Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 46 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Winking Seal Beer Co. is a company fuelled by the excitement of being a pioneer in the largest and fastest growing craft beer market in South East Asia. With the mission of building amazing beverage brands that bring people together, the company’s products are globally accessible, deliver the highest standards, and, ultimately, enable participation in the circular economy while creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. It believes in creating communities and inciting innovation which crosses countries and categories to revolutionise the way companies, consumers, and collaborators come together and change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. Sick of seeing plastic rubbish everywhere, Winking Seal created beWater™, South East Asia’s first canned water with regional collection and recycling. And with so many succulent fruits available in the country, it launched Vietnam’s first real hard seltzer, Sundowners™, which is totally low-calorie, 100% organic, and GMO and gluten-free. Add to that its stateof-the-art regional distribution platform which Winking Seal Beer Co. was dreamt up in 2016 over a beer between co-founders, Brian Kekich and Mark Nerney, with its name and iconic branding inspired by Mark’s childhood stuffed animal, Sealy, who lost an eye through years of love. Today, the duo own two wellloved and established craft beer brands, Sundowners™ Hard Seltzer and eco-friendly beWater™, contract brewing and production of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and regional distribution within South East Asia. Join us as we learn more about the company. Feb22435 Winking Seal Beer Co. Best Craft Beverage Company - South East Asia has been opened up to all brands in craft beverages, food, apparel, and more – Winking Seal Beer Co. is creating a revolution! A combination of creativity, community, and collaboration distils down into a perfect blending between beverage and brand, creating a moment of lift off where atoms and art collide in a glass and ignite a perfect storm. And that perfect storm creates positive change. From connecting brewers from Slovenia to Singapore to create Coffee Durian Saisons, to innovation that brings together partners like the world’s biggest aluminium can company, Ball Corporation with governments, NGOs, and end consumers to eliminate single-use plastics. The beverage ecosystem that Winking Seal has built is a lean, mean, but sprawling machine which is creating a paradigm shift in what craft is by asking the simple question: “How can we make this better together?” And then it brought partners on board to get the job done – in Vietnam, in Singpore, in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in Japan, in the Maldives. Mark Nerney comments, “We are comfortable getting uncomfortable and knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving, and improving, we’re not fulfilling our potential, and there’s so much of that here!” Company: Winking Seal Beer Co. Email: [email protected] Website: