Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 13 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards his menus that are developed with ingenuity, diligence, and attention to detail. His vision, talent, and tireless commitment to creating the best flavour profiles is what has made his dishes such a staple in the local community and further afield, after all. Fundamentally, between the exciting combination of different textures, flavours, and culinary elements that some would consider strange and unusual, he has found new ways to excite his peers and market segment alike, becoming the epicentre of a lot of buzz as a result, drawing the attention and favour of even the strictest critics. Thus, visitors to his restaurant can directly benefit from his innovation and immense talent. With the onset of Covid-19, the dessert bar that was House on the Moon diversified, becoming so much more than that; it began to offer pastas and savoury dishes to respond to the exigence in the market, while still offering this enigmatic and enchanting experience where the line between sweet and savoury is rendered permeable. Having drawn in many new diners through this, it hopes to bring them into the fold of its dessert bar, returning to its roots as it continues to push the envelope in gastronomy and give diners a brand-new perspective when it comes to desserts and what a main course can look like. Although the savoury à la carte menu is no longer available, Chef Hüseyin has implemented two new haute couture dining sets in its place. The Eclipse, a 5-course set menu, and the Full Moon, a 7-course set menu, feature the House on the Moon’s most exciting and conceptual creations, each of which have been curated into a lineup that works incredibly well, with no one dish upstaging the others. Instead, each dish compliments the one before and the one after it, such as the Cauliflower Couscous, and Spiced Semolina Dumpling, and the featured desserts from the hands of chef Turan himself. Venerating even the humblest ingredients with spices and cooking techniques that will allow a diner to think of them in a whole new light, its culinary triumphs combine elements such as scallops and tangerine gel, bringing a playful element of acidity and sweetness to the aforementioned Cauliflower Couscous dish. Each of these set menu meals is then rounded off by a Blue Moon dessert that promises to show a diner just how much science and innovation goes into cooking in its purest, most creative form. Chef Hüseyin himself tells us that he is excited to keep serving in this way long into the future, feeling truly honoured that he has been able to be a front-runner in bringing more complex flavours to a market of diners that are becoming ‘more savvy’ to them. Places are, due to this, incredibly limited, but it encourages all prospective diners to call as soon as they are able to make their reservation, looking forward to extending them a warm welcome. Finally, more recently, House on the Moon was recognised with two design awards, namely as an Honourable Mention in the Built Design Awards for 2021, and an Official Selection for Interior Design in the London International Creative Competition. Company: House on the Moon Contact: Huseyin Turan Website: