Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 37 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Overlooking the magnificent Green Lake Valley stands The Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards, a unique dining experience that combines high-quality wines with mouth-watering dishes. In 2022, the renowned establishment will be increasing its offerings to include sustainable accommodation. Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards Best Outdoor Dining Experience - British Columbia Apr22072 Entering its third season in business, The Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards has quickly become a hit amongst the South Okanagan culinary scene. Indeed, the highly sought-after venue boasts impressive views over the scenic Green Lake Valley, and is surrounded by panoramic views of mountains, vineyards, and lakes. Not only is the location beautiful, but the eatery is notable for its delectable dishes. Using Cherrywood from the local orchards, The Vineyard Kitchen & Patio utilises a woodfired oven imported from Portugal to create a plethora of dishes, including its signature wood-fire pizzas. Unsurprisingly, the business has acquired numerous five-star ratings, with many praising the company’s attentiveness, food, and team. ‘Nighthawk Vineyards is AMAZING and the scenery was beautiful. I hosted a bridal shower luncheon there for about 15 people and it was a dream! Daniel and Christy made the whole experience effortless. The setup was gorgeous and the food was amazing,’ comments Jill B via Google Reviews. Much of this success can be attributed to the great amount of attention that is placed upon customer service – the Bibby family, the owners of Nighthawk Vineyards and its eatery, have an extensive background in hospitality and truly prioritise each customer that walks through their door. In the case of The Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards, this is not just a figure of speech, it is literal. Once a customer arrives, one member of the family is immediately assigned to welcome them personally, leading them to their table. Furthermore, the kitchen and dining area is open plan, meaning that guests and the team can interact freely. Guests are then presented with a detailed menu and the opportunity to sample some of the finest wines in the Green Lake Valley area. Of course, as the vineyard and dining space are family owned and run, this further optimises the customer service experience. There is always a family member around in order to ensure quality. For example, Daniel and Christy, the founders, thoroughly enjoy showcasing their vineyard and products to guests. Their son, Carson, works as the Chef de Cuisine, utilising his experience of working with some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world, including a stint at London’s Savoy Hotel. In addition, Dakota Bibby, a graduate of Okanagan College’s Viticulture and Winery Assistant programmes, is Nighthawk Vineyard’s winemaker. Daniel and Christy’s daughter Meagan owns Lake Village Bakery in Osoyoos, which produces the natural sourdough breads used in the restaurant, and their son Dylan grows the Fresh Picked Organic mushrooms. As such, it is imperative that The Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards builds a close-knit team. In terms of service staff, the company chooses recruits based upon their energy and enthusiasm for engaging with guests, as it believes that skills can be taught but attitude cannot. Moreover, members of the culinary team must have the relevant qualifications and undergo training with the company’s chef. Daniel writes, ‘All gratuities are shared equally with the team, which helps promote a team service concept. It is very common for a Chef to deliver menu items to the table, or the winemaker come out and explain the winemaking process, vineyard conditions or a barrel tasting of next year’s vintage. It is truly a seamless and interactive guest service experience.’ 2022 is a year for innovation – for evolution. The Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards has a multitude of plans in the works that will improve upon the already exquisite experience provided. One primary example is that of the addition of two ecoaccommodation tent houses that will overlook the vineyard and lake. To complement this new arrival, The Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards will be offering an artisan continental breakfast to each tent house and has plans to extend its menu offering to include daily dinner service. Contact: Daniel Bibby Company: Vineyard Kitchen & Patio at Nighthawk Vineyards Web Address: