Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 44 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Bracu was established under the founding principles of creating something loved to share with family, friends, and the community. The restaurant was launched to provide an elegant and contemporary space so individuals can have an unforgettable experience under Bracu’s roof – making memories that last a lifetime. Expanding on the establishment’s surroundings, atmosphere and offerings, Events Planner Cassidy Newbold states, “Nestled amongst our beautiful olive grove, our stunning restyled Kauri villa offers a space where Franklin locals and visitors alike can escape to a place that feels a world away from reality, celebrating both the significant and the small moments with people they love. Bracu is recognised as an acclaimed destination for dining, special events, weddings, and known for our exceptional cuisine, customer service, surroundings and our sustainable approach to operations.” At Bracu, everybody within the establishment are self-proclaimed food and wine Established in homage to the founders’ Mediterranean roots, Bracu Restaurant ensures that each meal will be an experience – a Grande opportunity for individuals so share, connect, and make memories in comforting and delicate surroundings that captures the idea of family and romance, all in one. Providers of the Best Fine Dining Experience and receivers of LUXlife’s Culinary Excellence Award for Creative Cuisine, Bracu presents award-winning, seasonal cuisine created with high quality, fresh ingredients that are locally sourced utilising estate-grown produce as well. Feb22466 Bracu Restaurant Best Fine Dining Experience – Auckland and LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2022: Creative Cuisine lovers. Thus, it is essential to the restaurant’s success to have our team seek out and enjoy life and various food experiences as best they can. These experiences contribute to the innovation and creativity that is integral to the uniqueness of the Bracu restaurant. “Our team is passionate about building ideas and creating experiences that we think our guests will love. We source quality seasonal food and ingredients as close to home as we can, along with pairing great dishes with carefully selected wines from New Zealand and overseas,” states Cassidy. At Bracu, the first overwhelmingly satisfying feeling is the breath-taking sight of the estate – immediately replacing the look, feel and the scent of a Mediterranean oasis. Additionally, Bracu is a proud facility that holds a tantalising olive grove set within the restaurant’s backdrop. Explaining the inner core of the restaurant, Cassidy adds, “As you walk inside our stunning restyled Kauri villa, our guests are welcomed by our staff. We are always focussing on giving our customers the best experience from the moment they step into our restaurant. Good food, beverage and customer service are a priority to ensuring our customers are leaving satisfied.” Customers of Bracu expect nothing less than high-quality service, food and beverages, and once visiting the restaurant and estate, these expectations will be thoroughly exceeded. However, there has been a significant shift in the demand from ‘fine dining’ experiences to more casual experiences for the industry. “With the pressures in the world today both on our working and personal lives, we have found that our guests are looking for a place where they can take a breath and have a chance to live in the moment enjoying great food, fine wines and exceptional hospitality,” states Cassidy. For now, the aim of Bracu remains to maintain creating incredible seasonal menus - sourcing the finest wines and beverages. In addition to this, Bracu will be accommodating stunning weddings and corporate functions and operating within its Beretta fields that offer clay bird shooting, archery, air rifles and knife throwing. Cassidy ends the article with her final comments, “With Covid-19 restrictions easing, we can’t wait to open our doors to international visitors and showcase our idyllic estate.” Recognised within the industry for providing the Best Fine Dining Experience and given the Culinary Excellence Award for Creative Cuisine, Bracu is changing the food world for the better – providing the best of the best to those who deserve it – everyone. Company: Bracu Restaurant Name: Daniel Lim Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Web Address: