Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

37 | Luxlife Magazine Best Healthy Food & Beverage Bar - Budapest herBar is a cafe/bar located in Budapest that offers a variety of healthy food and drinks. Whether it is a smoothie or a nutritious dish, it provides its customers with a variety of healthy choices to give them a boost of energy while elevating the health of their body. Healthy doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless. herBar uses secret recipes with its magical herbs to give its customers dishes that are nutritious and filling to take care of the body’s overall health. It provides those with food allergies a place to eat as most dishes are gluten free, and it also has delicious vegan options. herBar is perfect for those that often struggle to eat out because of their food requirements and are looking for flavoursome dishes. It cares about its customers and the ingredients that it provides them with. herBar has been recognised for this and it now holds the title for Best Healthy Food & Beverage Bar – Budapest. Often people’s cravings change with the seasons, so the modern gastronomic trends are constantly shifting. herBar’s menu changes with its customers cravings as it offers a variety of feel-good meals and treats considering the time of year and what people are talking about most. It opens Monday to Sunday from 8:30am to 20:30pm. Its current menu includes breakfast such as dark chocolate-hazelnut porridge with mixed fruits, and caramel topping, a variety of soups such as basil tomato soup with mozzarella, salads, and delicious sandwiches with vegan “pulled pork”. In addition, it offers a variety of sweet treats, such as peanut butter vegan waffles with fresh fruits and agave syrup, gluten free and vegan pastries in a variety of flavours, waffles, and more. When it comes to drinks, herBar offers a full list of hot drinks from coffee to tea and hot chocolate – with a variety of milks to choose from so everyone can enjoy them. It also has different flavoured juices, smoothies, and sugar free lemonade. herBar even has happy hours every day from 3pm until closing, where its lemonades and juices have 20% off! Staying healthy, doesn’t mean that wine is off limits, it is fruit after all. herBar has a list of wines that don’t only taste delicious, but they are also good for the body. For example, HawthornElder protects the heart and improves blood circulation, Lavender-Lemongrass goes by wine of the soul which relieves restlessness, anxiety, and nervousness, Papa Cheese-Yarrow Grass acts against inflammation on oral cavities, tonsils, and cures coughs. If you are impressed by this, you should definitely have a look at the full list of wines and all their benefits. herBar has an upstairs level where it hosts a variety of events. Whether it is a birthday celebration, a workshop, or any other occasion, it is the perfect place to get together while consuming nourishing food and drinks. Quarterly, it is hosting educational events and workshops that are healthy lifestyle and well-being related. It is organised for 1 – 2 hours to bring people together and hopefully provide them with tips that can help make their day to day a little better. If you are interested in attending or booking the space for your own event, head over to herBar’s website to get in touch! Contact: Cselőtei-Galbács Krisztina- herBar Manager Company: herBar Budapest Web Address: