Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 19 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Awarded Best Dine-In and Takeaway Sushi Restaurant in South London, Sushi Revolution delivers its menu in two innovative concepts: Sushi and ‘The Revolution’. Sushi that entices its guests with more traditional, freshly prepared, handmade sashimi, nigiri and makis and ‘The Revolution’ – a deliciously rebellious twist on classic Japanese izakaya dishes. Located in Brixton in the Department Store complex; the restaurant has added to the vibrant foodie community in Brixton and is another fantastic independent restaurant in the area. Asking their guests to rebel against the establishment and join the sushi revolution! Local diners have embraced the concept and return regularly for the delicious food, great cocktails and warm inviting atmosphere. Sushi Revolution Best Dine-In & Takeaway Sushi Restaurant - South London Feb22601 Founded by two friends and colleagues Aidan Bryan and Tom Blackshaw, Sushi Revolution was launched as a modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese ‘Izakaya’. An Izakaya in Japan is a place to meet friends, eat and drink with the word itself a combination of the words stay, drink and eat – which is precisely what you’ll do, except at Sushi Revolution you won’t want to leave, as the food and drinks are delicious and highly rated in South London. Tom Blackshaw, the executive chef at Sushi Revolution has worked in some of the best and top-rated sushi restaurants in London and Europe including Aqua Kyoto, Chotto-Matte and Sticks n Sushi. Tom describes his style of food as traditional preparation with modern flavours, an example would be the soft-shell crab roll served with kimchee hummus or the spinach salad with truffle black goma. With Tom, Aidan Bryan brings his own uniqueness to the team with a vast collection of management experience from hotels to bars worldwide. The former manager of the bar at Claridge’s Hotel his dedication, commitment and hardworking persona, combined with Tom’s flair for creativity, has resulted in the restaurant being extremely well received In Brixton. At Sushi Revolution, the restaurant is run on the values of honesty, determination and daily Improvement. This is showcased inherently in the work and quality of the food it provides – not just limited to the execution, preparation, and standard of the food, but in regard to their guests, who at the end of the day, are the most important and should thoroughly enjoy their experience. Sushi Revolution is self-described as a small neighbourhood restaurant that thinks it’s a big central London restaurant. But, while it may be new, it packs a punch in flavours and creativity – beating the financial and hospitality odds of the Covid-19 pandemic it has flourished dramatically. “We started our business during lockdown to try to offer great food and great value as we realised that diners’ expectations will have changed, and their perceived level of value will have adjusted accordingly. So we try to offer the feeling of central London fine dining but in a small local neighbourhood setting at local prices,” explains Aidan. For Sushi Revolution, there is but one goal – to make its guests happy. Aidan adds to this explaining; “We aim to serve great food and drinks, quickly, in a great venue, with great service at a great price! Not always easy but hopefully, if we can do that, our guests will keep coming back! Another aspect of the pandemic is the rapidly growing delivery and takeaway market which Tom and Aidan have embraced. “All our dishes are designed to be able to travel and arrive at home in almost the same quality as we serve at the restaurant. It was very important for us not to let our quality drop for our delivery and takeaway guests,” explains Tom. ‘All our packaging is recyclable, and sushi is still as popular as ever so we try hard to ensure that any new dishes will work both eat in and takeaway’ Currently, the restaurant’s goal is to continue creating an environment that guests love and to keep them happy from drink to plate. There are also plans to open a second location in Shoreditch in the summer of 2022. ‘We have secured a great location at The Stage development and look forward to bringing our modern izakaya concept to east London’ says Aidan. Awarded Best Dine-In & Takeaway Sushi Restaurant in South London, with a second location on the horizon, individuals across London are soon to rebel and join ‘the Sushi Revolution.’ Sushi Revolution is open Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 10pm. 240 Ferndale Road, Brixton, SW9 8FR. Company Name: Sushi Revolution Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]