Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 15 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Accredited as Sutton Coldfield’s Best Authentic Indian Restaurant, Streetly Balti is renowned for its comforting aroma’s, authentic Indian spices and tantalising dishes that capture the traditional nature of Indian cooking. With naan that wraps its customers in a tandoor-style heritage hug that delicately balances the herby, creamy and warming curry dishes that burst through and cover the palate in a graceful fulfilment that perfectly pictures the essence of Indianstyle home-cooking. Streetly Balti Best Authentic Indian Restaurant - Sutton Coldfield Feb22186 Established in 1993, Streetly Balti was founded in Streetly Sutton Coldfield by Shab Uddin and his two brothers, whose heritage and intrinsic flavour inspirations come from Sylhet, Bangladesh. The founder’s vision was to incorporate the traditional tastes of India and bring them into a new light, edifying the modern UK pallet to an engulfing sensory exploration of Indian cuisine found alongside Greater Birmingham. Integral to the all-encompassing fragrances and flavours at Streetly Balti is the seemingly distinctive and aromatic spices cooked into every dish with love, care, and traditional execution. From the flaming tandoor to the plate itself, each dish is accomplished to perfection, encasing the truly rich experience that is Indian cuisine. With flavours that are ground, smoked and toasted into every morsel of vibrancy, each dish is enriched with an experience that permeates from the comforting aromatics within the establishment to the delightful mouthfuls of indulgence with each bite – a picture-perfect flavour that engulfs the soul and the mind. Spices are the essence of Indian cuisine, with their trade going back centuries with Arab merchants supplying spices and aromatics to Europe. So often sought out for their wonderous colours, textures, flavours and vibrancy, people from across the world came to India in seek of the mysterious blends that perfumed Indian cuisine with such warmth and elegancy. Despite their naturally alluring properties that tantalised the senses, Indian spices were often indulged in with the thought of having medicinal properties within them. For decades now, the social system of medicine has been closely linked to the culinary culture of ancient India. With the aspect of using aromatic spices to heal - absorbing their therapeutic properties, the use of Indian spices has become an international indulgence from dishes such as Biryani and Masala to Pani Puri and Naan. Simple dishes that absorb, permeate and become enriching over time and thought to heal the body and the soul through the comfort and radiance of traditional Indian cooking. Founded nearly three decades ago, Streetly Balti was established out of pure necessity, bringing the flavours and experiences of Indian culture to the UK. With popularity growing nationwide, settlers brought over other traditions, seasonings and flavours. Thus, the three founders captured their dream of serving authentic Indian cuisine, utilising the inspiring aromatics brought in by their local and fellow community – a collaborative effort of passion beloved by all within the Birmingham area. Currently, Streetly Balti is run by the youngest founding brother, Shab and his sons. Together, they have created a contemporary filled restaurant that provides re-invented traditional dishes infused with love, care, and speciality ingredients that establish a one of a kind taste and experience – perfectly executed by its highly regarded chef Mr Rayhan. “At Streetly Balti, even though we believe that first impressions last we know that our customer experience starts way before they taste the food. Our front of house always warmly greet our customers, mostly by name as alot of our customers have been with us for many years. We pride ourselves on promptly dealing with with our customers to ensure the service is always swift and we always go above and beyond to make the customer feel valued and cared for, hence years of loyalty from our regular diners. During the first Covid lockdown we decided the restaurant would benefit from a makeover so that when our customers returned they would have an exciting new environment to enjoy as well as new dishes added to the menu. We did this to ensure the welcome for our customers transcends the initial hi or hello when we see them, we want the environment, the food and the vibe to continue the warm welcome throughout the whole experience.” -Shab Uddin Streetly Balti provides an exceptionally wholesome experience that invites customers to experience new depths of flavours that are presented through regional Indian delicacies and contemporary Indian dishes. A truly unforgettable moment that guides you into the warming comfort of Indian right from your seat at the table – travelling through history with every mouthful. Let the empty plates speak for themselves - Streetly Balti present passionate and authentic Indian dishes with a modern flair, allowing the enticing flavours to steal the heart of its customers and bringing them to slowcooked cultured paradise. Company Name: Streetly Balti Contact Name: Muhammad Uddin Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]