Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 23 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Established four years ago, Yuki Cucina Giapponese was launched to showcase the traditional delicacies of Japanese cuisine, culture, and traditions to the people of Southern Italy. Since its opening, Yuki has broken through the barriers of dull food experiences and brought an authentic flavoursome culture through its remarkable chef, Andrea Fontana, who studied the unique methods of Washoku cuisine at Hirohiko Shoda. Recognised as the Best Japanese Gastronomy Restaurant, Yuki is revolutionising traditional cooking methods and reinventing them for a modern palette. Yuki cucina giapponese Best Japanese Gastronomy Restaurant - Southern Italy Feb22067 Based within Southern Italy, Yuki Cucina Giapponese was founded by Maurizio Tinelli. It is renowned for creating an inviting environment that caters to and respects traditional Japanese cuisine and showcases its menu through authentic rituals and passion for quality ingredients and thoughtful product choices. Yuki is accredited to being the Best Japanese Gastronomy Restaurant and has been able to launch this reputation and significant achievement due to its cultural sensitivity that respects the seasonal changes of Japanese gastronomy, focusing on the use of fresh products that is considerate of nature and the simple flavourings that the local area has to offer – an elevated take on simple ingredients creating sensational dishes. The restaurant’s comfortable environment is modelled by authentic restaurants found within Japan. Thus, allowing the stylings of Yuki to feel traditional, homely and yet, entirely unique concerning the food scene within Southern Italy. At Yuki, comfort is experienced through the warming environment and the food, of which chef Andrea Fontana creates beautifully and well-crafted dishes by personally selecting products for preparation and respecting seasonal items. There, Yuki exhibits superior quality and freshness of each dish – not one ever tasting precisely the same, but uniquely cared for and cater to with love and adoration for the ingredients used. Furthermore, to showcase the beauty that is Japanese gastronomy, Yuki offers a diverse menu that changes seasonally to ensure each component is utilised during the right time of year and will create elevated dishes based around these products. Due to its natural care for quality and the remarkable dishes inspired by Washoku Japanese cuisine, Yuki has been awarded the ‘Three Chopsticks award’ by Gambero Rosso. An incredible achievement that has only been awarded to 22 other restaurants in Italy. Because of this, Yuki’s confidence as a restaurant and its reputation has surged. Since its award, Yuki has aimed and promised to provide the best quality products to its customers, directly impacting the market for seasonal and high-quality dishes. For Yuki, the overall mission of the restaurant is to serve the best food and to do so, the restaurant personally selects the raw materials, seeking only excellence and forever providing outstanding quality and standards throughout. Additionally, by respecting their produce and utilising traditional Japanese techniques, Yuki enhances the food, and the customers thoroughly appreciate the results. Since its establishment, the restaurant’s growth has been increasing rapidly, with new dishes and the experimentation of new techniques has progressed. Thus, giving customers and unique experience that doesn’t just include an unforgettable meal but a sensory experience, accompanied by an ever-changing menu and a wine and sake cellar that encloses over 150 labels. Internationally, due to the catastrophe known as Covid-19, the global market and consumer and cultural habits have shifted worldwide. Maurizio Tinelli, the CEO, expands on the implementations and effects at Yuki, stating, “We have returned to enjoy dinner, sitting at the restaurant with greater attention to what we eat and drink. Customers require more attention and have higher and higher expectations when they go out for dinner, and we have taken up the challenge, aiming to increase the level of our business every day.” For Yuki, the restaurant has tried to organise dinners and events related to Japanese culture every year. Between spring to late autumn, the restaurant has pursued several appointments to see international guests, honoured to be paired with Yuki. Maurizio adds to this, stating, “The next appointment will be at the end of March with a wagyu masterclass, but many others will follow. So keep following us to discover little by little all the surprises we have in store for you.” With a rare award under its belt and the addition of being accredited as the Best Japanese Gastronomy Restaurant in Southern Italy, Yuki is undoubtedly changing the experience of customer dining, one dish at a time. Company Name: Yuki cucina giapponese Contact Name: Maurizio Tinelli Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]