Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 29 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards La Guapa, a friendly and charismatic restaurant chain that has begun popping up all over Brazil, uses local, fresh, and quality ingredients in order to maintain the excellence of Brazilian food whilst keeping itself quick and agile enough for the modern market. With an incredibly effective track record of ingratiating itself with communities across its home country, it takes their comments, questions, and concerns, and improves itself time and time again, delivering delicious food and quality service in a reliable manner. La Guapa Best Artisan Empanadas Restaurant Chain - Brazil Mar22330 A hospitality experience and restaurant both, La Guapa creates delicious, fresh empanadas with local ingredients and traditional recipes, keeping everything close to home in order to bring the culture of its founders to those from further afield. Serving locals, tourists, and visitors to its home in the heart of Brazil, it makes each empanada by hand just like the Latin ‘Guapas’ have done since time immemorial. Baked in an oven at a very high temperature, the cooking process itself serves to preserve the juiciness of the filling and the quality of the dough, creating a deliciously vibrant taste experience held within a shell that maintains its structural integrity and holds its own in terms of flavour. Having made itself a friendly local provider of this cuisine, it aims to offer a different experience with every item on the menu. In this way, it lives up to its promise that each flavour profile will transport a visitor to somewhere new, reminding its Latinx customers of the comforts of home and showing visitors for whom this cuisine is new just how incredibly diverse it can be. Its staff, each of whom take great pride in the variety of exemplary food on its menu, serve La Guapa’s customers with excellence and efficiency, ensuring they are served in a timely manner and with accuracy. It is a company built on the ideals of love and trust, taking care of its guests and staff alike to ensure that the diligence it shows through its people is reflected in the food. Moreover, being able to welcome customers into a cute, cosy, and clean environment that is both accessible and receptive, its cordial staff are more than happy to elucidate further regarding any items of the menu, answering comments, questions, or concerns with ease. With a robust CX team that allows it to live up to the demands of customers for close, customised, and agile service, it has made itself an outstanding example of a Brazilian company thriving in its market. Critically, having pushed through the challenges of Covid-19, it is looking forward to continuing to expand further in the future, developing more establishments and aiming to reach sales heights of 1 million empanadas per month by the end of the year. Company: La Guapa Contact: Benny Goldenberg Website: