Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

Jun22596 18 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 Best Private Chef (Portugal): Sónia Melo & Most Memorable Private Dining Experience: Sónia Melo “Our kitchen in the comfort of your home” is the motto behind the team at Chez Sónia. Working as a private chef, Sónia and her team are proud to bring the highest standards of culinary excellence out of the restaurant mileau and into the environment where you feel most welcome. With success in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2023, we take a closer look to find out more. Established in 2006, but only operating with the private chef service since 2017, Chez Sónia has made its name through the preparation of unique meals which stand out from the crowd for their quality and freshness of ingredients. At the heart of every mouthful is traditional Portuguese cuisine, carefully crafted and given the personal touch to ensure the ultimate fusion for the customer. Based in São Miguel Island, Azores, the Chez Sónia team are proud to explore the ideas of location and identity through their meals. Working throughout São Miguel Island has allowed the team to really benefit from access to the very freshest local and seasonal products. This gem in the Atlantic Ocean is truly a haven of culinary delights. What sets Chez Sónia apart is the team’s ability to leverage these delights in the development of menus which are all unique, carefully crafted to suit the specific needs of any customer who might ask for their services. When we asked Sónia what sets Chez Sónia apart from the crowd, she was keen to explain. “It's a service that aims to offer a unique gastronomic experience to our customers, in a welcoming, relaxing and inviting environment.” When you’re looking to enjoy an evening with others, there’s nowhere that should be more attuned to your needs than your own home. With all the comforts that you might need around you, a meal from Chez Sónia is something that can be savoured in its entirety. Chez Sónia