Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

Chef Damien’s wit and knowledge to create something truly astonishing. Over five courses, prepare for your tastebuds to be blown away. There is nothing quite like it. Alongside each course is a curated selection of champagnes and wines which are certain to satisfy any and every need a guest at La Villa Mahana might have. Of course whilst the food is essential to any good restaurant, it is not only the cuisine that elevates La Villa Mahana to its current heights of success. The level of service offered by the stunning team is unmatched in the area. Dishes are delivered from kitchen to table by friendly servers, each dressed in authentic Polynesian attire. Whilst some would think that Chef Damien would be right to demand a degree of formality, La Villa Mahana welcomes you like an old friend. The service is akin to visiting the home of a friend. It makes life a dream and guarantees that any visit is one which will be remembered fondly for many years to come. Bora Bora is a beautiful part of the world, but what Chef Damien has done is infuse it with a level of French romance that truly makes it unique in the region. There is an ethos that puts quality above all else, but never at the cost of unfriendly behaviour. For those who want to experience romance in a setting that is unlike any other, La Villa Mahana has it all. It is, by turns, a place where food can be enjoyed and where romance can flourish. It is where love can be shown, through what we eat and who we eat with. The words spoken behind these walls are special indeed, but not half so special as the courses served every night. Company: La Villa Mahana Contact Damien Rinaldi-Dovio (Chef/ Owner) Phone: (+689) 40 67 50 63 Email : [email protected] Website :