Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

Union to renovate and restore the building while still preserving the beautiful existing architecture. Today, it continues to produce high quality products and it always looks to incorporate new ones for its customers all around the world. In addition, within the same factory is where Santorini Fava PDO, capers, caper leaves, and other of its food products, are processed and packaged. The Winery is one of the most modern wineries in Greece – it was built in 1992 in the village of Pyrgos. The architecture is exceptional, it features different levels that facilitate the production process.. Instead of using pumps for the transfer of the must and wine, they have taken advantage of gravity which has elevated the quality of the wine that it is able to produce. The Winery has a capacity of 4,000 tons and it is constantly investing in new equipment to ensure that it is making use of the newest technology for its production. The Wine Tourism Centre was constructed alongside The Winery. It is a multiplex site which is dedicated to local farm produce, gastronomy, and the culture of Santorini Island. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the winery, visit its cellars, watch a documentary on Santorini’s winemaking tradition, wine tasting, as well as savouring traditional flavours of the island in its restaurant. Similarly, to The Winery, its architecture is spectacular, it has a variety of levels which some are spacious terraces with glass balustrades. The views are marvellous as it overlooks the Caldera which is one of the most popular spots in Santorini and one of the most beautiful sights in the world. It has designated areas to celebrate special occasions such as weddings ceremonies, receptions, conferences, and other events. It is the perfect location as it offers beautifully designed spaces with the most incredible views, accompanied with quality products and service. The wine tourism centre has been established among the most important wine tourisms destinations in the country and it welcomes 600,000 visitors annually. Which is why it comes to no surprise that The Union of Santorini Cooperatives – Santo Wines has recently been awarded with Best Wine Tourism Experience – Santorini. It has done an amazing job at preserving history while also developing with time to provide all its customers with memorable experiences throughout. Whether it is visiting the facilities or tasting one of its products, it has ensured that everyone is met with the best experience, decade after decade. To have been able to begin production in 1911 and still be running successfully in 2023 is an achievement on its own and reflects how important it is to protect quality and tradition, even when demand grows. We look forward for the tradition to continue for many more years so future generations can taste its flavoursome products and enjoy the views that its winery and its tourism centre offer. Contact: Matthaios Dimopoulos Company: Santo Wines Web Address: