Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 26 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards With a specialty in the cultural cuisine of Saigon style dishes, Pho Aroi has made itself a staple in the Bangkok region. Nominally, lauded as exemplary by both foreign visitors and locals, Pho Aroi’s menu is made up of authentic dishes that use traditional recipes and local ingredients, resulting in a synergy between modern dining and traditional cultural foods. Putting the emphasis on Pho and the dishes within this element of Saigon cooking, it makes expert use of herbs and spices, pairing these with premium Australian beef in order to combine the best of all of these ingredients, ensuring each of them can shine in the dish. The executive chef and owner of Pho Aroi, Anthony Le, provides patrons with the best food to reflect his own Vietnamese heritage. Proud of the traditions that he is privy to and that he incorporates into his cooking, Anthony works hard to provide his patrons with the most authentic and satisfying gastronomic experience, serving the contemporary diner with diligence and respect. Happy to answer all queries and concerns regarding his menu or processes, he and his staff make sure the Being a detail-oriented, customerfocused, highly authentic Saigon cuisine specialist, Pho Aroi is a Vietnamese restaurant with a difference, incorporating a real Vietnamese taste by Vietnamese chefs Anthony Le and his wife Hong Van Le. Ensuring that every dish comes out perfectly – and has been created with traditional Vietnamese cooking styles such as 25 hours of prep time – the executive chef Anthony has committed himself to bringing true Saigon flavours to the modern palette. Referring to styles popular before the onset of the Vietnam War, he hopes to pay homage to his ancestry, spreading awareness of his culture by continuing to spread joy and familial love through food. Mar22331 Pho Aroi Best Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant - Bangkok food and the client’s satisfaction are kept at the forefront of concerns. Hand in hand with this, Pho Aroi is dedicated to never cutting corners. Fundamentally, this is most expertly shown in the creation of its pho broth. Using techniques that have been perfectly over centuries, Pho Aroi’s staff spend hours preparing the bone marrow before beginning with the soup itself, ensuring the result is a clean, clear broth with a rich taste from the bone marrow. These are slowly boiled for 18 hours before the herbs and spices are added and it is let boil for another 4 hours, bringing the total cooking time to 25 hours! Right from when a customer walks through the door, they can smell the broth. It is the homely, delicious, well-spiced scent that lures people through the door, and the exemplary taste of the Pho that keeps them coming back. Having switched to home delivery over lockdown, it is excited to move back to kitchen to table service, extending its thanks to its customers for sticking by it during this time of intense challenge, and taking on more apprentice cooks to show them through the in-depth onboarding it takes every new chef through, bolstering its ranks with trained, enthusiastic professionals. Chief among these is sous chef, Hong Van Le. She shares the same Vietnamese heritage, and a passion for attaining a true taste of Vietnamese cuisine – it’s intricate flavours and unique tones on the palette. With Anthony Le and Hong Van Le’s collective vision, Pho Aroi has flourished, offering the most authentic Vietnamese food in Thailand. Thus, it is excited to have brought more such people on board for the grand opening of its secondary location, and looking forward to more of the same with its upcoming third and fourth locations, slated to open soon. Company: Pho Aroi Contact: [email protected] Website: