Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 41 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Nicanor, Casa de Bebidas is a unique and glamorous bar nestled in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Classic bar snacks, meals, and alcoholic beverages are all available at this establishment – however, they all have an Ecuadorian twist. Indeed, Nicanor boasts delectable flavours and décor stemming from the local area. Nicanor, Casa de Bebidas Best Wine Bar & Gourmet Dining Restaurant - Ecuador Apr22005 Serving as one of Ecuador’s finest bars and eateries, Nicanor, Casa de Bebidas, has been inspired by the classic architecture of old Guayaquil, which has been effortlessly combined with the makings of a modern cocktail bar. This is in essence what Nicanor is known for – mixing tradition with its own unique style. From its luxurious cocktail bar to its delicious food, Nicanor takes pride in its creativity. The restaurant’s aim is to represent Ecuador through its cuisine and bar offerings. It endeavours to work with local suppliers and artisans in order to acquire the finest local craft products and liquors. For example, its menu primarily consists of food to share, which features bar classics but also traditional Ecuadorian flavours and local products. Moreover, the team revels in creating unique dishes that are featured as single-day specials, ‘where we let our imagination fly and together with the team, we develop a more complex and exciting preparation.’ ‘Our mission is to be able to deliver delicious drinks and food in a friendly environment and with first class service,’ comments Andres Damerval, Head Bartender and Co-founder. As such, Nicanor places an enormous focus upon training for each member of the team, as this guarantees a high standard of food preparation and customer service. In addition, Nicanor strives to remain on top of industry trends. Remaining self-critical is important to the company – it truly values customer feedback and utilises criticism for the betterment of the restaurant. A significant portion of the company’s mission is carried out via exceptional customer service. From the moment the client enters the establishment, Nicanor treats them as a family member, ensuring that it utilises all of its resources to provide an unbeatable experience. ‘When a client enters, the first thing he sees is the bar and the bartenders, and they always have a greeting and a smile. We aim to make our guests feel that they have arrived home and that they will be well cared for,’ Andres continues. Like the aforementioned bartenders, the team is known for being incredibly friendly and helpful. Operating as a small team, there is a constant push to improve and grow, which is facilitated through consistent training programmes. Further, at the end of each shift, the team partakes in an open discussion about any issues and how they can be fixed. In essence, the Nicanor team effectively communicates to ensure a smoothly running service. However, one challenge that was out of the team’s control, was the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many establishments, Nicanor was hit with a multitude of restrictions, including a cap on capacity, max wearing, and altered opening and closing times. Ecuador instilled a curfew, which meant that Nicanor, and others like it, were closed at night, which affected the flow of customers, proper functioning, turnover, and sales. The upcoming year marks a change for the company. Its popular Season 1 menu is being switched out in preparation for the Season 2 offerings. The Season 2 menu, La Sierra, brings emphasis to fruits, vegetables, liquors, and stories from the highlands. Furthermore, May is “whisky month” in Scotland, and Nicanor endeavours to bring this over to Ecuador in style. Contact: Jose Fernando Perez Company: Nicanor, Casa de Bebidas Web Address: