Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022

Page 8 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Jun22289 Ace RV Rentals is a family-owned and run RV rental, sales, and service business. Since 2012, where the business found its beginnings, Ace has been making a name for themselves in RV rentals, serving firsttime customers and those experienced with renting, purchasing, and servicing such vehicles. Nominally, it is the most important business factor for Ace that a customer leave ready and raring to go for the adventures they will be having in their vehicle, and thus their dedicated and committed staff are all excited to work with them to find the correct RV that will suit their needs. After all, RVs are not just a vehicle useful for one or two instances; indeed, RVs have a wide variety of functions and venture types that they suit better than many other types of automobile or transport option, from long hiking trips to idyllic glamping. Additionally, Ace offers festival planning, event preparation, Being a family-owned, wellrun, and dedicated RV rental, sales, and servicing company, Ace RV Rentals has made themselves a cornerstone of the market. Since their inception, starting with a fleet of just 5 units, they have since expanded to over 50 units and thousands of satisfied clients, all of whom they are proud to say have come away leaving glowing reviews and having been thoroughly impressed by the quality of the RV itself and the packages available with them. Far from just offering the vehicle, Ace also offers full experience packages that include everything and anything a client might need for a true adventure. Ace RV Rentals Best RV Sales & Rentals Business - National Capital Region USA pickup, delivery, drivers for rentals, on-site setup, technical support, generator supply, bedding, bathroom, and even kitchen packages, making it so all a customer need do is show up if they really wish. Taking care of their clients in such a holistic and thorough manner has truly set them apart from their peers, with a great number of available packages that can be tailored to fit any customer’s comfort level. This is a huge part of what has earned them the trust, respect, and faith of their industry over the years, as it has proved time and again through actions over words how far it will go to make the customer its number one priority, forever going above and beyond to show them how incredible an RV adventure can be. Moreover, their units are also of the highest possible quality as standard. The star of the show, the RV itself, goes through several stages of inspection and quality check before a customer even sees it, including routine vehicle maintenance both before and after each rental that ensures everything is running smoothly. The interiors are clean and spacious, the inner workings well oiled and well cared for, with each staff member who maintains the vehicles taking a deep personal pride in ensuring that this is the case. No matter where the road may take their clients, Ace guarantees that the RV they rent from them will give the adventure that extra dimension of freedom and life that is hard to find in travelling by any other means. Internally, their team have made this their unifying motto. Having built the business’s present and future off this ethos – made possible by a well-informed and passionate staff, most of whom have been with it since the beginning – clients can develop a personal and empathic rapport with the Ace team, forging lifelong positive relationships based on a mutual love for exploration. Being a family run company, the staff they has recruited have inextricably become part of this family, immediately adopted into the ranks by a welcoming and enthusiastic group of people who prize the individuality and perspective that such a mixture of different backgrounds and perspectives brings to the business. Critically, with such an amazing group of people behind them, Ace has never been in any doubt as to whether they would be a successful business or not, and they take pride in sticking by their people through thick and thin. When a client chooses Ace as its RV specialist, they also become a part of this culture, and are welcomed with open arms into the familial culture of empathy, enthusiasm, and helpfulness that has made it such a one-stop-shop for so many people. With trial runs that they use to determine whether a recruit jives with the company or not, their core goal is creating an environment