Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 39 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Described as Borough of Doncaster’s Indian Restaurant of the Year, The Indus Restaurant & Bar Conisbrough is established with over four decades worth of experience in the food industry, specialising in event catering and trading restaurants subsequently cultured with the decadent aromas of Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The Indus Restaurant & Bar Conisbrough Indian Restaurant of the Year - Borough of Doncaster Mar22225 Founded in 1984, The Indus Restaurant was initially located in the wonderfully eclectic and culturally diverse city of Sheffield and has travelled to the famous village of Conisbrough on the outskirts of Doncaster with its growing success. Conisbrough, recognised for having one of the most striking landmarks in South Yorkshire, known as the Conisbrough Castle, which was built early in the 11th century. Still standing to this day, Conisbrough Castle is one of the most beautiful wonders of the North, second to the incredible cuisine found at Indus. Following this move, Indus eventually landed with its third establishment in the heart of Sheffield, on London road half a mile away from the city centre, known as Café Indus. The collective restaurants are increasing have retained a successful run since its initial opening in the 80s. Named after the longest river in Pakistan and India. The river Indus runs from the Himalayas through to Southeast Asia and is widely considered amongst the locals as the lifeline of modern India and Pakistan. The legend goes that the mystical beauty of the river is what allows the surrounding cultures to develop the finest curries. By using the unique spices, these villages can produce the world’s most renowned, heart and soul warming dishes that showcase the brilliance of Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Munir Ahmed, the founder of Indus, experimented with flavours to perfect each and every dish over the years since his early days as a chef in the early 70’s. With this, one of his three sons, Nas Ahmed has continued his legacy running the establishment with the same drive and passion that his father had. As a result, the entirety of the restaurants, Indus Conisbrough, Indus Attercliffe and Café Indus, have a collective and overwhelmingly prideful experience of over 40 years within the industry. It utilises the best quality ingredients, family developed and perfected recipes and well trained and talented chefs from Pakistan to carry out orders from plating to garnish – capturing the beauty of the Indus river in every bite through the vibrant flavours and whimsical execution. From its team to the dining experience, everything at Indus is thoroughly planned and developed to ensure guests have a wonderful and momentous time from the first bite, scent and taste of the evening. Simply, Indus is able to guarantee a pleasant evening by taking into consideration the fine details that turn a restaurant from a standard meal to a dining experience. “Our chefs are always teaching the front of house staff cooking methods, ingredients, tastes and are testing dishes to better explain to customers the knowledge of each dish. Moreover, we make sure we source the best products from all over the UK, always trying to get the freshest and finest ingredients for our chefs to work with. In addition to this, all our staff are well dressed and greet guests with a smile, making them feel welcome as first impressions are important. Furthermore, The staff here is like family to me rather than just staff members as without them I wouldn’t be able to run such an establishment, so I do appreciate all the hard work everyone puts in. The restaurant means everything to me, so it only makes sense that everyone working within the establishment is treat equally good and like a big family of Indus. In return I expect everyone to work hard and treat Indus as their own. We have staff meetings regularly to discuss possible improvements that can be made and provide training each month for both the front and back house. This has always been the best approach to ensure we always give the best possible service,” explains owner Nas Ahmed. Indus has been running incredibly since its establishment, despite the recent disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic. While initially, as many restaurants did, Indus focused solely on its dine-in customers, giving them full attention. Once the challenges and new limitations of the pandemic unfolded, Indus had to adapt and became committed to takeout and delivery, which increased week by week. Nas expands on this statement, adding, “Now that we have opened our doors again, we still have the newly gained customers from our takeaway service, which has made us realise the real potential we have to offer our takeout customers.” For now, Nas is looking for additional locations for the restaurant as he believes it is now the time to expand and explore new options. Currently, though, Indus is concentrating on the events catering side of sales for this year, as now, with restrictions lifting, they have taken on bigger events and festivals. With its longstanding reputation cascading for over four decades along with its newly established title as Borough of Doncaster’s Indian Restaurant of the Year, Indus is undoubtedly making an impact on the industry, showcasing unrivalled customer favourites that linger in their minds, enriching them with a vibrant and authentic cultural experience. 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