Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Featuring: Otto by Polpo: Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant - Delaware County

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4. Otto by Polpo: Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant - Delaware County 6. Red Sea Restaurant: Best Seafood Restaurant 2022 - Sunshine Coast & LUXlife Hospitality Excellence Award 2022 8. La Malbec Bar & Restaurant: Best Tapas Bar & Restaurant - Central Pennsylvania 10. Can Ibéric Mallorca: Best Tapas & Street Food Restaurant - Balearic Islands 12. House on the Moon: Best Dessert Dining Bar - Singapore 14. Bardessono Hotel Restaurant Spa: Best Luxury Fine Dining Restaurant & Bar - Napa Valley 15. Streetly Balti: Best Authentic Indian Restaurant - Sutton Coldfield 16. Sugarcane London: Best Local Caribbean Restaurant - South London 17. MenuSano: Most Innovative Food & Beverage Tech Company 2022 and Best Nutrition Analysis & Recipe Costing Software Provider 2022 18. Nora’s Cuisine: Best Family-Owned Italian Banquet Restaurant - Las Vegas 19. Sushi Revolution: Best Dine-In & Takeaway Sushi Restaurant - South London 20. Mutt’s: Best Upscale Cocktail Bar - Newport Beach 21. The Watchmaker: Most Intimate Wine Bar - Jersey 22. Chef Willi’s Restaurants & Consultancy Pvt Ltd: Best Upscale Restaurant Group – India & Most Innovative Restaurant Consultant (India): Roger C. Willi Willson 23. Yuki cucina giapponese: Best Japanese Gastronomy Restaurant - Southern Italy 24. Mammy Pancake: Dessert Bar of the Year - Hong Kong 25. Volino’s Meat Market Steak House: Steakhouse of the Year - Northern New Jersey and LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2022: Creative Cuisine 26. Pho Aroi: Best Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant - Bangkok 27. Moose & Squirrel Bistro: Most Innovative Vegan / Vegetarian Seasonal Garden Dining Venue - Southern Alberta 28. Good Crown INT LTD Bar BUTLER: Cocktail Bar of the Year - Hong Kong 29. La Guapa: Best Artisan Empanadas Restaurant Chain - Brazil 30. Bada Bing Pizza: Pizzeria of the Year - Lake County 31. FOXDEN: Burger Bar of the Year - London 32. HATIKU Jimbaran: Seafood Restaurant of the Year - Bali 33. Byblos inversiones y negocios SL: Best Peruvian Restaurant - Madrid 34. David Wong: Best Classic Tuscan Cuisine Restaurant - Singapore 35. Chloez Cafe: Brunch Restaurant of the Year - Virginia 36. The Open Door: Most Elegant Restaurant &Wine Bar - Oregon 37. Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards: Best Outdoor Dining Experience - British Columbia 38. Dirty Bones: Best Contemporary Bar & Restaurant Chain - London 39. The Indus Restaurant & Bar Conisbrough: Indian Restaurant of the Year - Borough of Doncaster 40. Luxury India Rubina: Most Authentic Indian Dining Restaurant - Ishikawa 41. Nicanor, Casa de Bebidas: Best Wine Bar & Gourmet Dining Restaurant - Ecuador 42. Shenandoah Joe Coffee: Best Craft Coffee Bean Roasters – Virginia 43. Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort: Best Comfort Food Restaurant - Thailand 44. Bracu Restaurant: Best Fine Dining Experience – Auckland and LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2022: Creative Cuisine 45. Anchor Hotel: Best Seafood Restaurant - Aberdeenshire 46. Winking Seal Beer Co: Best Craft Beverage Company - South East Asia

Page 4 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Established to bring the simplistic, vibrant and fresh taste of the romance that is Italian food to Delaware County, Otto by Polpo was launched as part of a collection of restaurants owned by the Daku family. From sunset breezes to authentic aromas, Otto by Polpo ensures that its guests will get the best of Venice in a traditional yet modern escape through plates of succulent, flavorful and delicate dishes - capturing the essence of Italy and pairing it with the Jersey Shore. At Otto by Polpo, not only will you get some of the finest cuisines a diner could encounter, but you’ll get an experience you’ll never forget – memories of the delicate and delectable meal will pair with the unforgettable atmosphere that is Otto. Happily, residents of Delaware County can enjoy the eclectic and one-of-a-kind taste of Venetian cuisine found at Otto by Polpo, all in due thanks to Albanian-born Bujar Daku and his brother Gani Daku. Together with their family, they have been able to bring the oldworld’s charm and incorporate a newfound and everlasting passion, dedication, and perfection to each satisfying dish. However, while the innovation and execution of the well-run business are in the hands of the Daku family, it is the classical, whimsical Recognized as the Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant in Delaware County, Otto by Polpo is reinventing what fine-dining means to the individuals of Delaware. Allowing them to taste the freshness of New Jersey paired with the authentic and traditional stylings of Venetian cuisine, all capturing the delicate and savoury nature of a meal and an experience that won’t be soon forgotten. Feb22065 Otto by Polpo Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant - Delaware County and exceptional stylings of chef Bujar that have maintained the admirable quality tastes and authenticity of the cuisine. Each dish is constructed and developed by collaborative innovation but finalized to perfect with the skill and culinary wonder of chef Bujar. From selecting the finest and best quality ingredients such as produce, meat, fish and cheese, the daily selection is what appeases chef Bujar’s sensational creativity that allows him to provide The background of chef Bujar is a wholesome and inspiring story; as his family immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s and in search of the freedom of a new life – the American dream, Bujar worked through the ranks in the kitchens of America until he began working with some of the top restaurants such as La Veranda and La Buca, two of the most renowned establishments in the Philadelphia area. Finally, Bujar had made the single most significant choice of his career. After searching for the long-lost freedom, he so desperately wanted when he first arrived in America; he found it in himself as he opened his first restaurant - La Fontana Del Mare. Now, La Fontana Del Mare has been voted the Best of South Jersey. Soon after, along with his brothers, he opened a series of restaurants, La Fontana Della Citta, La Fontana Coast in Sea Isle City, La Vecchia Fontana and of course, Otto by Polpo. Otto by Polpo provides a sensory oasis that allows its guests to enjoy the world of fine dining with traditional and comforting meals that reminisce of the unique, passionate Page 5 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards techniques that inspired the ‘old school’ way of cooking with the collaboration of inventive alternatives. Bringing together these techniques allows Otto by Polpo to produce classic meals that taste of history – a divinity bite on a plate. Food, while it is an essential core of a restaurant – from the flavour, execution, temperature, technique, innovation, and passion to the quality of the ingredients; the freshness, the authenticity, and the presentation – the only thing more palpable than a good meal is where it is being eaten. The energy, vibrancy, comfort, and overall awe of a restaurant, combined with service, is the irresistible taste that will linger long after the meal is over. Now, area residents can skip purchasing a plane ticket and enjoy the Venetian cuisine made popular by the Daku family restaurants. As Otto by Polpo, along with the aforementioned restaurants above, are established as successful family-owned establishments, the priority for the business is to maintain its reputation and continue producing vibrant, decadent and rich flavours that capture the essence of Italy and the modern stylings of chef Bujar. One of the critical aspects of what makes the restaurant so successful and distinguished is the unparalleled talent, passion, and perfection that goes into each dish and the outstanding freshness and superior quality that can take a simplistic dish to a goldstandard level. Otto by Polpo does so by remaining open all year round, allowing chef Bujar to explore creativity and innovation while using local, seasonal ingredients that change throughout the year. Therefore, whatever the meal, customers know that everything on the plate was carefully thought out and specifically chosen to adhere to quality, standard and, of course, flavour. Because of this, Otto by Polpo can only truly be understood once you have visited the warming, welcoming and embracing establishment decorated with love and creativity and fuelled by the hunger and drive to produce one-of-a-kind meals authentically for those in Delaware County. From antipasti, Insalata, meats, fish, pasta and more, whatever the dish, everything is crafted with the highest level of detail and passion that cannot be replicated anywhere else. For an exclusive taste of Venetian cuisine, one must visit Otto by Polpo, the Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant in Delaware County – a truly unforgettable oneof-a-kind experience. Company Name: Otto by Polpo Contact Name: Bekim Daku Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Page 6 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Whether you are local to Maroochydore or are just visiting, Red Sea Restaurant’s dining experience is one not to be missed. The family-friendly, service-oriented restaurant can cater for all cravings, whether it’s for succulent steak or tantalising seafood. Being as close to the coast as the restaurant is, it would be impossible to turn down seafood, and un-Australian to not be able to appreciate a good steak – This is where the inspiration comes from at Red Sea Restaurant. With its close proximity to the coast, there’s no reason why diners shouldn’t be able to enjoy the freshest and tastiest seafood dishes at Red Sea Restaurant. It truly delights with the best seafood in town, serving up the catch of the day, platters, chowder, king prawn cocktails, and much, much more. For those who are hungry for a juicy steak, the restaurant serves the best cuts available and will cook it just the way the diner likes it, aiming to impress them – and keeping them coming back for more. Considered the beating heart of the Sunshine Coast, the coastal town of Maroochydore is home to Red Sea Restaurant, which welcomes steak lovers and seafood enthusiasts alike to enjoy its popular menu of Australian favourites. Its chefs know how to serve up a good steak, and an appetising mix of fresh seafood, promising the most mouth-watering dining experience to remember. Feb22102 Red Sea Restaurant Best Seafood Restaurant 2022 - Sunshine Coast & LUXlife Hospitality Excellence Award 2022 Page 7 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Red Sea’s dishes can be enjoyed outside in the glorious sunshine, or dining can be kept indoors if preferred. And for those who have dietary restrictions, the restaurant is more than happy to accommodate. Not only is the food divine, but so are its drinks which complement each dish. The restaurant comes complete with a full bar, so diners are welcome to choose drinks to wash down that satisfying meal. It also serves a variety of decadent desserts – everything from muffins, cupcakes, custard slices, and more, all made in house by Chef Noddy. She can even bake the most indulgent custom cakes for those special occasions. Additionally, the restaurant offers takeaway dishes as well as provides ready-made ‘grab n go’ packs for those who want to pop in and grab something tasty to take away with them. These are perfect for lunch on the go, such as Moreton Bay bug and crab fettuccine, chicken and bacon pasta, and crab and dill fritters, or to take a scrumptious dessert home for later, such as apple crumble, raspberry jam drops, and lemon melting moments. You shouldn’t just take our word for it; those who dine with Red Sea Restaurant really can’t get enough. With 225 Facebook reviews amounting to a 4.8 out of 5 overall rating, diners are absolutely flabbergasted by the dining experience they have received. One person comments that it is the “best seafood I’ve had for a long time”, and they are also pleased with the “awesome service, huge meals, super friendly staff, and good pricing”. Another person describes the customer service as “phenomenal”, with the quality of food being “outstanding”. Meanwhile, someone else says that “nothing is a drama for this beautiful team; even understaffed, they deliver delightful, quality food with a smile and sincerity”. Company: Red Sea Restaurant Contact: Neil Deakin Email: reds[email protected] Website:

Page 8 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards La Malbec Bar and Restaurant brings a new vision into the world of fusion fine dining to the people of Central Pennsylvania. La Malbec creates an exquisite and upscale experience with its Spanish and French- inspired cuisine that is showcased by a refined seasonal menu of gourmet tapas, fresh seafood, housemade pastas, and premium steaks. Moreover, to complement each dish, La Malbec has its craft cocktails and a fine wine list selection to elevate the flavour and taste of each ingredient of your meal. Owner and Visionary Roxana Zoppetti honours the legacy of the popular destination restaurant in the former iconic Hotel Magee. She explains the essence of her restaurant by saying, “La Malbec kind of resembles the same history that [was] in the past when it was known as Hotel Magee. They used to have a beautiful high-end restaurant with high-quality food that everyone from Northeastern Pennsylvania used to travel to go to. So, it wasn’t just for the local people; it was for everyone who wanted to experience good quality food.” Roxana’s vision was to create a unique and fully comprehensive dining experience – not Inspired by the collective influence of Spanish and French cuisine, culture, flavours and techniques, La Malbec Bar and Restaurant has succeeded in its aim to provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Tantalizing dishes combine the rich, bold, and robust tastes infused within European recipes and are brought to Central Pennsylvania. La Malbec, regarded as the area’s best Tapas Bar and Restaurant, is a food-lovers oasis, a cultural embodiment of aromas you’ll dream of tasting. Feb22489 La Malbec Bar & Restaurant Best Tapas Bar & Restaurant - Central Pennsylvania just another restaurant. La Malbec crafts the entire food experience from the lingering aromas, beautiful decor, and breath-taking dishes that combine the bold and vibrant flavours of Spain and European infused tapas, seafood and steaks. La Malbec achieves all this with the subtle yet elevated elegance of France. Along with earning a Master’s degree from Marywood University, Roxana has also travelled extensively enjoying fine dining experiences. It is through those experiences Roxana decided to pursue her passion - bringing people together at the table in her American home of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Roxana was greatly inspired by her culture of gathering, dining, drinking and conversing with loved ones, and thus, La Malbec was born. “I decided to name the restaurant La Malbec because La Malbec is an understated grape and an understated wine, so many people who are wine lovers automatically will identify with La Malbec as a wine kind of bar. One of the most amazing things about our bar is that we have house-made syrups infused drinks and crafted cocktails,” adds Roxana. Page 9 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards “We want everyone to come here and feel like you’re having an experience. We also want people to be able to have cocktails and have no distractions - there’s not going to be a TV in this bar; we just want you to go back to the basics, which are a good conversation over a very exquisite meal,” Roxana enthuses. Combining a chef with international experience and a creative bartender, La Malbec is committed to bringing people together in the name of food thus rivalling the restaurants of Philadelphia or New York City albeit with the welcoming personality of a small town. The wonderful culinary creations of chef Andres Munoz are a homage to his international experiences of family, culture, and gatherings for special occasions. Chad Paulin, mixologist and head bartender will elevate your dining experience as he perfectly pairs whatever your palate desires with his own incredible crafted cocktails. That is La Malbec. “We have amazing lamb, and of course, our main dish is the filet mignon and the Tomahawk pork chop. Additionally, we specialise in our homemade pasta, which is one of the things customers just love to come back to, and that is our seafood linguini.” Sunday brunch items include; crème brulee French toast, salmon meunière crepes, croque monsieur and refreshing light bites like burrata caprese salad, patatas bravas and chicken empanadas. La Malbec will envelop your taste buds with perfect execution of beautiful flavours that coat the entire experience unforgettably served by our dedicated friendly and attentive staff. Combining robust yet elegant flavour profiles and technically executed meals with the attentive and friendly staff, La Malbec provides everything you need for a perfect dining experience. The delicate lighting, unique ambiance, variety of wines, and of course, the decadent desserts will make for an unforgettable dining experience. La Malbec provides a unique fine dining experience that brings flavours, cultures and people together for an unforgettable meal. Conveniently located at 18 West Main Street Bloomsburg, right across the Columbia County Courthouse, La Malbec is recognized as Central Pennsylvania’s Best Tapas Bar & Restaurant. La Malbec is fusing flavour and cultures together to bring a new sense of comfort and love to the palate of Pennsylvania. Company Name: La Malbec Bar & Restaurant Contact Name: Roxana Zoppetti Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

Page 10 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Jámon Ibérico is one of the best ham cuts in the world and has become renowned as such for quality of its taste and the reliability of the procedures by which it is produced. Can Ibéric Mallorca, a shop and restaurant in the heart of the Palma region, sells the Jámon Ibérico Bellota and Cebo de Campo – to its local community and further afield alike. Fundamentally, it is staffed by people who are each more than happy to talk a customer through the details and intricacies of the ham, the Ibérico pigs it comes from, and the pairings for the meat, giving each person who walks through its doors a friendly experience empowered by knowledge. Additionally, it offers small samples to customers so that they never have to take its word for it when it comes to its own excellence. Having shown its repute time and time again when it comes to providing the best taste experience, it sees its mission as one that is as simple as it is effective; to strive for perfection and always provide the best of the best, in both products and in customer service. Thus, its stock will always be fresh and delicious, and it hopes that even if it cannot get hold of a specific item on short notice, that there will be plenty of other options to inspire the soul and satisfy the palette of even the most discerning client. The pigs that are used in the production of Jámon Ibérico live 24 months in total freedom Serving its region’s most iconic foodstuff in the Ibérico ham, Can Ibéric Mallorca is a store, restaurant, and educator regarding what makes this product so well loved by so many. Serving this exemplary foodstuff, a selection of cheeses, and other incredibly paired food and drinks, the restaurant and storefront both have made it a cornerstone of its community and further afield, welcoming guests into a knowledgeable, empathic, and warm atmosphere. Feb22046 Can Ibéric Mallorca Best Tapas & Street Food Restaurant - Balearic Islands in their natural environment. The pastures they live upon – a valuable ecosystem between the Mediterranean forest and prairie – are protected by the business of shops such as Can Ibéric Mallorca as they ensure that these environments are left untouched by developers and other agricultural fields. Moreover, the pigs themselves are an invaluable part of this habitat, and so the farming and population regulation of the pigs is a very closely guarded and strict element of the business from start to finish. Even the Roman legionaries knew about the quality and taste of ham from the region, with historical documents since being found that speak to its unrivalled taste and texture. Although they didn’t know what we know now about what makes Ibérico ham so special, they knew a good thing when they tasted it, and so the reputation of these animals and their meat has preceded them since time immemorial, a legacy which Can Ibéric Mallorca is proud to contribute to. Additionally, Can Ibéric Mallorca has expanded its range out from its ham in the past years it has been in operation. Forever dedicated to providing the best products to its clientele, it has dedicated itself to finding that a good Spanish cheese can vastly enrich the tablas it provides products for, bringing in cheeses from La Macha, Asturias, Menorca, and more. A small but highly specialised selection that only comprises of the best cheeses that will pair in a manner that compliments the meat, Can Ibéric Mallorca applies itself expertly when it comes to serving its clientele. Working with a strict understanding of regional products, environmental friendliness, sustainability, and hospitality, it seeks to satisfy the senses of its customers one purchase at a time and make itself a true pleasure to purchase from. Thus, in this manner, if there are elements that it can improve in any way, it encourages its clients Page 11 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards to reach out to it and make these ways known, excited to consistently improve its services and products to fit the growing modern market. Offering catering services, delivery services to EU countries, ham tastings and private dinner, its shop and restaurant allows guests to truly enjoy the prestige that the meat has earned the region. Its restaurant has become a jewel in the crown of local community for cheeses, wines, cavas, seafood, charcuterie, bread, and other delicacies, many of which use the ham for which it has become famous. Service, it says, makes life more beautiful, and this is an attitude it applies when it serves its customers and the visitors to its venue. Able to deliver up to an order of 250 Euros, it can take care of posting and packaging to ensure that everything will arrive fresh, safe, and ready to be enjoyed with friends or family, or even as a personal treat. Additionally, it can help its clients put on events that have the best catering by spoiling them with Palma delicacies within a 30km radius of its home base, letting companies and private parties alike have access to a truly comprehensive spread of cheeses and meats to make any day feel truly special. Whether in the Palma restaurant or shop – or even at home – Can Ibéric Mallorca can bring the ham tasting to its clients in a variety of different ways. Its founders are excited to teach its clients about Ibérico ham through showing them the different tastes, textures, and quirks in each of its products, talking them through the how and why of each in order to delight a guest as well as inform them. Moreover, not only is this a learning experience, but it is a delicious one that allows a customer to personally make a choice on what hams they like and which are their favourites of the bunch – even though most find it hard to choose! After 7 o’ clock in the evening, Can Ibéric Mallorca opens its doors to its private diners in order to welcome them into its warm, friendly, and well-designed atmosphere. With warm toned wooden furniture and a cosy atmosphere, its empathic and enthusiastic staff work with efficiency and personality to ensure their evening is an enjoyable one, happy to discuss the pairings of wine and food in order to curate the perfect meal. Its events can also be held within the restaurant proper, and it will even go so far as to offer event-appropriate decorations to its clients, should they wish it. After all, a client’s wishes are the most important thing to Can Ibéric Mallorca, something it will continue to keep as the core pillar of its business as it moves into the future. Company: Can Ibéric Mallorca Contact: Michael Kiel Website:

Page 12 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards House on the Moon offers ‘Haute Dessert Dining’ to its diners, allowing them to discover a full dining experience with food, drink, and atmosphere that will have them wanting to come back time and time again. Nominally, its expertise lies in creating a bespoke dining experience with imaginative and innovative desserts that use exemplary ingredients and pastry techniques. Its chefs – each of whom are the foremost experts in their field – have developed a menu that brings what some consider a childish concept, ‘dessert for dinner’, and make it fine dining. Its founder and head chef, Hüseyin Turan, has made House on the Moon a reflection of his own dedication to the industry and the market segment in this way. Aspiring to demonstrate that multi-course meals can be curated using ingredients and techniques associated with sweet treats, it combines textures, flavours, and aesthetics that engage the entire palette, ensuring the diner is shown a sensorial experience from start to finish. Playful, exciting, and interesting, its set menus, teas, desserts, and tarts have blurred the lines between what is expected of certain courses. Combining sweet and savoury flavours to incredibly interesting effect, House on the Moon has been at the fore of this trend, one A creative, highly innovative, and dedicated dessert bar and culinary adventure, House on the Moon is led by expert chef Hüseyin Turan, allowing clients to sample the mingling of cultures, flavours, and textures that combine within. Creating a ‘coup d’état’ in the culinary scene that starts with demolishing any notion of a hard line between what a dessert and what a main course should be, it blends savoury and sweet flavours in order to take a diner on a journey through the mind of a visionary. Mar22407 House on the Moon Best Dessert Dining Bar - Singapore that it is seeing prevail in the wider industry. In fine dining, as well as in the snack sector, it has seen a steep increase in chefs and creators of fine cuisine playing around with what defines a dessert and what defines a main course; and House on the Moon has gained repute amongst these peers as one of the establishments that has cracked the code. Locally, in Singapore, the concept of mingling sweet and savoury is not new, meaning that Chef Hüseyin had lots of inspiration to work with, from dessert inspired potato chips to salted egg yolk ice cream. Rojak, for example, blends fruits and sugar with spices and salted prawn paste. As a German of Turkish descent, Chef Hüseyin has worked hard to create synergy between the cultures he grew up with and the culture he is surrounded by, using his experience working under such experts in the industry as multi-Michelin star chef Juan Amador and Paco Torreblanca, as well as traditionalist chef Musa Dagdeviren. Additionally, he has plied his trade in several different restaurants, gaining invaluable experience in how to run a culinary establishment. Thus, he has been able to bring the expertise he accrued in this time to House on the Moon, making it a venue for taking great care of his diners and showing them the creativity that he is capable of with Page 13 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards his menus that are developed with ingenuity, diligence, and attention to detail. His vision, talent, and tireless commitment to creating the best flavour profiles is what has made his dishes such a staple in the local community and further afield, after all. Fundamentally, between the exciting combination of different textures, flavours, and culinary elements that some would consider strange and unusual, he has found new ways to excite his peers and market segment alike, becoming the epicentre of a lot of buzz as a result, drawing the attention and favour of even the strictest critics. Thus, visitors to his restaurant can directly benefit from his innovation and immense talent. With the onset of Covid-19, the dessert bar that was House on the Moon diversified, becoming so much more than that; it began to offer pastas and savoury dishes to respond to the exigence in the market, while still offering this enigmatic and enchanting experience where the line between sweet and savoury is rendered permeable. Having drawn in many new diners through this, it hopes to bring them into the fold of its dessert bar, returning to its roots as it continues to push the envelope in gastronomy and give diners a brand-new perspective when it comes to desserts and what a main course can look like. Although the savoury à la carte menu is no longer available, Chef Hüseyin has implemented two new haute couture dining sets in its place. The Eclipse, a 5-course set menu, and the Full Moon, a 7-course set menu, feature the House on the Moon’s most exciting and conceptual creations, each of which have been curated into a lineup that works incredibly well, with no one dish upstaging the others. Instead, each dish compliments the one before and the one after it, such as the Cauliflower Couscous, and Spiced Semolina Dumpling, and the featured desserts from the hands of chef Turan himself. Venerating even the humblest ingredients with spices and cooking techniques that will allow a diner to think of them in a whole new light, its culinary triumphs combine elements such as scallops and tangerine gel, bringing a playful element of acidity and sweetness to the aforementioned Cauliflower Couscous dish. Each of these set menu meals is then rounded off by a Blue Moon dessert that promises to show a diner just how much science and innovation goes into cooking in its purest, most creative form. Chef Hüseyin himself tells us that he is excited to keep serving in this way long into the future, feeling truly honoured that he has been able to be a front-runner in bringing more complex flavours to a market of diners that are becoming ‘more savvy’ to them. Places are, due to this, incredibly limited, but it encourages all prospective diners to call as soon as they are able to make their reservation, looking forward to extending them a warm welcome. Finally, more recently, House on the Moon was recognised with two design awards, namely as an Honourable Mention in the Built Design Awards for 2021, and an Official Selection for Interior Design in the London International Creative Competition. Company: House on the Moon Contact: Huseyin Turan Website:

Page 14 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards A charming getaway deep in the Nappa Valley, Bardessono Hotel Restaurant Spa is a place like no other. Fundamentally, it is a holidaymaking destination in the heart of the picturesque landscape of the valley, taking an approach of offering the best of the best to its clients at every turn, balancing ‘the good life’ ethos with an appreciation for local produce, culture, and traditions. Between these factors, Bardessono offers a well-rounded glimpse into the charm of the local ecosystem to visitors, from the local food and drink to the best the natural environment has to offer, combining hospitality with a discrete experience that grants its clients a respite away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nominally, it works alongside local wine makers, artisans, and chefs. This collaboration allows it to operate in a conscious way that gives back to its local area; in essence, its clients are shown the benefits of a conscientious holiday, resulting With the glorious Nappa Valley as its backdrop, the Bardessono Hotel Restaurant Spa is an establishment that has quickly made itself a favourite amongst holidaymakers. Allowing guests to stay in beautiful villas surrounded by lush greenery, catered to by attentive staff who know the local area like the back of their hand, its products and services are all empowered by the support and passion of the surrounding area. A champion of local culture and produce, this holiday and events venue reflects the beauty of the nature it is surrounded by in everything from the diligence of its staff to the quality of its food. Feb22046 Bardessono Hotel Restaurant Spa Best Luxury Fine Dining Restaurant & Bar - Napa Valley in the creation of dishes like nothing the client will have been privy to before. Thus, it has gained a reputation for being a forwardthinking vacation destination. Setting clients up in the historically enriched building of the Bardessono family farmstead, it welcomes them into a green and secluded patch of paradise in which they can enjoy a refreshing, natural aesthetic, privacy, and gracious service, allowing them to leave with a renewed curiosity and sense of purpose. ‘Mindful luxury’ is the name of the game for Bardessono, and everything about its establishment – from its eclectic gardens to its b spa, rooftop pool, field-to-fork eatery, cocktails, and villa-based accommodations – displays this. Its three villas offer clients an opportunity to unpack, unplug, and rewind, welcoming them into contemporary style and luxury where comfort is the guarantee, whilst its intimate meetings and events spaces give its more business minded clients the chance to set up events in a space that will not soon be forgotten. Allowing for the care of between 10 and 120 guests, Bardessono can adapt to any need a client might have; it looks forward to welcoming more clients to experience art, culture, and luxury under its roof as it moves into the new year. Company: Bardessono Hotel Restaurant Spa Contact: Stephanie Leavitt Website: Page 15 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Accredited as Sutton Coldfield’s Best Authentic Indian Restaurant, Streetly Balti is renowned for its comforting aroma’s, authentic Indian spices and tantalising dishes that capture the traditional nature of Indian cooking. With naan that wraps its customers in a tandoor-style heritage hug that delicately balances the herby, creamy and warming curry dishes that burst through and cover the palate in a graceful fulfilment that perfectly pictures the essence of Indianstyle home-cooking. Streetly Balti Best Authentic Indian Restaurant - Sutton Coldfield Feb22186 Established in 1993, Streetly Balti was founded in Streetly Sutton Coldfield by Shab Uddin and his two brothers, whose heritage and intrinsic flavour inspirations come from Sylhet, Bangladesh. The founder’s vision was to incorporate the traditional tastes of India and bring them into a new light, edifying the modern UK pallet to an engulfing sensory exploration of Indian cuisine found alongside Greater Birmingham. Integral to the all-encompassing fragrances and flavours at Streetly Balti is the seemingly distinctive and aromatic spices cooked into every dish with love, care, and traditional execution. From the flaming tandoor to the plate itself, each dish is accomplished to perfection, encasing the truly rich experience that is Indian cuisine. With flavours that are ground, smoked and toasted into every morsel of vibrancy, each dish is enriched with an experience that permeates from the comforting aromatics within the establishment to the delightful mouthfuls of indulgence with each bite – a picture-perfect flavour that engulfs the soul and the mind. Spices are the essence of Indian cuisine, with their trade going back centuries with Arab merchants supplying spices and aromatics to Europe. So often sought out for their wonderous colours, textures, flavours and vibrancy, people from across the world came to India in seek of the mysterious blends that perfumed Indian cuisine with such warmth and elegancy. Despite their naturally alluring properties that tantalised the senses, Indian spices were often indulged in with the thought of having medicinal properties within them. For decades now, the social system of medicine has been closely linked to the culinary culture of ancient India. With the aspect of using aromatic spices to heal - absorbing their therapeutic properties, the use of Indian spices has become an international indulgence from dishes such as Biryani and Masala to Pani Puri and Naan. Simple dishes that absorb, permeate and become enriching over time and thought to heal the body and the soul through the comfort and radiance of traditional Indian cooking. Founded nearly three decades ago, Streetly Balti was established out of pure necessity, bringing the flavours and experiences of Indian culture to the UK. With popularity growing nationwide, settlers brought over other traditions, seasonings and flavours. Thus, the three founders captured their dream of serving authentic Indian cuisine, utilising the inspiring aromatics brought in by their local and fellow community – a collaborative effort of passion beloved by all within the Birmingham area. Currently, Streetly Balti is run by the youngest founding brother, Shab and his sons. Together, they have created a contemporary filled restaurant that provides re-invented traditional dishes infused with love, care, and speciality ingredients that establish a one of a kind taste and experience – perfectly executed by its highly regarded chef Mr Rayhan. “At Streetly Balti, even though we believe that first impressions last we know that our customer experience starts way before they taste the food. Our front of house always warmly greet our customers, mostly by name as alot of our customers have been with us for many years. We pride ourselves on promptly dealing with with our customers to ensure the service is always swift and we always go above and beyond to make the customer feel valued and cared for, hence years of loyalty from our regular diners. During the first Covid lockdown we decided the restaurant would benefit from a makeover so that when our customers returned they would have an exciting new environment to enjoy as well as new dishes added to the menu. We did this to ensure the welcome for our customers transcends the initial hi or hello when we see them, we want the environment, the food and the vibe to continue the warm welcome throughout the whole experience.” -Shab Uddin Streetly Balti provides an exceptionally wholesome experience that invites customers to experience new depths of flavours that are presented through regional Indian delicacies and contemporary Indian dishes. A truly unforgettable moment that guides you into the warming comfort of Indian right from your seat at the table – travelling through history with every mouthful. Let the empty plates speak for themselves - Streetly Balti present passionate and authentic Indian dishes with a modern flair, allowing the enticing flavours to steal the heart of its customers and bringing them to slowcooked cultured paradise. Company Name: Streetly Balti Contact Name: Muhammad Uddin Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

Page 16 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Southwest London’s finest Caribbean restaurant, Sugarcane London is one of the top providers of Caribbean hospitality and cuisine in the region. Having gone from conception to launch in just a few short weeks, founder Chef Tee found his dreams realised when the shopfront opened. Thus, since day one, he was able to hit the ground running. Fundamentally, the shop front he chose – a Wandsworth Road location that had long been a vacant store front – has since become a pillar of its community and a welcoming, friendly, local eatery, with a delicious, innovative menu that blends the modern and the traditional. Sugarcane London can be recognised by its bright, hand-painted sign, welcoming passersby to come and get ‘a lickle piece of the Caribbean’. Furthermore, its authentic menu includes something for everyone, including plenty for vegans, and even delicious, alcoholsoaked desserts to round off a meal in style with something sweet and boozy. Contributing to the community with its food offerings and its warm, people-focused establishment, Chef Tee has been inspired by his own upbringing to hire care leavers as employees at his restaurant. Sugarcane London, a friendly local Caribbean restaurant in the Southwest of the city, has secured itself as a cornerstone of the community and a much-loved provider of Caribbean cuisine since its inception. A restaurant that prioritises being a patron for young persons in its area – especially focusing on young people who have just come out of social care environments – founder Chef Tee gives his staff the chance to learn, grow, and develop through cooking for and catering to local people. Feb22045 Sugarcane London Best Local Caribbean Restaurant - South London He spent his teen years in care, and with this experience under his belt, he has built a commitment to helping people who grew up in that system. Tee, aged 17, managed to secure his first job at a small café in Balham, learning everything he needed to go on and start his own business; in thanks for this experience and the lessons he was able to take away from it, he now seeks to pay it forward by giving young people a similar opportunity through his own restaurant. Getting that rung on the hospitality ladder can be invaluable to kicking off a lucrative career, and he offers it in the form of a charismatic and positive working environment that serves the best food to a loyal customer base. Company: Sugarcane London Contact: Tarell Mcintosh Website: Page 17 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Initially created as a health intervention tool, MenuSano was developed to address the rising rates of disease and obesity in modern society. This challenge can be managed and prevented with proper nutrition, guidance and understanding. Recognized as the Most Innovative Food and Beverage Tech Company of 2022 and the Best Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Costing Software Provider, MenuSano allows the foodservice industry to support the health of its community by providing nutrition information to their customers. MenuSano Most Innovative Food & Beverage Tech Company 2022 and Best Nutrition Analysis & Recipe Costing Software Provider 2022 Feb22044 MenuSano is a revolutionary product; it is an online nutrition analysis and recipe costing software developed for the foodservice industry. The concept was designed by working alongside chefs in a professional kitchen, thus, accurately calculating the number of calories and additional micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals within any recipe or food item. The idea of MenuSano slowly emerged when a group of passionate individuals began discussing the love of home-cooked meals, realizing that the benefits of cooking at home provided them with the knowledge of every precise ingredient, which is something that takes out meals don’t offer. After this discussion, a thought was developed around the notion of ordering food and seeing the nutritional value, just like any packaged product on modern shelves, without involving scientists and laboratories to examine it. So, in 2010, software was developed and by 2011, MenuSano was ready to be launched. Once MenuSano was launched, the company began marketing to businesses within the foodservice industry, restaurants, owners, and chefs. However, this was met with shocking disapproval by these individuals, weary of clients knowing the precise nutritional value in their food. This forced the founder to make the decision to shelve the product so that the team could regroup. Like any success story, MenuSano didn’t give up and used this to drive the company forward, and by 2015, MenuSano was re-launched. As things took a turn, the company’s founder, Sonia Couto, was then diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. While she underwent treatments, the realization and strong importance of proper nutrition was enhanced. Thus, MenuSano was rebranded with a new mission and vision stating, ‘choice is healthy.’ Now, MenuSano and its team of dedicated individuals are working tirelessly to educate the foodservice industry and encouraging these businesses to embrace the chance and embrace the health and wealth of nutritional knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, and power is fuel, which can only be given by food. Founder, Sonia Couto, explains the process of the product, stating, “Simply add ingredients to a recipe by searching our governmentsourced databases, or by adding your own custom ingredients. Then, adjust the quantities of each ingredient and watch the magic happen! Additionally, our recipe costing module enables food services to cost their recipes so that they can engineer their recipes for profit.” The mission of MenuSano is to utilize technological advancements to address the increasing concerns for the health of the public with rising issues related to obesity and diabetes. Sonia expands on this issue and addresses MenuSano’s solution, stating, “Growing obesity rates are directly linked to eating foods prepared outside of the home. By providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective tool, food services can create healthy options alongside their regular menu offerings.” People value having control over their health, and with this, a consumer need was identified by the MenuSano team. Henceforth, the company began developing a solution that allows citizens of the world to make healthy food choices simply – essentially, changing people’s lives and directly impacting the ‘healthstyle’ of its clients’ customers. Since its inception, Sonia has taken personal pride and care to oversee every development by working with industry leaders, the government, users, and the team at MenuSano. Thus, ensuring the company can grow within Canada and internationally – driving initiatives that eventually lead to successful and strategic partnerships that can push the innovation and brand of MenuSano forward. Currently, MenuSano is a product used worldwide by restaurants, bakeries, manufacturers, hospitals, health centres, dieticians, nutritionists and more throughout Canada, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. While the Covid-19 pandemic was significantly affected the hospitality industry, MenuSano reflected and became empowered, and with that, the company witnessed a surge in customers obtaining food delivery and meal kits. Concerning the future, MenuSano will continue to build out its product roadmap, which is created based on user feedback of its system and requested features from customers. Highly recognized for its innovative and considerate service, MenuSano is a brand that is changing the lives of individuals, from restaurant owners to customers, one micronutrient at a time. Company Name: MenuSano Contact Name: Sonia Couto Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

Page 18 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Welcoming each guest with a warm smile since 1992, Nora’s Cuisine is home to a delicious menu filled with authentic Italian food as well as comfort Italian American dishes. It has come along way since its humble beginnings as a 12-seater in the single unit of a strip centre tucked a few minutes away from the vibrant Las Vegas Strip. Over the years the restaurant has expanded three times, with the final expansion in 2016 under the direction of Marcello Mauro, Nora amd Gino’s youngest son. This move into a custom-built, luxurious, two-storey restaurant allowed for the expansion of the menu to include fresh pastas and grill items, such as the Branzino, Octopus and various tender meat dishes – resulting in Nora’s Cuisine becoming one of Las Vegas’ most popular restaurants. From glamorous events held in its banquet space, to a premium dining experience, Nora’s Cuisine strives to achieve excellence. Indeed, be it for a wedding, a corporate event, or anything in between, the restaurant provides opulent Italian food. Boasting a dinner menu that features mouth-watering appetisers such as Mussels Arrabiata, Arancini, and Lemon Clams Octopus, there is something that will appeal to every customer. Of course, pizza and pasta play a major role – it wouldn’t be an Italian restaurant without these popular dishes items. Authentic, hearty Italian food is hard to come by, however, Nora’s Cuisine provides just this. The Las Vegasbased restaurant is the 1992 creation of Nora and Gino, a Sicilian couple, along with their sons Giovanni, Claudio and Marcello, endeavoured to share delicious Italian food with the world. Indeed, be it for a casual lunch, special event, or even a luxurious dining experience, Nora’s Cuisine is simply the premier choice. Feb22143 Nora’s Cuisine Best Family-Owned Italian Banquet Restaurant - Las Vegas This is further complimented by an exceptional standard of customer service – upon entering the restaurant, clients are greeted by a friendly hostess and are seated promptly. It is imperative that each team member embodies a positive and kind attitude. Subsequently, the team has become one of the restaurant’s greatest assets. They all work together as a team, respect each other, and come to work with a smile on their face because they enjoy their jobs. As a result, Nora’s Cuisine has built a family – both in a metaphorical and literal sense – as some staff members have even got married and started families together. The past few years have seen Nora’s Cuisine expand exponentially, however; the quality of its dishes have remained the same. For example, the 2016 expansion took the company from a ‘cosy “hole in the wall” type establishment to a grand, yet comfortable environment with more space for larger groups and more updated decor.’ Bolstering the overall atmosphere, the expansion not only provided more business in the main dining area, but also saw the introduction of requests for large groups and family functions, which it is now able to provide in a private setting. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic did serve as a potential threat to business, Nora’s Cuisine persevered in true Italian style. Instead of caving to the added pressure, the restaurant enhanced its takeout business, building creating a drive-through system with a kiosk outside. In turn, Nora’s Cuisine was able to provide a better service to its guests and, most importantly, reduce traffic indoors to ensure the safety of its team and customers. This addition proved to be enormously popular, and despite business going back to normal, numerous customers continue to enjoy the drive-through window on a daily basis. Contact: Marcello Mauro Company: Nora’s Cuisine Web Address: