Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022 Page 5 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards just as much as the residents and The Retreat at Stirling itself do. Moreover, its contactless check-in process, in depth cleaning between guests, and other such measures mean that this holidaymaking experience is one of the safest ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life whilst the pandemic is still a going concern. Unlike many of its peers in the hospitality industry, its business model champions independence for guests, creating spaces that truly become a guest’s home over the course of their stay and abiding by social distancing as a result. However, this peace and space is tempered by the staff’s constant diligence. With the highest quality food available through the premises and its exceptional staff ensuring that they are on call 24/7 to provide anything and everything a guest might need. From high quality bed linens to locally sourced quilts, wool toppers, and more, its toiletries and other complimentary supplies all forge a crucial part of the overall experience thanks to The Retreat at Stirling’s attention to detail when it comes to customer service. A guest can also go so far as to tailor their night’s sleep when staying at the The Retreat at Stirling. With a vast ‘pillow menu’. It allows guests to pick from a wide range of different firmness levels and cushioning options, resulting in a warm, welcoming, inviting environment that is perfectly tailored to fit a customer’s needs and guarantees a holiday like no other. In fact, many guests need only to reside in the apartment for a couple of hours before resolving to make it one of their go-to holiday destinations for rest, relaxation, and hospitality, resulting in glowing reviews and word of mouth referrals that help it to grow its business even further. Such reviews and referrals have ensured that it has become a jewel in the crown of the Adelaide Hills’ hospitality industry, with the small but dedicated team thanking each guest for trusting The Retreat with their precious holiday time and recommending it to family, friends, and peers. Additionally, despite the small nature of the team, the quality of the service they provide often leaves guests in awe. They are tightly knit and incredibly ambitious, always putting the customer at the forefront of their concerns and supporting one another to get the work done to the highest possible standards so that a guest always has an impeccable time. Thus, when it comes to hiring, it prioritises attention to detail above all else. This is because the core goal of The Retreat at Stirling is to provide the best of the best in bespoke B&B solutions, and a staff member will always be someone who takes action over inaction when they see something that needs to do done. After all, in such an increasingly busy and in-demand industry as hospitality – especially with the recent post-lockdown travel booms – tardiness of service is not the hallmark of a business that will be growing to become a hallmark of said sector. Fastidious, dedicated, and highly talented both regarding guest relations and in their roles, every staff member of The Retreat at Stirling from the front of house administrative staff to the cleaners works hard to resolve any queries, comments, or concerns a guest may have. The Retreat at Stirling wishes to give a special thanks to its cleaning team in this respect, as each of them works incredibly hard to conduct a standardised, well developed, and watertight cleaning routine that leaves each apartment completely fresh and hygienic in time for the arrival of the next guests. Welcoming people who are holidaying locally as well as those travelling in from much further afield, it is proud to say that between its beautifully imagined spaces and its contactless service, its business has not suffered hugely during the pandemic. This has given it the breathing room to continue growing, developing, and expanding, something that it is excited to announce has led it down the path of spa planning: this is slated to open soon, and it is hopeful that guests old and new will appreciate the added dimension it will provide to their stay. Company: The Retreat at Stirling Contact: Bridget Wallace Website: