Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

41 | Luxlife Magazine Dessert Restaurant of the Year 2023 – Estonia & Leading Specialists in Italian-Style Gelato 2023 - Estonia Gelato is one dessert that is always, without a doubt, best served as fresh as possible. Not only that, but the tasting process is equally as important as the flavour. Thankfully, Gelato Ladies has mastered the art of both atmosphere and essence, combining them to craft an award-winning experience for any patron. From signature savoury creations, to sweet treats that’ll truly invigorate your senses, Gelato Ladies has every means to concoct the most delectable gelato imaginable. Bringing a slice of Italy to Estonia, lifelong friends Sindy Püssa and Kristen Tuulmets founded Gelato Ladies in 2016 in order to accomplish one key goal – to cultivate a place for adults and children alike to experience the pinnacle of gelato. After studying gelato making in Bologna, Italy, both women went on to open a gelateria in Tallinn old town that is still astounding patrons to this day. And, though Gelato Ladies learned from the best of the best, it’s still aspiring to better its already spectacular gelato recipes. With a selection of options available for customers to taste, Gelato Ladies offers a menu that’s simple, yet brimming with quality. As a result of its streamlined menu, packed with carefully selected dishes, Gelato Ladies has been able to hone the quality of its gelato, pancakes and waffles to near perfection. So, no matter what you decide to sample, you can be certain that you’ll be faced with undeniable quality that’ll leave you hungry for more. And with such an enjoyable dining environment, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place in Estonia to experience true Italian-style gelato. Alongside perfecting everything its menu has to offer, Gelato Ladies strives to select the best possible ingredients to invest into its gelato. Freshness is at the core of Gelato Ladies’ making process, and it goes to every length in order to guarantee the quality of its ingredients. From ordering in advance to ensure fruits are fresh and ripe, to making gelato on-site daily, Gelato Ladies understands how to adapt itself to uphold its values. Its gelato’s freshness is undeniable, and it’s all thanks to the establishment’s meticulous planning and passion to deliver the best results to its customers. With 7 years of experience, Gelato Ladies has been able to establish a loyal client base, all whilst keeping the experience enjoyable for tourists and one-time patrons alike. It recognises the importance of quality food products, and ensures to constantly offer seasonal dishes to add an extra flair of flavour to its menu. And, though sweet gelato is where Gelato Ladies truly thrives, it doesn’t limit itself to these sweet treats. With its signature blue cheese gelato, partnered with a savoury waffle, and its selection of hot and cold beverages, Gelato Ladies presents an expertise that makes it a dessert establishment beyond worthy of its award-winning status. In addition to its commitment to providing the best gelato that Estonia has to offer, Gelato Ladies also prides itself on its fantastic customer service. Feedback is essential to this small business, and it is willing to adapt to constantly remain on top of its customers wants and needs. This further serves to develop Gelato Ladies’ overwhelming quality – the owners dedicate their time to frequently tasting and checking their products in order to monitor quality, and will make adjustments immediately if it means providing the best of the best to its clientele. Above all else, Gelato ladies acts as a break away from everyday life, founded by two ladies who hold an unbridled passion for all things gelato. It’s a safe haven for children and adults who just want to escape to a small slice of Italy from the comfort of Estonia, and will do everything in its power to deliver an experience that no other dessert restaurant in Estonia has been able to replicate. And with a team devoted to providing heartfelt and kind service, enjoying quality gelato has never been so tantalising. Contact: Sindy Püssa Company: Gelato Ladies Web Address: Gelato Ladies