Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 36 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Love is infused within the foundations of The Open Door – a glamorous restaurant and wine bar based in Sisters, Oregon. Not only is the establishment owned by the married couple, Dan and Julia Rickards, but it also endeavours to send every customer away ‘fed, inspired, and full of love!’ Indeed, the restaurant seamlessly combines the ambiance of a familyowned business with that of a luxurious, fivestar venue. Julia has been known to comment, ‘It’s like having friends over for dinner.’ Moreover, the couple has created an environment in which creativity and inspiration thrives. Much of this stems from the Rickards’ own passions. For many years, Dan pursued the arts, building a career within landscape painting, which later informed the architectural design of the establishment. In a great departure from the traditional methods of art, Julia has cultivated a deep passion for culinary creativity, which has been further bolstered by her admiration of the arts. Consequently, The Open Door serves as a bustling hub for both delicious dishes and fantastic displays of art thanks to its home within the Rickards’ Clearwater Gallery. Guests can expect to enter an environment that invokes a sensory experience – The Open Door boasts art, music, engaging staff, and flavourful and aromatic dishes. In essence, it hopes to captivate and cater to each individual that walks through its doors, subverting the fast-paced industry mentality. It is with this firmly in mind that The Open Door operates as a place that encourages memory making. Guests are invited to take a moment to sit back and relax whilst they are catered to with the utmost respect and care. Over the past ten years, The Open Door has had the honour of interacting with thousands of clients, and as such, it has received an Wine, wholesome food, and fantastic art can all be found at The Open Door, a multifaceted wine bar and restaurant based in Oregon. Indeed, it is the perfect place to dine in comfortable opulence whilst enjoying an attentive service, pleasing aesthetics, and delectable meals. Mar22689 The Open Door Most Elegant Restaurant & Wine Bar - Oregon abundance of feedback. It prides itself on its ability to accept critique humbly and with gratitude and, subsequently, its willingness to implement positive change. Speaking on behalf of The Open Door, Emily Luz, the General Manager and Dan and Julia’s daughter, states, ‘We started humbly and desire to remain humble. We believe that feedback is the backbone to our success. […] We invite our guests to bring us their creative ideas for events, dishes and even cocktails. We enjoy collaboration!’ Therefore, it is imperative that The Open Door maintains a team that encapsulates this attitude – they must be friendly, respectful, and openminded. There is a great focus upon relationship building within the company, as it hopes to facilitate a workforce that expresses kindness to each other and understands the company’s values. As The Open Door finalises its first decade in the industry, it expresses its thanks to its community, stating that it is grateful for their continued support. Henceforth, this season, it plans to be bigger and better than ever before. The Open Door looks forward to hosting events in its relaxing courtyard, where its beautiful outdoor venue will have the chance to come to life. As a result, it is planning for new community engagement and local collaborations, including the reincarnation of its ‘Meet the Maker’ dinners that feature local artists, farmers, and wine makers. Contact: Emily Luz Company: The Open Door Web Address: