Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

36 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 hen Mafate Cafe opened its doors in December 2018, it had one employee and a simple aim: to exclusively use products from Reunion Island with an eco-responsible approach. Now, more than three years after opening day, this charming coffeeshop has been able to leverage this unique approach to guarantee an experience unlike anywhere else in the world. When you first enter Mafate Cafe, you can't help but be overwhelmed by the smells that tantalize your taste buds. Although it is a famous coffeeshop, the success of the Mafate Cafe's menu is in first its Creole brunch. Invented by the founder of Mafate Cafe, this brunch combines breakfast delicacies with products exclusively from Reunion. No product is imported to Mafate Cafe. Everything is fresh and seasonal. “Brunch mémé” and “brunch pépé” are typical brunches to be tasted on the spot or to be taken away. There is no bread, very little gluten and many vegan products – keys to success when it comes to standing apart in a crowded breakfast environment. The coffee shop uses sweet potato and cassava. At the Mafate Café, through the traditional potato cake, the cassava cake with Bourbon vanilla and the heated rice, authenticity can be found in every bite. It’s traditional cooking with a welcome twist, high quality but home made in equal measure. These breakfast dishes are something for everyone to try at least once in their lives. No one has been disappointed yet! Opening just before the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the Mafate Cafe team to prove their resilience right from the get-go. The restaurant industry is extremely fragile and, since the crisis, has demanded a dynamic and inventive approach. Mafate Cafe answers a responsible approach and takes account the environment and society as a whole. Thus, Mafate Cafe stands out as a quality company on Reunion Island, being the first private company and the first restaurant to obtain the ESUS approval for its work, an eco-responsible company. This success required hard work and a strong approach of the entire territory’s socioeconomic needs. With a vision that always places local ingredients and people at the heart of the business, a vision that celebrates Creole tradition, Mafate Cafe has managed to achieve its label with relative ease. The work truly offers everything that the ESUS accreditation needs, certified by French government. Looking ahead, Mafate Cafe is looking at expansion to meet current demand. It is planned to open new coffee-shops on the island but also abroad. What is clear is that customers are eager to visit these future establishments to taste all the specialties and delights of Mafate Cafe. We can’t wait to see how this stunning restaurant spreads its incredible food to new territories in the future! Best Homemade Focused Coffeeshop 2023 - Reunion Island The Reunionese tradition has unique assets that are distinct to Reunion Island. The success of Mafate Cafe has come from embracing the potential of what the region has to offer. In the Restaurant and Bar Awards, the team won breathtaking success. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Company: Mafate Cafe Email: [email protected] Web Address: W