Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 17 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Initially created as a health intervention tool, MenuSano was developed to address the rising rates of disease and obesity in modern society. This challenge can be managed and prevented with proper nutrition, guidance and understanding. Recognized as the Most Innovative Food and Beverage Tech Company of 2022 and the Best Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Costing Software Provider, MenuSano allows the foodservice industry to support the health of its community by providing nutrition information to their customers. MenuSano Most Innovative Food & Beverage Tech Company 2022 and Best Nutrition Analysis & Recipe Costing Software Provider 2022 Feb22044 MenuSano is a revolutionary product; it is an online nutrition analysis and recipe costing software developed for the foodservice industry. The concept was designed by working alongside chefs in a professional kitchen, thus, accurately calculating the number of calories and additional micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals within any recipe or food item. The idea of MenuSano slowly emerged when a group of passionate individuals began discussing the love of home-cooked meals, realizing that the benefits of cooking at home provided them with the knowledge of every precise ingredient, which is something that takes out meals don’t offer. After this discussion, a thought was developed around the notion of ordering food and seeing the nutritional value, just like any packaged product on modern shelves, without involving scientists and laboratories to examine it. So, in 2010, software was developed and by 2011, MenuSano was ready to be launched. Once MenuSano was launched, the company began marketing to businesses within the foodservice industry, restaurants, owners, and chefs. However, this was met with shocking disapproval by these individuals, weary of clients knowing the precise nutritional value in their food. This forced the founder to make the decision to shelve the product so that the team could regroup. Like any success story, MenuSano didn’t give up and used this to drive the company forward, and by 2015, MenuSano was re-launched. As things took a turn, the company’s founder, Sonia Couto, was then diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. While she underwent treatments, the realization and strong importance of proper nutrition was enhanced. Thus, MenuSano was rebranded with a new mission and vision stating, ‘choice is healthy.’ Now, MenuSano and its team of dedicated individuals are working tirelessly to educate the foodservice industry and encouraging these businesses to embrace the chance and embrace the health and wealth of nutritional knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, and power is fuel, which can only be given by food. Founder, Sonia Couto, explains the process of the product, stating, “Simply add ingredients to a recipe by searching our governmentsourced databases, or by adding your own custom ingredients. Then, adjust the quantities of each ingredient and watch the magic happen! Additionally, our recipe costing module enables food services to cost their recipes so that they can engineer their recipes for profit.” The mission of MenuSano is to utilize technological advancements to address the increasing concerns for the health of the public with rising issues related to obesity and diabetes. Sonia expands on this issue and addresses MenuSano’s solution, stating, “Growing obesity rates are directly linked to eating foods prepared outside of the home. By providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective tool, food services can create healthy options alongside their regular menu offerings.” People value having control over their health, and with this, a consumer need was identified by the MenuSano team. Henceforth, the company began developing a solution that allows citizens of the world to make healthy food choices simply – essentially, changing people’s lives and directly impacting the ‘healthstyle’ of its clients’ customers. Since its inception, Sonia has taken personal pride and care to oversee every development by working with industry leaders, the government, users, and the team at MenuSano. Thus, ensuring the company can grow within Canada and internationally – driving initiatives that eventually lead to successful and strategic partnerships that can push the innovation and brand of MenuSano forward. Currently, MenuSano is a product used worldwide by restaurants, bakeries, manufacturers, hospitals, health centres, dieticians, nutritionists and more throughout Canada, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. While the Covid-19 pandemic was significantly affected the hospitality industry, MenuSano reflected and became empowered, and with that, the company witnessed a surge in customers obtaining food delivery and meal kits. Concerning the future, MenuSano will continue to build out its product roadmap, which is created based on user feedback of its system and requested features from customers. Highly recognized for its innovative and considerate service, MenuSano is a brand that is changing the lives of individuals, from restaurant owners to customers, one micronutrient at a time. Company Name: MenuSano Contact Name: Sonia Couto Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]