Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 10 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Jámon Ibérico is one of the best ham cuts in the world and has become renowned as such for quality of its taste and the reliability of the procedures by which it is produced. Can Ibéric Mallorca, a shop and restaurant in the heart of the Palma region, sells the Jámon Ibérico Bellota and Cebo de Campo – to its local community and further afield alike. Fundamentally, it is staffed by people who are each more than happy to talk a customer through the details and intricacies of the ham, the Ibérico pigs it comes from, and the pairings for the meat, giving each person who walks through its doors a friendly experience empowered by knowledge. Additionally, it offers small samples to customers so that they never have to take its word for it when it comes to its own excellence. Having shown its repute time and time again when it comes to providing the best taste experience, it sees its mission as one that is as simple as it is effective; to strive for perfection and always provide the best of the best, in both products and in customer service. Thus, its stock will always be fresh and delicious, and it hopes that even if it cannot get hold of a specific item on short notice, that there will be plenty of other options to inspire the soul and satisfy the palette of even the most discerning client. The pigs that are used in the production of Jámon Ibérico live 24 months in total freedom Serving its region’s most iconic foodstuff in the Ibérico ham, Can Ibéric Mallorca is a store, restaurant, and educator regarding what makes this product so well loved by so many. Serving this exemplary foodstuff, a selection of cheeses, and other incredibly paired food and drinks, the restaurant and storefront both have made it a cornerstone of its community and further afield, welcoming guests into a knowledgeable, empathic, and warm atmosphere. Feb22046 Can Ibéric Mallorca Best Tapas & Street Food Restaurant - Balearic Islands in their natural environment. The pastures they live upon – a valuable ecosystem between the Mediterranean forest and prairie – are protected by the business of shops such as Can Ibéric Mallorca as they ensure that these environments are left untouched by developers and other agricultural fields. Moreover, the pigs themselves are an invaluable part of this habitat, and so the farming and population regulation of the pigs is a very closely guarded and strict element of the business from start to finish. Even the Roman legionaries knew about the quality and taste of ham from the region, with historical documents since being found that speak to its unrivalled taste and texture. Although they didn’t know what we know now about what makes Ibérico ham so special, they knew a good thing when they tasted it, and so the reputation of these animals and their meat has preceded them since time immemorial, a legacy which Can Ibéric Mallorca is proud to contribute to. Additionally, Can Ibéric Mallorca has expanded its range out from its ham in the past years it has been in operation. Forever dedicated to providing the best products to its clientele, it has dedicated itself to finding that a good Spanish cheese can vastly enrich the tablas it provides products for, bringing in cheeses from La Macha, Asturias, Menorca, and more. A small but highly specialised selection that only comprises of the best cheeses that will pair in a manner that compliments the meat, Can Ibéric Mallorca applies itself expertly when it comes to serving its clientele. Working with a strict understanding of regional products, environmental friendliness, sustainability, and hospitality, it seeks to satisfy the senses of its customers one purchase at a time and make itself a true pleasure to purchase from. Thus, in this manner, if there are elements that it can improve in any way, it encourages its clients