Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

quite seriously and end up becoming memories that they cherish and look back to. This is why Ice Cream Hut believes that buying ice cream or a sweet treat from its menu should be a fun experience for customers to look forward to, so the team at every single store prioritises customer service. They welcome customers in with a friendly attitude to ensure their experience is pleasant and fun. Recently, Ice Cream Hut was awarded with the title of Ice Cream Parlor Franchise of the Year 2023 – Southeast USA. As its growth continues, it aims to have five additional franchises operating by the end of 2023. Growth doesn’t mean that its quality services will decrease, instead it ensures that each store is run as a homegrown store. Customers don’t hold back in praising the company and its desserts, with one sharing, “Wow this place is legendary with special desserts you would never imagine before. The creative genius of ice cream and flavours. After hearing all the cool stuff on the menu, eager to visit again.” On top of that great review, another one says, “Ice cream was delicious! Stopped by right before closing and they were busy. Worked through the line of about 10 customers in front of us in 15 minutes or so. Staff were very helpful and friendly despite being slammed. Will definitely be back.” Contact: Ron Ramsey Company: Ice Cream Hut Web Address: There are endless combinations that customers can create at Ice Cream Hut as it has over 30 extra toppings available. They can be added into any of the desserts with no limit in how many one can have, offering some very interesting combinations including cotton candy crunch, cookie dough, Oreos, and chocolate sprinkles. It doesn’t quite end there, though. Customers have the choice to add even more texture and taste to their desserts with its hard ice cream and hardshell. These come in a variety of flavours including cotton candy, cherry, and chocolate. If you often get bored of eating the same thing over and over again this is indeed the place for you to come and explore what works and what doesn’t! Creating your dessert at Ice Cream Hut is truly an experience in itself. The company invests time and effort into staying on top of new products to enhance its customer experience. It keeps an eye out for delicious extras or new flavours that have never been heard of before. The team may have the best job of them all, as they get to trial taste them before bringing them in, to provide customers with only the best of the best. Currently, it offers Krispy Kreme donut flavours, which not only sound delicious but also look it – Head over to its website to find out more! Ice cream brings joy to children, and for adults it often takes them back to their childhood when they too experienced the same joy, which is why a trip to the Ice Cream Hut often becomes a tradition for many families. Whether it is to try new flavours of their favourite treat or to combine new ones to find the next best thing, it is something that people take