Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 42 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Established in 1993 in Charlottesville, Virginia, Shenandoah Joe Coffee has been putting smiles on faces and lifting spirits for almost 30 years now. There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee to awaken us in the morning or refresh us in the day. As a small batch coffee roaster, Shenandoah Joe Coffee began by offering its glorious flavours and growing its excellent reputation all those years ago. It now boasts over 25 varieties of specialty coffee from all over the world. And, as a boutique coffee house, Shenandoah Joe Coffee can give its customers the range they need to satisfy their ever-evolving taste. Roasting every single coffee to order, Shenandoah Joe Coffee tailors each beverage to the taste of the customer. It makes it the way you like it; Shenandoah Joe Coffee enjoys experimenting yet it also relishes in its ability to get it the same every time. Knowing what you like and expressing yourself can be magic, especially when it comes to your favourite drink – and knowing of a boutique coffee shop that truly listens can make such a difference to the quality of the product. In May 2007, Shenandoah Joe Coffee moved from its small warehouse to its new shops in Charlottesville on Preston Ave., Ivy road, and the University Corner. Truly spreading the love through its coffee, Shenandoah has become a member of several organizations related to specialty coffee. Not only has it become members of these organizations, but it also There’s so much to be said for boutique coffee shops as so many people love a wonderful cup of coffee – and so many people are looking for something unique, dedicated, and quirky. Whether it’s for a catch up with loved ones, a first date, or a study session, Shenandoah Joe Coffee has the perfect coffee and atmosphere for you. Mar22335 Shenandoah Joe Coffee Best Craft Coffee Bean Roasters – Virginia contributes to them regularly – donating to Coffee Kids who are devoted to improving the world via its humanitarian efforts; Shenandoah Joe Coffee supports the development of sustainability in origin countries amongst other things, making it a hugely compassionate and inspirational business. Doing everything by hand, Shenandoah roasts, packages, and delivers to its customers in the old-fashioned way – keeping everything personal and full of tender love and care. By sharing its reviving drinks with the world, Shenandoah Joe Coffee makes the world a sweeter place. Its Charlottesville City Market summer booths would bring people together, and its passion has driven it to do this all year round. For the future, Shenandoah Joe Coffee plans on developing its ever-evolving brand even further. It will continue spreading the love and changing the world around it, one cup of Joe at a time. Come and relax at Shenandoah Joe Coffee and find the peace of mind you’ve been missing out on. Contact: Dave Fafara Company: Shenandoah Joe Coffee Web Address: