Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

33 | Luxlife Magazine Best Premium Japanese Beef Yakiniku Restaurant - Kanagawa Tradition lies at the heart of how Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori has built its name in the business. For travellers and locals alike, few places can claim to have the impressive quality which has set this astonishing restaurant apart. We take a closer look in the light of their tremendous success in the Restaurant and Bar Awards to see precisely how they have redefined how many see beef. Since 1958, the Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori team have passed down techniques and methodologies for cooking and preparing delectable beef dishes. Now in the hands of its third generation, Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori has managed to maintain its premier position at the very height of what the restaurant sector has to offer. Key to this has been an eye on quality and a focus on what customers want to try. In the hands of specialists, like those at Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori, the preparation of Japan’s three major wagyu beefs becomes akin to an artform as opposed to simple cookery. Over the years, the team have worked tirelessly to maintain the traditional tastes of generations before, while ensuring that these delights are constantly reinvented for the customers of today. When visiting Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori, you can’t overlook their specialities of sake, and Premium Japanese wine, and Premium Yebisu Beer. The team are also incredibly particular over the use of oysters, scallops, and grilled shrimp. These ingredients are sourced directly from the farm. Careful choice of what is used in the restaurant is why standards are so high throughout the organisation. Nothing of a lower calibre can be used, because those who come to Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori understandably expect the very best. To appeal to as broad a base as possible, the Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori team have produced a special course designed exclusively for foreign customers. This course is made of yakiniku and steak, mainly using Kobe beef. The drinks are all-you-can-drink for 120 minutes, and everything is included in the course. This deepdive into what Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori can offer showcases the finest that is available from the restaurant to an audience which might not know where best to start. It’s clear that Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori does not simply thrive on its stunning food, though the way in which the taste lingers on the tastebuds is reason enough to come back over and over again. The level of service and consideration at all times is why success has been secured. For the Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori team, customer service is paramount both to a delightful dining experience but for the preparation of delicious dishes. Few can match the team’s commitment in this regard. It goes without saying that Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori stands apart from the crowd, with their food elevating them to previously unrecognised heights of success. Needless to say, the award title of “Best Premium Japanese Beef Yakiniku Restaurant – Kanagawa” is justly deserved and is certain to be a title they maintain long into the future. Company: Premium Wagyu Mikuranomori Email: [email protected] Web Address: