Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 11 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards to reach out to it and make these ways known, excited to consistently improve its services and products to fit the growing modern market. Offering catering services, delivery services to EU countries, ham tastings and private dinner, its shop and restaurant allows guests to truly enjoy the prestige that the meat has earned the region. Its restaurant has become a jewel in the crown of local community for cheeses, wines, cavas, seafood, charcuterie, bread, and other delicacies, many of which use the ham for which it has become famous. Service, it says, makes life more beautiful, and this is an attitude it applies when it serves its customers and the visitors to its venue. Able to deliver up to an order of 250 Euros, it can take care of posting and packaging to ensure that everything will arrive fresh, safe, and ready to be enjoyed with friends or family, or even as a personal treat. Additionally, it can help its clients put on events that have the best catering by spoiling them with Palma delicacies within a 30km radius of its home base, letting companies and private parties alike have access to a truly comprehensive spread of cheeses and meats to make any day feel truly special. Whether in the Palma restaurant or shop – or even at home – Can Ibéric Mallorca can bring the ham tasting to its clients in a variety of different ways. Its founders are excited to teach its clients about Ibérico ham through showing them the different tastes, textures, and quirks in each of its products, talking them through the how and why of each in order to delight a guest as well as inform them. Moreover, not only is this a learning experience, but it is a delicious one that allows a customer to personally make a choice on what hams they like and which are their favourites of the bunch – even though most find it hard to choose! After 7 o’ clock in the evening, Can Ibéric Mallorca opens its doors to its private diners in order to welcome them into its warm, friendly, and well-designed atmosphere. With warm toned wooden furniture and a cosy atmosphere, its empathic and enthusiastic staff work with efficiency and personality to ensure their evening is an enjoyable one, happy to discuss the pairings of wine and food in order to curate the perfect meal. Its events can also be held within the restaurant proper, and it will even go so far as to offer event-appropriate decorations to its clients, should they wish it. After all, a client’s wishes are the most important thing to Can Ibéric Mallorca, something it will continue to keep as the core pillar of its business as it moves into the future. Company: Can Ibéric Mallorca Contact: Michael Kiel Website: