Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022

Page 30 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Both David and Deborah firmly believed the pandemic offered an opportunity to further evolve their transformational experience with the inclusion of a Sculpture Trail which includes the George Alfred Green Memorial Bell which recognises the unsung heroes of regional Australia. Moreover, the couple plan to continue to upgrade the property in order to continue meeting their customers’ expectations. Both David and Deborah believe becoming ‘Pet Friendly’ is possibly still the best innovations that they have fulfilled. In 2021, this addition earned Elm Cottage the title of Best Pet Friendly Retreat 2021 - Snowy Mountains, thanks to the devotion to providing a safe place for pets to reside with their owners. After all, pets are an important part of the family too. Contact: David Sheldon Company: Elm Cottage Web Address: From the day Elm Cottage opened in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in Southern NSW, Australia in 2003, owners David and Deborah Sheldon have been providing their guests with a transformational regional experience. True Tree changers, David and Deborah spent over five years searching for the ideal location to bring their dream to fruition. Indeed, Elm Cottage a destination that provides its guests with a unique experience for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, where families can reconnect, and where couples can spend that much needed quality time. As Deborah explains, ‘Elm Cottage really has become a place for everyone, be it international travellers seeking a regional experience, couples, or families seeking to reconnect and recharge those life batteries, every day we are surprised by the guests we attract.’ The ever-evolving Elm Cottage started with two recycled abodes, one from the Sydney Olympics and one from Beecroft in Sydney’s North-west, which were then fully refurbished to equip them with the luxuries expected. Henceforth, Elm Cottages now maintains five quality appointed cottages. Not one cottage is the same – design or décor, they all provide different experiences which cater for the differing holiday seekers in today’s world. The concept of different personalities for each cottage has proven extremely successful, and therefore, Elm Cottages welcomes a highly diverse clientele – small group meetings, family reunions, DIY weddings, and special events and occasions. David states, ‘For families Elm Cottage provides the ideal location, individual families Surrounded by panoramic views of Australia’s Snowy Mountains, Elm Cottage embodies peace and tranquillity. It welcomes everyone – including pets – and encourages both groups and individuals to partake in freeing themselves from the stresses of daily life. Jun22297 Elm Cottage Best Rural Retreat - Snowy Mountains can return to their own cottage when required and meet during the day at Yellowbox Cottage a large fourbedroom cottage with accessible facilities or by the river to enjoy a picnic, campfires, swim, or participate outdoor sports.’ With only a maximum of 31 guests at any one-time, Elm Cottage provides a feeling of privacy for each cottage as they are spaced at 70 metres apart and are situated on a 62-acre parcel of land. Elm Cottage is a destination in its own right. Deborah explains, ‘we must be doing something right as 69% of our guests are repeat visitors with an average stay in excess of 5 nights. One of our regulars said to my husband David as soon as he drives onto the property, he immediately feels his blood pressure drop and enters a sense of calm. This family book four cottages at the top end of the property and stay for a week, they don’t leave the property during their stay.’