Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 12 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards House on the Moon offers ‘Haute Dessert Dining’ to its diners, allowing them to discover a full dining experience with food, drink, and atmosphere that will have them wanting to come back time and time again. Nominally, its expertise lies in creating a bespoke dining experience with imaginative and innovative desserts that use exemplary ingredients and pastry techniques. Its chefs – each of whom are the foremost experts in their field – have developed a menu that brings what some consider a childish concept, ‘dessert for dinner’, and make it fine dining. Its founder and head chef, Hüseyin Turan, has made House on the Moon a reflection of his own dedication to the industry and the market segment in this way. Aspiring to demonstrate that multi-course meals can be curated using ingredients and techniques associated with sweet treats, it combines textures, flavours, and aesthetics that engage the entire palette, ensuring the diner is shown a sensorial experience from start to finish. Playful, exciting, and interesting, its set menus, teas, desserts, and tarts have blurred the lines between what is expected of certain courses. Combining sweet and savoury flavours to incredibly interesting effect, House on the Moon has been at the fore of this trend, one A creative, highly innovative, and dedicated dessert bar and culinary adventure, House on the Moon is led by expert chef Hüseyin Turan, allowing clients to sample the mingling of cultures, flavours, and textures that combine within. Creating a ‘coup d’état’ in the culinary scene that starts with demolishing any notion of a hard line between what a dessert and what a main course should be, it blends savoury and sweet flavours in order to take a diner on a journey through the mind of a visionary. Mar22407 House on the Moon Best Dessert Dining Bar - Singapore that it is seeing prevail in the wider industry. In fine dining, as well as in the snack sector, it has seen a steep increase in chefs and creators of fine cuisine playing around with what defines a dessert and what defines a main course; and House on the Moon has gained repute amongst these peers as one of the establishments that has cracked the code. Locally, in Singapore, the concept of mingling sweet and savoury is not new, meaning that Chef Hüseyin had lots of inspiration to work with, from dessert inspired potato chips to salted egg yolk ice cream. Rojak, for example, blends fruits and sugar with spices and salted prawn paste. As a German of Turkish descent, Chef Hüseyin has worked hard to create synergy between the cultures he grew up with and the culture he is surrounded by, using his experience working under such experts in the industry as multi-Michelin star chef Juan Amador and Paco Torreblanca, as well as traditionalist chef Musa Dagdeviren. Additionally, he has plied his trade in several different restaurants, gaining invaluable experience in how to run a culinary establishment. Thus, he has been able to bring the expertise he accrued in this time to House on the Moon, making it a venue for taking great care of his diners and showing them the creativity that he is capable of with