Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 49 Casita Mia de Mita offers a unique combination of privacy, luxury, a real Mexican experience, and the view and feel of a boutique hotel. All its guests receive peace, quiet, and the highest standards of service, plus delicious meals and a fantastic, memorable overall stay. Best Luxury AdultOnly Resort 2023 - Riviera Nayarit of Banderas Bay, with a variety of fish to be found including skipjacks, sierra mackerel, red snappers, and mahi mahi amongst others. The hotel staff will be happy to share the best options for a tailor-made fishing experience. Whale watching is also possible, with the best time to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures along the bay being between November and April. Horseback riding tours are offered either along the beach, or in the mountain range that backs the hotel. The hotel can arrange tours through a local operator, which include a tequila tasting and a day pass at the ranch and beach club in Sayulita. Perhaps golf is more your style? Or even the adrenaline fuelled excitement of a spin around town, or up the mountainous terrain, in an ATV (all-terrain vehicle)? All is easily arranged by Casita Mia de Mita. Further adventures abound with ziplining experiences available to book in remote, tropical landscapes boasting stunning waterfall views. On a slightly more relaxed level, staff can help arrange an eco-tourism approved visit to the spectacular Marietas Islands. This is a National Park that promotes marine ecology, and is famed for its beauty and unique beaches. It is possible to snorkel and/or scuba dive in this marine paradise as well. The incredible Casita Mia de Mita has been recognised as the Best Luxury Adult-Only Resort 2023 - Riviera Nayarit, in the Resort and Retreat Awards. Its stunning location, the beautiful interior design of its rooms and suites, and the incredible friendly welcome offered by its staff are just the beginning of a unique holiday experience never to be forgotten. Company: Casita Mia de Mita Web Address: Contact Name: Rocio Martinez asita Mia de Mita’s core values involve personalising guest experiences by providing the perfect level of empathy, connecting on a human basis, and ensuring its attentive service offering is extolled in the exact measure that encourages its guests to feel relaxed and pampered. Its caring team want their guests to feel at home, and enjoy their Mexican holiday to the fullest extent. Most of the staff working at Casita Mia de Mita have been with the company since its early days, 10 years or more. They stay because they are happy in their work, good at what they do, and delighted to be able to serve guests. They achieve an ideal balance between attending to the needs of guests, and knowing when to give them space and privacy. The hotel offers a comfortable, luxurious stay in the Playa Careyeros, the hidden jewel of the Riviera Nayarit coastal area of Mexico. The white sand beach, and clear aquamarine waters are a short stroll away, and exude a natural beauty that can’t be beaten. At Casita Mia de Mita you will truly find a refuge for your body and soul. Guests arrive for the beautiful surroundings, but return year after year for the personalised service and cordial attention of the friendly staff. It is a particularly perfect place for couples to come and relax, with the hotel’s target visitors being those who have travelled the world, possess sophisticated taste, and are in search of a place to rest, eat well, and enjoy close contact with the sea. Due to the style of the property, and its substantial size, the hotel provides exclusivity, privacy, security, and fabulous open spaces. It also boasts pre-eminent cleaning services, that keep the levels of cleanliness optimal. These are elements that also make it an attractive prospect for families and groups of friends who are looking for a safe place to holiday, while still eager to experience the best aspects of a true Mexican beach vibe, with great food, the best service, and a simply phenomenal view. The hotel has a vision to continue to progress, ensuring that the values it holds so dear are maintained to the nth degree. It has just completed its annual maintenance programme, which it uses to make sure everything is in tip-top, as new working order. As a hotel where every detail is thoughtfully considered to inspire travellers, it is hugely important that everything is up to its exacting standards, and this pairs with its desire to create a tropical, luxury environment that inspires romance. Although the Casita Mia de Mita is probably best known for its desire to help visitors relax and indulge themselves, there is plenty more to do nearby, if the urge takes hold. There is fishing available, within the waters C