Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

10 | LUXlife Magazine he Gateway to Extraordinary Experiences: Yummy Jobs understands that a successful career in the hospitality industry often hinges on hands-on experience gained in renowned establishments. Through their extensive network of partners, which spans across continents, Yummy Jobs offers a gateway to extraordinary opportunities that are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. From iconic US resorts nestled on pristine coastlines to serene wellness retreats tucked away in breath-taking landscapes, Yummy Jobs connects global talent with the very best in the US business. Tailored Training Programs for Aspiring Professionals: What sets Yummy Jobs apart from other placement providers is their personalized approach to matching program participants with their dream placements. Whether an individual is looking to explore frontof-house operations, culinary arts or event management, Yummy Jobs Best Hospitality Professional Training Programs Provider 2023 - UK In the ever-evolving world of luxury travel and hospitality, finding the perfect training provider is paramount for individuals seeking career-defining opportunities. This is where Yummy Jobs shines. They have been recently crowned recipient of the Best Hospitality Professional Training Programs Provider 2023 – UK award in the esteemed Resort and Retreat Awards by Lux Life magazine. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and their ability to connect ambitious tourism, hospitality and culinary interns and graduates with some of the world's most prestigious resorts and retreats, Yummy Jobs has revolutionized the way aspiring hospitality future leaders embark on their global journey. meticulously curates opportunities that align with each candidate's unique skills, interests, and career aspirations. By recognizing that every individual has their own path to success, Yummy Jobs ensures that the training programs they offer provide an ideal environment for personal and professional growth. Exceptional Support and Mentorship: Going beyond the initial placement process, Yummy Jobs prides itself on providing ongoing support and mentorship to its participants, from application to arrival, including and not limited to, the US visa application process, orientation and arrival, international housing and on-going training program support. The dedicated Team understands that navigating a new environment can be challenging, especially in a foreign country, and strive to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for every candidate. From visa T