Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 8 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards La Malbec Bar and Restaurant brings a new vision into the world of fusion fine dining to the people of Central Pennsylvania. La Malbec creates an exquisite and upscale experience with its Spanish and French- inspired cuisine that is showcased by a refined seasonal menu of gourmet tapas, fresh seafood, housemade pastas, and premium steaks. Moreover, to complement each dish, La Malbec has its craft cocktails and a fine wine list selection to elevate the flavour and taste of each ingredient of your meal. Owner and Visionary Roxana Zoppetti honours the legacy of the popular destination restaurant in the former iconic Hotel Magee. She explains the essence of her restaurant by saying, “La Malbec kind of resembles the same history that [was] in the past when it was known as Hotel Magee. They used to have a beautiful high-end restaurant with high-quality food that everyone from Northeastern Pennsylvania used to travel to go to. So, it wasn’t just for the local people; it was for everyone who wanted to experience good quality food.” Roxana’s vision was to create a unique and fully comprehensive dining experience – not Inspired by the collective influence of Spanish and French cuisine, culture, flavours and techniques, La Malbec Bar and Restaurant has succeeded in its aim to provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Tantalizing dishes combine the rich, bold, and robust tastes infused within European recipes and are brought to Central Pennsylvania. La Malbec, regarded as the area’s best Tapas Bar and Restaurant, is a food-lovers oasis, a cultural embodiment of aromas you’ll dream of tasting. Feb22489 La Malbec Bar & Restaurant Best Tapas Bar & Restaurant - Central Pennsylvania just another restaurant. La Malbec crafts the entire food experience from the lingering aromas, beautiful decor, and breath-taking dishes that combine the bold and vibrant flavours of Spain and European infused tapas, seafood and steaks. La Malbec achieves all this with the subtle yet elevated elegance of France. Along with earning a Master’s degree from Marywood University, Roxana has also travelled extensively enjoying fine dining experiences. It is through those experiences Roxana decided to pursue her passion - bringing people together at the table in her American home of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Roxana was greatly inspired by her culture of gathering, dining, drinking and conversing with loved ones, and thus, La Malbec was born. “I decided to name the restaurant La Malbec because La Malbec is an understated grape and an understated wine, so many people who are wine lovers automatically will identify with La Malbec as a wine kind of bar. One of the most amazing things about our bar is that we have house-made syrups infused drinks and crafted cocktails,” adds Roxana.