Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 20 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Centred upon 2675 square feet, Mutt’s is a restaurant developed to entice its customers to experience connection, community, and a good time, a place where people can gather inside and out and dive into a celebration of eclectic Americana. Following the concept that carries the same character and charm of its sister establishment, Mutt Lynch’s, a family-run and historic beach bar located on the Newport Beach Peninsula, Mutt’s captures a refined, family-friendly environment. Designed by the husband-and-wife team, Meghan and Alex Murry, the restaurant developed an eclectic aesthetic that highlights the simplicity and beauty of Americana décor. Mutt’s is open for lunch and dinner daily and breakfast on the weekends, with a menu that offers a selection of delectable dishes from beloved family favourites to new signature specials. At Mutt’s, customers can enjoy a wide range of diverse Americana inspired food from ‘pterodactyl wings’ and made to order pizzas to chipotle chicken pasta, steak frites and authentic Mexican cooked with fresh, high-quality ingredients and served with house-made tortillas. Additionally, Mutt’s has created a beverage program that celebrates local breweries and artisan winemakers worldwide. A food-lovers paradise mixed with a selection of fabulous cocktails and tantalising craft beer and spirits made from artisan distillers from all across the United States – a fantastic feature that combines flavour and fun in a delightful sip. Established with the motto ‘find your pack,’ Mutt’s is a restaurant designed as a central gathering place, where the local community can come together, feel at home, and find their pack. Accredited as the Best Upscale Cocktail Bar in Newport Beach, Mutt’s is a welcoming and energetic restaurant that invites people in, making them feel like they belong and, in doing so, creates an atmosphere where customers can find their own sense of belonging too. Feb22225 Mutt’s Best Upscale Cocktail Bar - Newport Beach Mutt’s is a place that celebrates the foundations of what gives America character – small towns and communities. The restaurant is on a mission to combine this ideology with delicious food craft cocktails and allow families to gather, make memories and, reminisce and revel in the greatness of their own town. Legacy member of Mutt’s Lynch’s and owner of Mutt’s, Meghan Murry elaborates on this point, stating, “Beginning with our hometown in Newport Beach, each Mutt’s location will celebrate its respective community with distinct decor and menu items that reflect unique elements of the town and its history.” Mutt’s has designed a reputation for its inner atmosphere, with repurposed retro furnishings and signature year-round Christmas lights that visually convey the brand’s celebratory catchphrase ‘It’s a Party, and You’re Invited.’ In addition, our walls are adorned with Schooner sconces resembling the 32oz goblet that has become synonymous with the brand. With the brand’s success, Mutt’s has continued to adapt and ensure that the priority is creating a well-loved establishment that serves its customers with great hospitality, food and drinks, and entertainment. Meghan adds to this, stating, “We’ve constantly evolved and improved our menu to meet the desires of our guests. Since opening, we’ve added weekly events that give our regulars something to celebrate every night of the week with Taco & Trivia Tuesday and a duo of daily happy hours.” Currently, within the hospitality industry, among many others, there happen to be several challenges due to the effects of Covid-19; these issues include labour shortages, increased cost of labour and supply chain issues seemingly related to the restrictions and limitations of the pandemic. “We’re no stranger to these industry-wide challenges, but we combat them internally by creating an environment in which our guests and staff feel welcome, energised, and ‘at home’ - despite the limitations or imposed restrictions. Despite the challenges, our attitude and the environment we create keeps the ethos of our brand at the forefront of the guest experience,” states Meghan. For now, Mutt’s is hoping to expand and increase its brand reputation, actively looking for a second location within Southern California. At Mutt’s, wherever the location may be, the restaurant’s purpose is to reflect the unique elements of the town’s community and history and welcome customers with a great atmosphere and even better drinks. Company Name: Mutt’s Contact Name: Alex Murray Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]