Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 9 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards “We want everyone to come here and feel like you’re having an experience. We also want people to be able to have cocktails and have no distractions - there’s not going to be a TV in this bar; we just want you to go back to the basics, which are a good conversation over a very exquisite meal,” Roxana enthuses. Combining a chef with international experience and a creative bartender, La Malbec is committed to bringing people together in the name of food thus rivalling the restaurants of Philadelphia or New York City albeit with the welcoming personality of a small town. The wonderful culinary creations of chef Andres Munoz are a homage to his international experiences of family, culture, and gatherings for special occasions. Chad Paulin, mixologist and head bartender will elevate your dining experience as he perfectly pairs whatever your palate desires with his own incredible crafted cocktails. That is La Malbec. “We have amazing lamb, and of course, our main dish is the filet mignon and the Tomahawk pork chop. Additionally, we specialise in our homemade pasta, which is one of the things customers just love to come back to, and that is our seafood linguini.” Sunday brunch items include; crème brulee French toast, salmon meunière crepes, croque monsieur and refreshing light bites like burrata caprese salad, patatas bravas and chicken empanadas. La Malbec will envelop your taste buds with perfect execution of beautiful flavours that coat the entire experience unforgettably served by our dedicated friendly and attentive staff. Combining robust yet elegant flavour profiles and technically executed meals with the attentive and friendly staff, La Malbec provides everything you need for a perfect dining experience. The delicate lighting, unique ambiance, variety of wines, and of course, the decadent desserts will make for an unforgettable dining experience. La Malbec provides a unique fine dining experience that brings flavours, cultures and people together for an unforgettable meal. Conveniently located at 18 West Main Street Bloomsburg, right across the Columbia County Courthouse, La Malbec is recognized as Central Pennsylvania’s Best Tapas Bar & Restaurant. La Malbec is fusing flavour and cultures together to bring a new sense of comfort and love to the palate of Pennsylvania. Company Name: La Malbec Bar & Restaurant Contact Name: Roxana Zoppetti Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]