Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 16 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Southwest London’s finest Caribbean restaurant, Sugarcane London is one of the top providers of Caribbean hospitality and cuisine in the region. Having gone from conception to launch in just a few short weeks, founder Chef Tee found his dreams realised when the shopfront opened. Thus, since day one, he was able to hit the ground running. Fundamentally, the shop front he chose – a Wandsworth Road location that had long been a vacant store front – has since become a pillar of its community and a welcoming, friendly, local eatery, with a delicious, innovative menu that blends the modern and the traditional. Sugarcane London can be recognised by its bright, hand-painted sign, welcoming passersby to come and get ‘a lickle piece of the Caribbean’. Furthermore, its authentic menu includes something for everyone, including plenty for vegans, and even delicious, alcoholsoaked desserts to round off a meal in style with something sweet and boozy. Contributing to the community with its food offerings and its warm, people-focused establishment, Chef Tee has been inspired by his own upbringing to hire care leavers as employees at his restaurant. Sugarcane London, a friendly local Caribbean restaurant in the Southwest of the city, has secured itself as a cornerstone of the community and a much-loved provider of Caribbean cuisine since its inception. A restaurant that prioritises being a patron for young persons in its area – especially focusing on young people who have just come out of social care environments – founder Chef Tee gives his staff the chance to learn, grow, and develop through cooking for and catering to local people. Feb22045 Sugarcane London Best Local Caribbean Restaurant - South London He spent his teen years in care, and with this experience under his belt, he has built a commitment to helping people who grew up in that system. Tee, aged 17, managed to secure his first job at a small café in Balham, learning everything he needed to go on and start his own business; in thanks for this experience and the lessons he was able to take away from it, he now seeks to pay it forward by giving young people a similar opportunity through his own restaurant. Getting that rung on the hospitality ladder can be invaluable to kicking off a lucrative career, and he offers it in the form of a charismatic and positive working environment that serves the best food to a loyal customer base. Company: Sugarcane London Contact: Tarell Mcintosh Website: