Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 28 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards In 2011, BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong was launched. An authentic Japanese-style bar in the heart of Hong Kong, the bar was destined for success, and in 2022, it is a bustling member of Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife. The Japanese theme stems from the director himself. Indeed, in 2006, Masayuki Uchida moved to Hong Kong from Japan. BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong is, in essence, an ode to the bars that can be found across Japan – it seamlessly infuses traditional Japanese drinking culture with that of the fast-paced Hong Kong lifestyle. Henceforth, BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong offers the Japanese standard of hospitality. This high level of service has drawn in thousands of customers over the years – as not only is it a different cultural experience, but it also has resulted in a premium level of customer service. Upon arrival guests are offered services that are popular within Japanese bars – they are offered warm soup in a small bowl (known as お通し – otōshi – or sometimes 突き出し – tsukidashi) and are also provided with a hot towel (おしぼり or oshibori.) Over time, the bar has developed from a regular cocktail bar into a full-service establishment. This evolution took place in order to meet the customer’s wants and needs, as many had requested whisky and a wider range of food. Consequently, BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong now boasts an impressive menu filled with mouth-watering treats, including Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese and Chile Con Carne. Both its cocktails and its foods have become renowned throughout Hong Kong – one customer, Felicia Williams, testifies, ‘If you love a well-made cocktail, Butler is for you! Described by one customer as ‘the best in the world,’ BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong is a Japanese-style bar based in Hong Kong. It has a delectable range of cocktails on offer, including classics such as Negroni and Perfect Martinis. Indeed, the bar has certainly earned its place in Hong Kong’s nightlife scene. Feb22487 Good Crown INT LTD Bar BUTLER Cocktail Bar of the Year - Hong Kong Order your favorite base liquor and don’t be afraid to ask questions — this is a place for connoisseurs. Or, if you just prefer good drinks in a nice setting, then you can do that at Butler, too. We went without reservations, but if you have more than two people, reservations are recommended.’ Such popularity stems from a devotion to exceptional service. The bar has cultivated an effective system, covering both food and cocktails, that ensures that each client receives their order in a quick and efficient manner. In addition, BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong prioritises the development of its team – education is key. Henceforth, each team member receives a sufficient amount of training in order to familiarise themselves with the bar, customer service, and, of course, the menu. Furthermore, the team holds meetings everyday prior to the bar’s opening, in which they cover the daily tasks, goals, and requirements. However, with success comes challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic, for many, was a crippling situation. Lockdowns spread around the globe and social distancing measures were introduced. As a consequence, the hospitality and nightlife sectors were impacted greatly. BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong avoided any major repercussions – however, prior to the outbreak, Masayuki Uchida would create takeaway cocktails, yet he states that this became difficult due to the lack of customers. BUTLER Cocktail Bar Hong Kong is now thriving, and 2022 is set to be a great year for the company on a whole. Its bars in Tokyo, BAR BUTLER GINZA, and Moscow, BAR BUTLER MOSCOW, are incredibly popular and have become staples within the communities. Contact: Masayuki Uchida Company: Good Crown INT LTD Bar BUTLER Web Address: