Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 32 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Launched less than two years ago, HATIKU Jimbaran has quickly become one of the best seafood restaurants in Bali, providing essentially the same menu items as dozens of competing restaurants in the same stretch of Jimbaran beaches but executing the venue design, hearty service, menu variety and unique favour to stand out as exceptional. From superior quality, warm service, and marketing to cleanliness, incredible products, and knowledgeable staff, HATIKU Jimbaran is leading the seafood sector with an unmatched ability to provide a delicious experience that captures you from the very first bite. Within the Pantai Muaya location, the entire stretch of restaurants is proudly known for its special Jimbaran Grill Style. However, HATIKU Jimbaran has well established Named after the Indonesian word for ‘my heart,’ HATIKU Jimbaran is a renowned establishment in Bali described as a contemporary beachfront seafood restaurant located in Indonesia’s gorgeous Pantai Muaya area. Accredited to being Bali’s Seafood Restaurant of the Year, HATIKU Jimbaran is the best place to sink your teeth into the juiciest, freshest, and most delicately moreish seafood – all while digging your feet into the sand. Engulfed by the sound of crashing waves, vibrant scenery, and the Bali breeze, you can have a breath-taking experience for body, mind, and soul. Apr22018 HATIKU Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant of the Year - Bali itself for having the highly skilled individuals who are able to prepare the most delicious Jimbaran Grill sauce around – a secret recipe that has lovingly been passed down from generations and given to the Bali people to enjoy with growing success. From the kindest trained local staff who maintain the highest hearty-standard service to the exceptionally prepared food quality, HATIKU Jimbaran has a solid online presence that keeps customers coming for the food, staying for the experiences and returning time and time again for the consistent quality. For HATIKU Jimbaran, the restaurant desires to inspire improvements to all other restaurants in the neighbouring area and showcase the level of excellence that can be reached. HATIKU Jimbaran choose to work only with some of the best suppliers in the market as to providing reliable and consistent quality of food, which allows the restaurants to surpass industry standards and lead in the market. Moreover, HATIKU Jimbaran is able to provide such exceptional experiences to its customers because of the highly qualified members of the HATIKU team. From the management team which constantly sets and maintains the highest quality standard to its chef, who doubles as professional at a 5-star hotel. At HATIKU Jimbaran, each element is carefully controlled, planned and executed to ensure visitors have the best experience during any occasion. From entering to dining, the one-of-a-kind experience will keep customers coming back to enjoy the unique stylings of HATIKU Jimbaran. With the freshest selection of seafood, including lobster, prawns, calamari, crabs, clams and an assortment of creative menu, HATIKU Jimbaran guests can watch their food be weighed and choose a wonderful sauce and cooking style to pair with their meal from the national favourite Jimbaran style grill, fried or steams to garlic butter, black pepper, oyster sauce, salted egg, sweet and sour, or Padang sauce, a local Indonesian spicy sauce. While the restaurant took a risk, opening in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, HATIKU Jimbaran has been thriving and flourishing with the steady marketing of its unique offering. With online advertising, word of mouth, and social media helping to propel it forward, the restaurant’s reputation is unwaveringly universal. With consistently high standards and exceptional food quality, memorable experiences are designed to happen at HATIKU Jimbaran. Company Name: HATIKU Jimbaran Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Contact: HATIKU Jimbaran Management Team