Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 21 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Named after the original use of an 18th-century building, The Watchmaker was launched to become an intimate and cosy wine and charcuterie bar located in the heart of St. Helier. Described as Jersey’s Most Intimate Wine Bar, the uniquely named, Watchmaker offers a delicate and delectable experience for customers to relax and enjoy the divine atmosphere, food, and wine. TheWatchmaker Most Intimate Wine Bar - Jersey Feb22431 The Watchmaker provides a uniquely friendly experience – one of a kind with each visit, bite, and taste of its exquisite offerings. It provides a safe and clean environment for friends, family, and visitors from across the nation to kick-back with the finest crafts in Jersey. Managing Director Bruno Santos-Costa has been managing restaurants in London for years, predominantly within the Soho institution that is Randall and Aubin. Because of his experience and expertise within the industry, Bruno has been able to bring a piece of London to Jersey. From perfectly sharable platters designed for grazing, gourmet assortment ranges from charcuterie meats, Caprese salad and cheese platters. These boards are exceptionally plated and delicately placed to feed your eyes as well as your stomach and soul, a tantalisingly moreish experience that’s perfect for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. Everything is perfectly paired with its wide selection of wines, all of which are available by the glass. Moreover, The Watchmaker’s wine menu and beverage selection are thoughtfully curated with the innate focus on wines, champagnes, and cocktails that can be paired deliciously with its selection of european-styled appetisers. A tremendous amount of attention to detail has been thoughtfully prepared in the restaurant’s design, its ambience, and the menu it provides – leaving customers feeling refreshed, satisfied and, most importantly, cared for. In addition, the establishment has been created in an approachable and candid way to ensure each unique customer is able to find something distinctive to their taste. Bruno adds to this, stating, “The Watchmaker specialises in friendly and approachable service. We have a very simple ethos – we are there to facilitate our guests to enjoy themselves. We do this through wine and food knowledge but mainly by enjoying what we do and taking pride in what we serve. We serve sharing plates of artisan charcuterie and cheese. We source some of the finest products from across Europe and present them in a non-pretentious fashion. We ensure the quality is there within every detail of the food and wine we serve.” The Watchmaker is a fabulous place to spend time – to settle in, have a snack, and enjoy the robust, delicate, deep, and fruity selection of wines, premium spirits, and delectable cocktails that are a selection of modern and classic flavours. However, it’s not just the food and drinks that make The Watchmaker stand out, but the way it handles and looks out for customers. Expanding on how it interacts with the customers Bruno adds, “Simply, we ask how they are. It’s rare today that someone genuinely asks that question to a customer. From there, we gauge exactly what that customer wants. Nervous about a first date? We can help settle those nerves. Focused on a client lunch? We will get you the best table to suit your meeting. By simply talking to people, we ensure we can provide the best experience.” A little goes a long way. With these small yet appreciated efforts customers can feel truly respected, understood, and catered to – with the finest hospitality, wines, and food to nourish each individual. As a new business, there are always bumps and hurdles to overcome. But, for Bruno – working in this sector for over ten years – he see the current staffing crisis as the biggest issue to affect the success of the hospitality industry. “To combat this, we do everything to help staff enjoy working at the Watchmaker. We pay well, give 100% of the service charge to the staff, allow for days off, including weekends; however - there simply isn’t enough interest in the industry at the present moment,” he tells us. While running a business in the hospitality sector can feel daunting, Bruno and his staff are ready and optimistic to tackle the future – preparing to handle each obstacle while continuing to serve its loyal customers with the excellence they deserve and expect from The Watchmaker. But, for now, the goal is to simply keep getting stronger, keep serving great products and to remain the Most Intimate Wine Bar in Jersey. Company Name: The Watchmaker Contact Name: Bruno Santos-Costa Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]