Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022

Page 24 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards The Saladin Lodge boasts an impressive history that begins over a century ago. Originally created as a bush retreat in the early 1900s, its genesis came in the form of log and stone cabins and bungalows around the lake, and in turn, it became a haven for the adventurous and avant-garde. Moreover, the lodge is named after James Robert Crooke’s horse. Crooke was the founder of the lodge, and he was the first man to drive a motor vehicle over the Black Spur. Indeed, history surrounds Saladin Lodge, which is located on a 68-acre strip of land. The road, the trees, and the lodge itself tell a story that weaves throughout over 100 years of life and nature. Whilst much has changed since the lodge’s founding all those years ago, many of its original features still remain, including the original stone structures. Saladin Lodge’s current incarnation opened in 2011, and it has a great amount to offer. Kim Rycroft is the owner, operator, designer, chef, and more, and she ensures that everything on the site – which is also her home – runs smoothly. As such, Saladin Lodge is able to provide an impressive range of amenities and services. The accommodation serves as a Bed & Breakfast; maintains a café, conference room, and product store; and is equipped to handle events. It came first in 2021’s Brides’ Choice Awards by The Australian Wedding Industry Awards. Henceforth, not only does Saladin Lodge sit within an exceptional location, but it also promises and delivers an unbeatable service. Guests can spend time at the lake catching fish or, alternatively, basking in the bright Australian sun. They can relax by the fire or traverse the spectacular hiking trails. Simply, there is an endless list of activities that guests can participate in, and, with only a short drive to Marysville, guests can easily With over 100 years of history behind it, the Saladin Lodge is looking forward to building a future through inviting new guests through its doors. Surrounded by nature, the lodge offers guests an abundance of adventures to unlock and explore. Jun22632 Saladin Lodge Best Country Lodge Accommodation - Central Victoria explore the local attractions. Saladin Lodge is conveniently located within reach of the Lake Mountain Ski Resort, Marysville Golf Club, Buxton Trout Farm, and the breath-taking Steavenson Falls. After a long day of exploring, visitors are greeted by opulent rooms filled with plush bedding and stylish, monochromatic décor. There are a number of rooms available, ranging from affordable rooms suitable for families to Deluxe Bed & Breakfast rooms. Each room comes with a fully cooked breakfast in the lodge and access to the lodge’s facilities, such as car parking, the lounge, and the guest library. In addition, the deluxe rooms, the lodge, and The Produce Store are all mobility accredited and accessible, meaning that all guests can have a fantastic experience at Saladin Lodge. Currently, Saladin Lodge is catching up with the backlog of events and bookings postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It believes that it is important to be flexible, adaptable, and able to work around whatever the ever-changing rules may be. Consequently, Saladin Lodge strives to help guests work around this new world and is willing to provide full refunds if more suitable dates are unobtainable. However, the lodge’s remote yet convenient location makes it the perfect place for a ‘staycation.’ Kim has big plans for Saladin Lodge. Her prospective work involves the creation of new events, be it concerts or art exhibitions, and preparing the lodge for an influx of guests during the remainder of 2022. Contact: Kim Rycroft Company: Saladin Lodge Web Address: