Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 31 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Based in Fulham and focusing on showcasing and utilizing the highest quality and best British produce possible, FOXDEN was established to offer the people of London the best of the best, with its highest regarded item being burgers. Known for being the Best Burger Bar of the Year, FOXDEN has been tireless running since its launch in 2020. However, through the struggle of Covid restrictions, FOXDEN has proved itself as a thriving, small and independent business, flourishing from the steady stream of regulars and individuals who visit across the nation to try the best burgers in the city. FOXDEN Burger Bar of the Year - London Mar22585 Established a mere two years ago during the midst of a global pandemic, FOXDEN has been successfully pushing itself forward in the industry, with its most recent connection being added to the British Takeaway Awards in the category of Best New Takeaway. Now, recent winners of the LUXlife award for Burger Bar of the Year, FOXDEN has thrived since the lift of restrictions and is ready to maintain its excellence within the food industry. FOXDEN, because of its expanding success, has opened up along with the world, increasing its menu to offer a diverse selection of additions along with an option for catering for private parties. With an establishment running smoothly, actively, and positively and with food that speaks for itself through several reviews across social media platforms, FOXDEN has gained significant respect from local customers. In addition to this, it has attracted many others who come to London on the weekend or those who stop nearby to watch Football at the nearby Stamford Bridge Football Club and visiting for a delicious and locally British meal. For FOXDEN, paramount to its success is based on the quality of its ingredients. Owner Paul Foxon adds to this, stating, “The quality of our produce is vital. Using a small number of trusted suppliers, we aim to ensure that we can give our customers the best version of our products possible. For example, our burger patties are made to our own recipe by a local butcher who sources the beef from a Suffolk farm where the cattle roam on Salt Marshes, making the finished product that extra bit special.” However, as good as a restaurant may look, and despite the food choice or the quality of an item, the atmosphere is the only thing you’ll taste when you first leave or enter an establishment. Those first impressions of the staff – how they speak and their attitude- set a restaurant’s entire vibe. Therefore, FOXDEN ensures that its team members remain friendly, no matter how small a business they are – FOXDEN is proud to have its staff do the best they can every day to make sure every customer who enters feels welcome. “I’m a hands-on owner. I ensure customers understand the importance FOXDEN has for its ingredients. I’m able to use my past, growing up on a beef farm in Warwickshire, my passion for the food and my wealth of experience in the hospitality industry- it’s all relayed to the guests in a casual and friendly manner,” states Paul. However, like many businesses during the pandemic and with local restrictions enforced, FOXDEN had to adapt immediately as a new restaurant to cater to all local residents - switching from serving customers to relying on takeaway. “After the last couple of years mainly operating as a takeaway due to Covid, it is now much more enjoyable and rewarding to be able to focus on inviting guests into the restaurant and dining with us,” boasts Paul. The future is bright for FOXDEN. With recognition as London’s Burger Bar of the Year, the small but mighty business hopes to open a second restaurant in the upcoming years – giving customers across London a chance to try proper, British quality in every bite. Company Name: FOXDEN Contact Name: Paul Foxon Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]