Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 43 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Located in close proximity to Bangtao beach and the Laguna area, Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort Phuket has been acknowledged as Thailand’s Best Comfort Food Restaurant. A play off its name, Infuse Restaurant permeates warmth, hospitality and ‘infuses’ a sense of authenticity to each dish. Kindly welcomed into the enticing and aromatic establishment; the resort showcases nothing less than that exact quality – Diamond. Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort Best Comfort Food Restaurant - Thailand Mar22768 Established as a beautiful, charming, and hospitable oasis, The Diamond Resort is a 4* hotel that provides a 5* services, catering to everyone from seating, dietary and even language. Within the breath-taking resort is Infuse Restaurant, a Belgian-style restaurant that serves Thai and international food – a cornucopia of choices but an unlimited amount of enjoyment. Most items on the menu are passed down from generations of beloved family recipes and classics like the aromatic and comforting beef stew to deserts that are crafted by the irreplaceable skills of the executive chef Rieno Huyghebaert pastry background. Moreover, due to the restaurant’s unique location within the resort, the use of the facilities is thought of as an additional treat with the use of an incredible 52-meter swimming pool on-site that guests are more than welcome to use while visiting the restaurant. Additionally featured within the restaurant is the cheese buffet that is served every other month, which to this day, guests can happily enjoy to their heart’s content. Still, it is often sold out fast – so cheese lovers, prepare and book up your chance to enter silky, savory, and euphoric cheese paradise while the chance lasts. Ensuring that Infuse Restaurant always provides excellence in every aspect of business, the company pays close attention to detail to its customers, adhering to feedback that is taken from each visitor. Furthermore, to ensure that feedback remains positive, Infuse Restaurant exports its products and produce such as meats, fish, Belgian beers and dry ingredients to watch over quality and freshness. Expanding on the first impression guests assume once visiting the premises, Daria Semianova, Marketing, states, “Thailand is ‘the land of smile’. This is something we give our customers from the moment they walk into the place. We want our guests to feel at ease, without all the stiffness you can find in high-quality establishments. So, we greet the guest in a polite Thai language and English, or, if we know their nationality, we greet them if we can, in their own language.” However, since the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitality businesses have had to adapt, and with that, individuals and guests have changed their mentality toward the service business. For Infuse Restaurant, the most significant change has been that of a customer’s attitude; their demand or sudden claims to being a food critic, blogger, vlogger or YouTuber – which is on the rise in due part to the pandemic, with many people having been cooped up at home and have turned to cooked as a source of entertainment and stress relief. In addition to the challenges of the business, Daria adds a comment concerning the modernity of the world, stating, “Social media is a good thing but can also bring negativity towards the business. Therefore, we have upgraded the quality of food and upgraded the quality of wines. Now, we hold some very nice high-end Italian wines like a Brunello or Amarone in stock.” A delicious upgrade that no one, even a self-professed food critic, could protest. Moreover, as Infuse Restaurant is part of the Diamond Resort, it has been noticed by business owners, much like many who are in a similar collaborative sector, that guests are still reluctant to fully enter such establishments. “Covid-19 is a very challenging outbreak for our worldwide colleagues and us. Here in Thailand, we faced a real shutdown with roads being blocked off and certain areas unreachable, but we can happily say that we didn’t let any staff go during this time. Additionally, we had many guests stuck due to international airport closure, so they enjoyed our restaurant, and we had a huge rise in takeaway food,” adds Daria. For the future, Infuse is looking to grow, expand and be the number one place to be in Thailand for delicious food and accommodation. However, for now, Infuse is happy to be hosting its national day in July, allowing guests to enjoy an afternoon Belgium style with Thai hospitality. Company Name: Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort Contact Name: Daria Semianova Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]