Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 73 Award-winning geo dome company, TruDomes can cater to every need. Whether it’s a dome for a glamping pod, an intimate dinner, or a larger event, TruDomes can accommodate as its range of domes scale to meet different clients’ needs. We find out more as the firm is successful in the Resort and Retreat Awards 2023. Glamping GeoDome Manufacturer of the Year 2023 - UK “It is evident that the emerging resorts and retreats prioritise ecosustainability and well-being, which perfectly aligns with our vision of being the preferred choice for customers who value exceptional quality, customer service, and ethical practices,” Louise states. “A key selling point of our domes is the large panoramic window and skylight, allowing customers to establish a profound connection with the surrounding nature. We are consistently inspired by our customers’ preferences and needs, and we are committed to evolving alongside the latest trends, continuously introducing innovative dome features.” TruDomes takes pride in being the only British Geodesic dome manufacturer, handling everything from design to manufacturing in the UK. This allows the firm to offer a personal touch and create bespoke options for its customers, enhancing their experience. For resort owners in the startup phase, TruDomes’ in-house manufacturing enables it to control lead times and meet high demand, and its relationship with customers extends beyond the sale, as they become part of the TruDomes family. Among the retreats that TruDomes has collaborated with is Purusha Retreats, a meticulously crafted venue committed to ethical and sustainable practices. This close collaboration has enabled TruDomes to design and construct a space that aligned perfectly with the venue’s values, resulting in a serene and peaceful retreat environment. “It brings us immense joy to witness the thriving and successful journey of Purusha Retreats,” Louise enthuses. “We thrive on seeing our customers succeed. As we embark on this journey, we remain dedicated to leading the industry and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to meeting the demands of environmentally conscious and wellnessoriented customers.” And there is yet more success for TruDomes in the form of the recent Resort and Retreat Awards 2023 which saw the Midlands-based company named Glamping GeoDome Manufacturer of the Year 2023 – UK. Louise tells us that this accolade serves as a crowning moment for all of the team’s hard work and commitment within the resort and retreat sector and that adding these accomplishments to its repertoire fills the firm with immense joy, thus reinforcing its dedication to delivering exceptional quality and service. Having had an incredible year in 2022, TruDomes has also experienced a sterling 2023 which Louise tells us is shaping up to be even more remarkable. In April, the firm proudly introduced its new show domes at its Warwickshire headquarters, marking a significant milestone for the company. Additionally, the firm had the pleasure of attending the Eco Resort Network event in Montenegro, where it connected with visionary resort owners and like-minded professionals who inspired the company with their passion and ideas. “To support our growing endeavours, we are expanding our team and welcoming new talent on board,” Louise says. “This will enable us to take on exciting projects that lie ahead in our pipeline. We’re keeping our fingers on the pulse and eagerly anticipate sharing more updates in the near future. Stay tuned for what’s to come as we continue to strive for innovation and excellence in the industry.” Contact: Louise Stone Company: TruDomes Web Address: t was back in 2017 that TruDomes unveiled its first ‘glamping’ dome. Now, almost seven years later, the company is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for domes, retreats, and resorts. The exclusive aircraft-grade aluminium frames used for its domes offer exceptional benefits and possess remarkable qualities such as being corrosion resistant, low maintenance, high strength-to-weight ratio, energy efficiency, recyclability, durability, and lightweight construction. The firm’s company culture is deeply rooted in fostering innovation, upholding quality standards, and prioritising the well-being of its valued staff members. “We strongly believe in cultivating an ethos that encourages both hard work and the celebration of accomplishments, creating a vibrant and supportive environment that nurtures success,” explains Louise Stone, Sales Manager at TruDomes. “We understand the importance of striking a balance between dedication and enjoyment.” Louise continues to tell us that, by embracing a “work hard, play hard” philosophy, TruDomes not only fosters productivity but also provides an atmosphere where achievements are shared and celebrated, thus enhancing camaraderie and teamwork. “This collaborative spirit fuels our collective motivation and drives us towards even greater accomplishments.” Embracing diversity and understanding the value it brings has also played a big part in the firm’s success, which is why there is no rigid template when it comes to the TruDomes team. However, the company does hold firm to its core principles of ‘Attitude’, ‘Behaviour’, and ‘Character’ (ABC) and seeks out exceptional talent that not only aligns with these values but also possesses the potential to excel. TruDomes’ commitment to maintaining its position as the benchmark for quality and customer service drives it to attract and nurture the finest talent in the industry. The resort and retreat glamping industry has experienced significant growth, and TruDomes is delighted to be at the forefront of this exciting progress. Louise and the team view it as a tremendous opportunity to showcase the versatility of the domes and contribute to the promotion of sustainable practices. I