Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022 Page 33 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Working in niche industries can be highly challenging and highly rewarding. While competition may be relatively low, there is a heightened need for overt expertise defined by experience and an inside-out knowledge of the market. Anything less than that, and the needs of the industry will fail to be met, and you risk alienating the very market you need to serve. While it is true that some recruitment agencies work within the leisure industries, it would be fair to say that few- if any- match the reputation and expertise that Box Leisure has cultivated over the last couple of years. “The Cutting Edge of Leisure Careers” For Managing Director and Owner Craig Barclay, Box Leisure’s creation almost happened by accident, capitalising on 17 years’ experience in the recruitment industry to create a company that focused solely on serving businesses of all sizes on the leisure landscape. Ultimately, Box Leisure’s success relies on four robust pillars; client centricity, industry experience, learned expertise, and a team that embodies all of these qualities. The first proved crucial when it came to weathering the significant challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, there were few industries harder hit than the leisure industry. Here, Craig discusses the approach he took in ensuring that Box Leisure remained operational. “COVID was tough and challenging for the company. There was just two of us over the pandemic, reaching out to our network of clients and keeping an ear to the ground. Those ongoing conversations As a Corporate Member of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and Associate Member of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, Box Leisure has nurtured an impressive reputation in the recruitment sphere for its specialised services in the leisure sector. Here, we take a look at how this company has established itself as the leading recruitment specialist in the leisure sphere. Jun22427 Box Leisure Leisure Recruitment Specialists of the Year - UK really strengthened the network we had, and ensured we were in mind when the pace started to pick up once more.” One unexpected benefit to all of this was that it allowed Box Leisure to become defined by adaptability and agility – a quality that still rests at the heart of its operations. Its other qualities have driven a period of incredibly growth in the year since the worst of the pandemic, with plans down the road to expand and deliver on more specialised offerings. Craig explains further: “I would love to branch out into Europe, and eventually worldwide. I’d also love to diversify our brand, with separate businesses under one umbrella. Think Box Hotel, Box Resorts, Box Leisure Executive Recruitment, Box Leisure and Activities Recruitment, Box Travel Recruitment, etc. That’s a pipeline plan, but one I would love to achieve.” However, for now, Box Leisure remains steadfast in its focus on delivering exceptional recruitment services to its clients, both new and old. Here, Craig takes a moment to talk about the team’s role in expanding the company’s network. “I look for people-people. Those that can talk to people easily. They’re not robots or yes men. As we deal with candidates that are right on the front line, I hire a team that understands that, has experience in that. People that, at the end of the day, understand the industry from the ground up. I have a fantastic team now. It took a while to get there, but like all things, the time it took to build it was absolutely worth it. The team is solid and really drives growth in every way.” This expertise and experience is perfectly partnered by a dedication to “doing things the right way and by the book”. This includes being officially audited, and with a focus on hiring specialists nationwide who are passionate about the holiday, resort and hotel sectors. Together, it is easy to see why Box Leisure has achieved incredible success since its establishment, and a well-deserving winner in this year’s Resorts and Retreats programme. Box Leisure Recruitment T: 0161 359 6110 W: