Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 40 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Inspired when the owner’s mother, moved from India to Japan nearly 40 years ago and realised there was no authentic Indian food in the Hokuriku region. Luxury India Rubina then took shape to showcase the aromatic wonders of Indian cuisine to individuals whose only experience with Indian cuisine and culture were with the terms’ curried rice,’ and ‘hot country.’ However, there was a lingering question on the minds of Rubina’s mother, as she wondered how they would be able to give the people in Hokuriku an authentic and accurate representation and understanding of the deep and rich culture of their Indian Heritage. Based on that concept, their first venture was launched in 1987 with Indian Restaurant Rubina. Continuing from this point, daughter and Owner of Luxury India Rubina, Rubina Taguchi, shares, “Since the first restaurant, we are truly grateful that Rubina brand has been loved by many as the place that disseminates culture as well as food. Additionally, at the same time, my mother also learned about the beauty of Japanese food culture and eventually wanted to integrate the two food cultures of Japan and India. Members of IRAJ (the Indian Association of Japanese Restaurants) Luxury India Rubina is partnered with the Indian Embassy that certifies authentic Indian restaurants in Japan and is proud to be the only one certified in the entire Hokuriku region. Known as Ishikawa’s Most Authentic Indian Dining Restaurant, Luxury India Rubina brings the comforting and warming culinary aromas of Indian cuisine to the Hokuriku region, including Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui. Mar22508 Luxury India Rubina Most Authentic Indian Dining Restaurant - Ishikawa The sentiment is now carried on to her children, saying, “I hope they will grow branches on the roots I have created and bear new fruits on the India-Japan tree.” For Rubina – the restaurant’s brand and owner have a special entangled bond, for both were created out of the fusion of culture. Born to an Indian mother and Japanese father, Rubina has proudly experienced the culinary and cultural excellence of both India and Japan. “That is why I think it is one of my missions to act as a bridge between the two countries and contribute to the synergistic effects of each by inheriting my mother’s sentiments and carrying on the legacy,” states Rubina. The reputation that Rubina has built up since its establishment and has snowballed into success, receiving several acknowledgements, awards, and nominations over the years, from the grand prize in the Indian cuisine category by prefecture in the ‘All Japan Gourmand Ranking 2001’ to receiving the Best Restaurant accreditation by Tableog in 2009, Luxury India Rubina has been increasing its reputation and brand across the Hokuriku region with additional establishments such as its sister branch Rubina by the Bay which gained a Michelin Plate in 2016. Rubina expands on the business’s success, explaining the founding principles that allow the restaurant to thrive, stating, “We aim to serve authentic food just as it’s eaten in India. While Indian food in Japan may not always be ‘real’, we ensure that the cuisine served here is authentic and that the flavour and power of spices are felt in each dish. Moreover, our course menu is based on the ayurvedic concept, so it is not too heavy, and the stomach is not stressed after eating. Similarly, our a la carte offers varieties of traditional imperial cuisines as well as modern.” At Luxury India Rubina, the core idea is that cultural exchange begins with food, and because of this, the Indian aromas are said to be felt within all five senses through ambience and the delicacy within each dish – allowing customers to experience a new way of Indian culture. Perhaps acting as the loudest testament to the restaurant’s dedication to quality is that it has been visited by every successive Indian Ambassador to Japan since 1990 – a remarkable achievement. While COVID-19 has shaken the industry, Luxury India Rubina has managed to use this challenge to positively impact the business by expanding its takeout and catering line and introducing a production of new items such as The Achar series available both online and in-store. Launched in 2022, The Achar series is a line of Indian pickles with a cohesive collection of beef, chicken and garlic achars to collaborate with Ishikawa prefecture’s brand vegetables, the ‘Kaga vegetables’, which is set to be in place for the future of the restaurant. “Inspired by Kashmiri and Hyderabadi flavours, where our Indian family reside, we wanted to introduce the use of spices and their many benefits through the Achar products. It is our wish that in the near future, the benefits of the spices will flourish and be available in every household in Japan, just as soy sauce and miso are the regular ingredients in Japanese homes. Through the benefits of spices, we wish everyone happiness of the mind, body and soul,” explains Rubina. Regarded as the Most Authentic Indian Dining Restaurant in Ishikawa, Luxury India Rubina is changing the perception of Indian cuisine for pallets across the Hokuriku region. Company: Rubina International Co. Ltd. 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