of stuffed croissants, pastries and bagels made locally fresh and delivered daily. For someone who’s looking for comfort at all times, this is the place to turn to. No hotel, however, can remain the same. As such, the attitude of the Equator Resort Key West team has been to build rejuvenation in the very fabric of their approach. “Change is a Constant is kind of our philosophy,” Anthony explains. “We strive to constantly work on upgrades and renovations so that each visit – as we have a lot of repeat clientele – there is always something new.” Something new doesn’t have to revolutionize the hotel experience, but it always improves it. This year, for example, the Wi-Fi system has shifted from login and password to an automatic system using NFC. These simple touches are only reached through determined hard work and a desire to deliver even better quality of service every single time. Now that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, it’s clear that more and more people are turning up at the Equator Resort Key West to embrace a world of fun and comfort. A whole new region of customers have turned up from the America’s West Coast, keen to discover what sets this incredible resort apart from the rest of the crowd. They, too, have found a place which is a home away from home. Whilst most hotels go through a slow season with few visitors, the Equator Resort Key West has very much become the place to be for those who are in the know. There is very little that is perfect, but there are very few that get as close as the team at the Equator Resort Key West. Their peerless attitude to success, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is on offer, has enticed more people through their doors than ever before. Those who visit this stunning establishment find a locale that is warm and friendly, private but never stuffy. It’s a credit to the team that so many return year after year after year. It’s a bigger mark of their success, however, that there are always new people wanting to uncover what makes this such a special place. We hope we’ve captured a little of that here. Company: Equator Resort Key West Name: Anthony Sibilly-Juarez (General Manager) Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 822 Fleming St. Key West, FL 33040 Telephone: (305) 294-7775

Page 8 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Jun22289 Ace RV Rentals is a family-owned and run RV rental, sales, and service business. Since 2012, where the business found its beginnings, Ace has been making a name for themselves in RV rentals, serving firsttime customers and those experienced with renting, purchasing, and servicing such vehicles. Nominally, it is the most important business factor for Ace that a customer leave ready and raring to go for the adventures they will be having in their vehicle, and thus their dedicated and committed staff are all excited to work with them to find the correct RV that will suit their needs. After all, RVs are not just a vehicle useful for one or two instances; indeed, RVs have a wide variety of functions and venture types that they suit better than many other types of automobile or transport option, from long hiking trips to idyllic glamping. Additionally, Ace offers festival planning, event preparation, Being a family-owned, wellrun, and dedicated RV rental, sales, and servicing company, Ace RV Rentals has made themselves a cornerstone of the market. Since their inception, starting with a fleet of just 5 units, they have since expanded to over 50 units and thousands of satisfied clients, all of whom they are proud to say have come away leaving glowing reviews and having been thoroughly impressed by the quality of the RV itself and the packages available with them. Far from just offering the vehicle, Ace also offers full experience packages that include everything and anything a client might need for a true adventure. Ace RV Rentals Best RV Sales & Rentals Business - National Capital Region USA pickup, delivery, drivers for rentals, on-site setup, technical support, generator supply, bedding, bathroom, and even kitchen packages, making it so all a customer need do is show up if they really wish. Taking care of their clients in such a holistic and thorough manner has truly set them apart from their peers, with a great number of available packages that can be tailored to fit any customer’s comfort level. This is a huge part of what has earned them the trust, respect, and faith of their industry over the years, as it has proved time and again through actions over words how far it will go to make the customer its number one priority, forever going above and beyond to show them how incredible an RV adventure can be. Moreover, their units are also of the highest possible quality as standard. The star of the show, the RV itself, goes through several stages of inspection and quality check before a customer even sees it, including routine vehicle maintenance both before and after each rental that ensures everything is running smoothly. The interiors are clean and spacious, the inner workings well oiled and well cared for, with each staff member who maintains the vehicles taking a deep personal pride in ensuring that this is the case. No matter where the road may take their clients, Ace guarantees that the RV they rent from them will give the adventure that extra dimension of freedom and life that is hard to find in travelling by any other means. Internally, their team have made this their unifying motto. Having built the business’s present and future off this ethos – made possible by a well-informed and passionate staff, most of whom have been with it since the beginning – clients can develop a personal and empathic rapport with the Ace team, forging lifelong positive relationships based on a mutual love for exploration. Being a family run company, the staff they has recruited have inextricably become part of this family, immediately adopted into the ranks by a welcoming and enthusiastic group of people who prize the individuality and perspective that such a mixture of different backgrounds and perspectives brings to the business. Critically, with such an amazing group of people behind them, Ace has never been in any doubt as to whether they would be a successful business or not, and they take pride in sticking by their people through thick and thin. When a client chooses Ace as its RV specialist, they also become a part of this culture, and are welcomed with open arms into the familial culture of empathy, enthusiasm, and helpfulness that has made it such a one-stop-shop for so many people. With trial runs that they use to determine whether a recruit jives with the company or not, their core goal is creating an environment Page 9 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards in which they feel safe and supported to do their best work. In this manner, the company has managed to develop a culture that champions the person, one that realises that in order to create a lifelong bond with a client, the relationship must be about more than just sales. After all, when a company is built in true understanding and empathy, and the team behind it all appreciate working together, the customer feels it. Thus, Ace is always able to put their best foot forward with a client, taking them through the possible RV rental, purchase, and servicing options as well as their other packages with their specific cases and adventures in mind. Their team is also full of people who enjoy bettering themselves and expanding the business through listening to what the customers want; this means that Ace has developed an exemplary process regarding the collection of and action taken to address client feedback, as they appreciate hearing its clients’ thoughts. Anytime there is something a customer thinks could be done better, they will put all their effort towards addressing these concerns, developing knowledge, learning new skills, and growing in a visible and tangible way as a result, making the company even more of a thing to be proud of day by day. With this representing the company in an outstanding manner, they have been able to enjoy the boost in the rental market that has occurred both during the Covid-19 lockdowns with people turning towards socially distanced holiday options, and afterwards, in the climate of the current travel boom. Nowadays, more people than ever are keen and eager to get out of their homes and back into the world, taking those ‘one day’ holiday ideas and going through with them now that they once again have the chance to do so. They are excited to be able to rise to meet this demand head on, and has been consistently stepping up to the plate to serve its growing market segment both during the crisis and in the aftermath, even going so far as to be the provider of RV rental units to be used as mobile vaccine sites. In the future, they look forward to continuing the boom in their business that this has created, with a growing 50-unit fleet and expanding client base that they hope to welcome many more fresh faces into in the coming years. Company: Ace RV Rentals Contact: Joanne Rashid Website:

Page 10 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Jun22113 Rapidly approaching its fifth birthday, Fly Hotel is a four-star establishment located in Libreville, Gabon. The modern accommodation boasts 32 single rooms and eight luxurious suites, in which guests can kick back and relax after spending the day in the nation’s largest city. Moreover, it supplies a range of facilities, including a private swimming pool, a fitness centre, and a spacious lobby that acts as a hub for information. The hotel has truly earned its positive reputation – it is glamorous, comfortable, and, most importantly, welcoming to its diverse clientele. Indeed, Fly Hotel attracts thousands of guests each year, and is one of the nation’s most popular accommodation options. It primarily acts as a business destination, providing rooms and restaurant services to leaders within the gas and oil, mining, and aviation sectors. However, the establishment is open to guests of all kinds, both in its restaurant and in the hotel. No matter what the guest’s background may be, Fly Hotel is devoted to providing them with a personalised, attentive service. Each employee, across all of the company’s departments, is highly trained. As such, the hotel is equipped to provide a plethora of unique services, including airport assistance for immigration, Visas, luggage retrieval, car Opening its doors in 2017, Fly Hotel is a premium accommodation service that typically provides rooms for those in business and their families. Boasting a pool, a bar, and a range of opulent services, the hotel has established itself as a four-star, highly esteemed company. Indeed, Fly Hotel is Gabon’s leading accommodation service, and it is easy to understand why. Fly Hotel Gabon Best Family-Friendly Modern Hotel - Gabon Page 11 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards rental, city transport with a driver, and package reception. Moreover, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fly Hotel has made room for both PCR and self-testing facilities on site, which are supported by the on-call doctor. These services are in keeping with the very elements that make the company unique. It is, simply, entirely different to any other hotel as it truly cares about the wellbeing of its guests. The guests’ experiences are of paramount importance. In addition, the Fly Hotel is the only accommodation in the area that offers an airport service. Conveniently situated between two terminals, the handy location means that guests are always minutes away from the airport lounges, thereby eliminating the need for shuttles or airport transfer services. This ensures that guests can get to their rooms quickly and easily. It is abundantly clear that client-centricity lies at the heart of the business. The hotel strives to provide an unbeatable service – one that ensures that when its guests leave, they are waiting for the next chance to return. Fly Hotel guarantees customer satisfaction. Its services are unlike those of its competitors, and its rooms are homely, stylish, and relaxing. Quite simply, it goes above and beyond the call of duty. This approach is infused within the company culture, and as a result, the Fly Hotel team consistently exceed customer expectations. Fly Hotel is considered a small family. 90% of its employees have been with the hotel since its opening, and as such, Fly Hotel maintains a low turnover rate compared to others in the industry. This is something that the company prides itself upon. In turn, the company provides consistent training, and everyone is welcomed to pitch in with ideas, upgrades, changes based on its customer surveys and exchanges. On top of this, Fly Hotel ensures that there are always at least 30 members of staff available, as this guarantees 24-hour care for its guests. As the hotel does not use advertisements to promote itself, it depends entirely upon word of mouth. Its reputation has, therefore, been established thanks to the satisfaction of its clients and their loyalty to the business. It believes that the industry is still largely based on this form of care. If a client has a good experience in the hotel and opts to share it online or with friends and family, it is exclusively thanks to its team doing everything they possibly can to accommodate the clients. Consequently, the hotel has acquired dozens of positive reviews across a number of platforms, including the esteemed TripAdvisor. One guest writes, ‘This is a great hotel in the airport platform of Libreville. It is quite rare to find good hotels in the airport, even more rare is to find one with a swimming pool (in the African countries I have visited) . I stayed here because my flight was cancelled, and I loved it. The restaurant has good food, but you will pay the price (not very expensive but not super cheap either). The rooms are well designed and functional in beige scale colours which is really relaxing. I would definitely stay here again if I ever pass through Libreville. Access to the beach is 5 minutes or so by foot (you can see the beach from certain rooms) and with a taxi you can pretty much get everywhere for cheap.’ In an industry that was greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, such reviews are hugely important to the company’s success. During the turbulent period, the company ensured the safety of its guests, supporting them through the two-week quarantine periods. The hotel implemented a stringent set of Covid-19 protocols, and as a result, in over 20 months, the hotel has had no cases amongst its team members. Therefore, as the world enters recovery, Fly Hotel is destined for prosperity. Contact: Angelina Tierra Company: Fly Hotel Gabon Web Address:

Page 12 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Jul22040 One of the leading gay resorts in the world, The Hacienda at Warm Sands has become a favourite amongst LGBT+ travel publications, with a diverse and international roster of guests having visited in the past and gone on to spread the word about this hidden gem. Nominally, The Hacienda at Warm Sands has predominantly built itself on the service of couples, and this has seen it be the host to several same sex weddings over the years, able to allow for the delivery of the most memorable services that make full use of the prime location, beautiful weather, and attentive staff who are always willing to go above and beyond for client happiness. A favourite, longstanding, and recognised Palm Springs resort, The Hacienda at Warm Sands is the LGBT+ community’s worst kept secret, with publications from more indie travel zines to prominent mainstream travel publications lauding it as one of the most The Hacienda at Warm Sands has become well known as ‘one of the best gay resorts’ for a multitude of its clients over its years in operation. Working with diligence, tenacity, and a deep dedication to excellence that allows it to deliver impeccable holidays and even beautiful, tear-jerking wedding ceremonies, it has collated over 600 five-star reviews through Trip Advisor and other third-party review sites that speak to its outstanding nature. Moreover, popular with couples, it finds that its clients come back to it again and again, using its venue as their own personal little slice of paradise. The Hacienda at Warm Sands Best Luxury Gay Resort 2022 - North America prominent gay resorts in one of the most incredible locations available. Critically, it sets itself apart from its competition with its continuously impressive commitment to client health and happiness. This forms a throughline in all of its work, from its distinguished facilities to its well landscaped grounds, its lush tropical background, and its unobstructed view of the San Jacinto Mountains, allowing it to forge a reputation for the most uncompromising quality of service. Moreover, its services have become known as legendary for the personal elements they instil at every turn; each staff member at The Hacienda at Warm Sands works hard to get to know each client, working with discretion and respect to deliver the most individualised holiday a guest could ask for. In this manner, it will always ask prior to a guest’s stay what sort of amenities, drinks, and food they love, determined to only give them the best of the best. Guests can enter an environment of selfdiscovery and pampering when they reach The Hacienda at Warm Sands. The staff are on hand to greet them at the gate, welcoming them into an upscale gay resort that feels like a private villa due to the greenery that gives shade and sheltered clearings of dappled light to those looking for somewhere naturally tranquil to relax. Moreover, the lush Southwestern US landscape allows guests to enjoy warmth in the day and coolness in the evening, inviting them to spend nights under a blanket of glittering stars around the outdoor fireplace, or walking the Saltillo-tiled patios, the pools ready and waiting for guests to take a dip at any time of day. The two huge pools it boasts are always impeccably clean, the spa on the grounds operating at peak efficiency and offering pampering sessions with only the best products used by its well-trained, gentle, and empathic staff. Indeed, its suites and private guest quarters also mirror this dedication to hygiene and perfection, with each of them being cleaned perfectly and with an attention to detail that lacks all scruples, prepared as per client instructions regarding their choice of pillow from the vast menu of options as well as following any other instructions or requests that a guest may make. Thus, when a guest arrives at where they’ll be staying, they can guarantee that they’ll immediately walk into somewhere that is perfect for them. A continental breakfast is served in the morning, something that is complimentary for guests, followed by gourmet sandwiches, salads, and wraps at lunch, and in the evening, the staff work just as hard as they do during the day to see to the requests of the guests. This is made possible by The Hacienda at Warm Sands’ staff to guest room ratio of one to one, something only matched by luxury, five-star leading hotels, and something that it is incredibly of, ensuring Page 13 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards that everyone who passes through its doors is immediately attended to. For every guest, it has dedicated itself to serving everything on time, impeccably, and with the utmost enthusiasm. With its Pillow Club recently celebrating its 13th birthday, this service has endeared itself to each of its clients in turn, with returning guests looking forward to enjoying it once more, benefitting immensely from the ability to choose the perfect pillow for the best night’s sleep. Moreover, staff give each guest the feeling of a warm welcome by allowing them to walk into a room in which the pillows have been embroidered with each guest’s first name, on cases made of ultra-soft suede. Allowing for immense pampering whilst never being intrusive, The Hacienda at Warm Sands adores hearing feedback from its guests, many of whom are from throughout the United States, or are international. Its sunny cloudless skies ensuring the enjoyment of long daytime vistas and warm siestas on the poolside chaise lounges. Many comments, therefore, are simply glowing reviews and outstanding testimonials, but it promises that if there is anything a client thinks it can improve, that it will funnel all its resources into accomplishing this. Run by proud owners James Moje and Maurice Minno, its 22 years of accomplished and experienced management have created a market leading reputation and a front-running service that it is super proud of, and it is excited to welcome in faces familiar and new through its gates as it continues into the future. Company: The Hacienda at Warm Sands Contact: Jim Moje Website:

Page 14 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Jun22695 A bespoke establishment with historical and cultural pedigree that comes from embodying the heritage of its local area, Hotel Wara hopes to lead its region of Atacama forward to greater heights of progress. Nominally, by becoming a wellknown hotel and a first-class accommodation option, it is propelling Atacama into the spotlight, something that is relatively new for the area that is often overlooked by tourists visiting Chile due to its under-the-radar nature. However, thanks to Hotel Wara’s efforts, its tourism industry has received a significant boost, and it has kicked into gear a cycle of positive change wherein its in housing guests creates beneficial social improvements, bringing in more guests, which brings more improvements, and allows the hotel and the region both to continue to flourish. With a motto of turning the simple into the luxurious, its rooms are spacious and cosy, and it takes great pride in having cultivated an environment that lends itself to the utmost relaxation and rest for its clientele, all of whom appreciate the chance it gives them to get away from the hustle of everyday life. Critically, this also goes for the common areas and grounds. Moreover, its restaurant serves food of the very best quality, all of which is sourced from the local area and cooked using recipes that are emboldened by tradition and local culture. With a name meaning ‘luminous star’ in the Quechua and Aymaran tongue, Hotel Wara hit the ground running by setting its goals and expectations for the future: becoming one of Chile’s brightest stars in hospitality. Indeed, it has been achieving this with its mixture of highland culture and in-depth history, and the family who run it has worked hard to cultivate an atmosphere of relaxation, trust, and respect within the walls that its guests can feel immediately upon arrival. Hotal Wara Adventure Hotel of the Year - Chile Page 15 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards From the best pisco to the most excellent Chilean wines, Hotel Wara promises to make a guest’s visit utterly magical. More than just the hotel, it also offers a range of tours and walking trips that will allow a customer to truly immerse themselves in the region’s art, history, and landscape, taking them across the Andean highlands from the sea of dunes to exclusive beaches. Indeed, this gives its customers the feeling of being totally secluded in a private paradise, somewhere that Hotel Wara can introduce them to the secrets of, but this is not reflected in ease of access. In an exemplary show of balance, alongside the privacy and discretion it offers, it is also pleased to say that it is 35 minutes away from the Atacama desert airport, so travel to the hotel is an easy plane and car ride away for its guests. Nestled at the foot of the largest sea of dunes in Chile, it boasts the clearest and bluest skies in the whole world, and is always excited to see first time visitors’ reactions when they see just how clear the starlit night above it is, providing a beautiful tapestry above the Atacama designed building. Hotel Wara’s Copiapó and native roots, its sophisticated building design, and its Andean interiors – complete with colour, vintage furniture, old style doors, and sustainable materials – have endeared it to the far traveller market and the casual vacationer both, making itself a cornerstone of its region in the process when it comes to hospitality and cultural teaching. Nominally, it is always enthusiastic to take a guest through the historical roots of the building and people in the region, working hard to inspire an increased understanding of and love for cultural sharing. Its deluxe room villas are large and luxurious, with a luxury private bathroom, beds with 600 thread count sheets of Peruvian cotton, and a private garden with a large terrace area. The thoughtfulness that has gone into these designs has granted Hotel Wara the chance to conceptualise and create a space that truly puts the client at the forefront of its concerns, and the common areas reflect this too, each area being kept clean, hygienic, and tidy throughout a client’s stay. Its swimming pool, local gastronomy restaurant, and highland textiles are all impeccable, after all, and the immersion that each of things create guide the guest on a tour de force of Atacameña traditions. Indeed, the region can speak for itself when it comes to selling itself as a fantastic holiday destination, however. By daylight, the dunes are majestic rolling hills of sand that lend soft shapes and colours to a landscape that exists under the huge expense of crystalline blue sky above, and by night, the firelight and soft candles that Hotel Wara light truly lend a quality of mysticism and magic to an already enchanting Chilean night. Something else it hopes guests will enjoy is the Wara Nómade. This is a glamping experience like no other, with all the food and amenities that make a stay with the Hotel Mara great, but in a tent-based accommodation that allows for a true connection with the landscape around the guest. Thus, this beachside camping experience has become very popular with those guests looking for the chance to fully become one with Chilean nature, getting all the rest and recuperation of staying at the hotel proper whilst bedding down in well-appointed and spacious tents, all the while being guided by its expert local guides. Unique, outdoorsy, and adventurous, Hotel Wara is pleased to say that its reputation is now one of the strictest quality, professionalism, and expertise, making the simple into luxury, and the local into legend. Company: Hotel Wara Contact: Paula Schmidt Feureisen Website: [email protected]

Page 16 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Today’s world praises hustle culture. It’s a go, go, go society. Relaxation, therefore, often falls out of sight as people push themselves to work around the clock, go to the gym, maintain a ‘side hustle,’ and attempt to balance a social life. Around the globe, stress levels are rising, and society is disconnecting with the things that truly matter. There is a solution. Glass House Retreat provides the perfect spot for escape, for a breath of fresh air. It is the first purpose-built detox and wellness retreat in the United Kingdom, offering a place to destress and reconnect with the self through holistic treatments and a calm setting. With expert support, guests are encouraged to ‘Relax, Renew, and Rebuild’ themselves through a plethora of facilities and services, such as cryotherapy, luxury spa treatments, and a fitness centre. In essence, the Glass House Retreat is a place for everyone, from lone travellers to groups of men and women. People of all ages, genders, and fitness levels are not only welcomed, but also accepted. From the moment that the retreat makes contact with a customer, the booking coordinators gain information from the guest as to what their objective whilst visiting, resulting in a wholly bespoke experience. This approach is based upon the Glass House Retreat’s ethos, which consists of several fundamental principles. Every visitor is treated as a member of the Glass House Retreat family, and this is reflected in the hundreds of five-star reviews. For example, one visitor comments, ‘Me and my friend had the most relaxing and wholesome weekend here! The Life can be hard at times. Therefore, it’s important to focus upon maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. One such way of doing this is by visiting a detox and wellness retreat like Glass House Retreat – the UK’s first purpose-built retreat of its kind. Boasting panoramic views of the countryside, it is the perfect place to take a break from busy modern life. Jun22091 Glass House Retreat Best Detox & Wellness Retreat - UK classes were so much fun, the treatments were amazing and the food delicious. Also, all of the staff members are so lovely and helpful.’ It is evident from feedback such as this, that the team morale is exceptionally high. Indeed, the team at Glass House Retreat strives to make its customers’ experiences as magical and relaxing as possible. They express a clear passion for their roles at the Glass House Retreat. In turn, it is this that leverages the retreat’s success in the market, as the team all thoroughly enjoy their jobs. The team works in harmony and undertakes regular training. During the induction process, the recruit is scheduled to spend time in each department and receives an individual training plan delivered over a 2-week period. Further, as the retreat opened just one month prior to the nationwide lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, this proved to be a further benefit to the business. The team enabled the fledgling retreat to operate to a high standard in spite of the challenges it was facing. Additionally, thanks to its magnificent location and plethora of unique services, Glass House Retreat was able to remain relatively unscathed by the pandemic’s impact, even gaining a number of celebrity clients along the way. 2022 will see the business continue its success. Glass House Retreat has a number of plans that are coming to light. As an example, it will be upgrading of many of its facilities, this includes a retail shop, holistic room, counselling room and new advance skin and body care line. On top of this, it will continue to prioritise training, and will be searching for new ways to upskill its team. Quite simply, Glass House Retreat endeavours to provide every single guest with an unbeatable, relaxing experience. Contact: Mericia Chapman Company: Glass House Retreat Web Address: Page 17 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Stress is an endemic issue in the UK – according to the Mental Health Foundation between 2017 and 2018, 74% of people felt stressed to the point that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. 32% of this group said they had experienced suicidal feelings as a result of stress. It is important to tackle this issue through a variety of means, be it taking breaks when needed or treating yourself to a relaxing spa day. Barrow Spa Therapy truly understands the negative impact that stress can have on a person, and as a result, it has tailored its treatments to target this problem. The unique retreat, which is located in the owners’ plush and secluded back garden, boasts a hot tub, infrared sauna and steam room, as well as a comfortable outdoor relaxation area and cosy, warm indoor space complete with a log burner. In addition, there is an opulent spa room, within which Barrow Spa Therapy’s famed treatments take place. Indeed, the spa is available for exclusive day hire through its spa packages. It is equipped to handle up to six guests, and offers a range of deals, including a private spa day for two with a 30-minute treatment each for only £95. There are an abundance of health and relaxation treatments available; however, it should be noted that all of these treatments take place with a male therapist. The company supplies aroma massages, body wraps, body polishes, and a range of massages, such as the Chakra Balance Massage, which focuses upon the client’s chosen chakra area and works to decrease tension and increase energy. Nathaniel Welham, Barrow Spa Therapy’s founder and massage therapist, boasts an Take a step back and relax at Barrow Spa Therapy, a highly unique spa that offers a wealth of premier spa treatments, including brand new pregnancy massages. Be it a massage or a body wrap, the company provides an unbeatable service and unmatched prices. In essence, there is nowhere else quite like Barrow Spa Therapy. Jun22322 Barrow SpaTherapy Specialist Spa of the Year - North West England extensive history within the industry. He has a great amount of experience, having cultivated his skill set through working at hotels and salons. Moreover, he possesses VTCT Level 3 Swedish Massage and VTCT Level 3 Spa Therapy qualifications. Such elements are important as they truly represent the high quality of service that Barrow Spa Therapy offers. Therapist Wendy also works alongside Nathaniel to offer couples therapy treatments, when required. These standards are reflected in the reviews of the company, one customer testifies, ‘I recently had the Aveda Plant peal dual exfoliation facial with Nat. The treatment was very relaxing, and I am still seeing results, with softer skin and a reduction in break outs. I was also talked through each process and the benefits that I would gain from it and given advice on skin products to avoid (heavily fragranced products). Will definitely be returning, thank you.’ The company was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is continuing to feel its impact. For example, prior to the outbreak, there tended to be a build up of bookings, yet now, Barrow Spa Therapy’s bookings are trending towards last minute, ad hoc treatments. Additionally, the current energy crisis is wavering in the company’s periphery. However, despite energy costs increasing, the company has maintained reasonable prices. No matter what issues may come Barrow Spa Therapy’s way, it continues to supply premium treatments that guests rave about. Therefore, over the next year, Barrow Spa Therapy hopes to continue this trend. It endeavours to undertake further training and supply a greater amount of adapted spa day packages, similar to those of its popular pizza making and homemade ice-cream days. Contact: Nathaniel Welham Company: Barrow Spa Therapy Web Address:

Page 18 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Established in August of 2013, Zeldiva Maldives Private Limited was founded to corner the market of the Maldives’ travel industry with three separate operational arms that each handle different elements. Zeldiva Travels is dedicated to B2B Agents and wholesale, Zeldiva Yachts is dedicated to the yachting industry, and our focus today – Zeldiva Luxury – is the direct-to-client brand within the enterprise that gives customers a new and exciting way to enjoy personal travel concierge services. By using its platform, it invites clients to enjoy a personalised service that high-end clients worldwide have come to enjoy. Nominally, it creates impeccably adaptive and flexible tour packages that are made to perfectly fit a client’s goals and expectations, customising their entire stay in the Maldives with a full itinerary of activities, events, and lodgings that will allow them to enjoy a holiday like no other. Its efforts in working in an empathic, client-focused, and professional manner have endeared it to the luxury travel market in a holistic manner, propelling it into the spotlight and ensuring that Zeldiva Luxury Having won the coveted title of the best luxury concierge service operating in its region, Zeldiva Luxury has made itself the answer to both innovation and exemplary client service by way of its app and impeccably educated staff. Fundamentally, this and its win of the ‘Best Destination Management Company in the Maldives’ for 2021 in the International Travel Awards has earned it critical acclaim in its market segment, allowing it to step into the spotlight of the luxury travel industry. Everimproving, ever-growing, and with a deep commitment to client satisfaction, it promises to continue living up to this reputation as it moves forward. Jun22550 Zeldiva Luxury Best Luxury Travel Concierge Service 2022 - Maldives has found its place amongst the household names in Maldives luxury holidaymaking. Thanks to its ‘holiday with all the trimmings’ attitude and its determination in creating the most incredible experiences that the region has to offer, it has built its reputation in offering opportunities that no other OTA or travel agency does. Critically, no request is too big or too small. Whether a client wishes to be able to completely decorate their own villa with specific amenities, set up a personal private event, or book a specific entertainer, Zeldiva Luxury will go above and beyond to make this possible, its trained concierges training extensively in their field to allow them to accomplish this effectively. Its annual training – called a product familiarisation trip – allows it to personally educate its staff on what they are selling. Thus, its staff are each experts on the Maldives and the activities available there, as well as the level of luxury available. Its existing staff have been working in the Maldives travel industry for a minimum of five years each, and each of them have been specifically chosen for their continually impressive and truly enviable knowledge and skills. Moreover, they each conduct themselves with the highest levels of pride, diligence, and integrity, making themselves an invaluable part of the Maldives travel industry and a critical element of Zeldiva Luxury’s success. As with any company, its staff are its backbone, and their efforts constantly improve both the company proper and its services, including the luxury concierge mobile app; this is the only service like this in the country, and it has certainly set a high bar for any who seek to follow in its footsteps. Excited to see clients old and new returning to holiday plans now that the pandemic has calmed somewhat, it looks forward to seeing what the next few years will bring, looking forward to bringing its market with it into the future. Company: Zeldiva Luxury Contact: Abdulla Iswan Email: [email protected] Telephone: +9609788787. Website: