Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

42 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 Best Upscale Indian Restaurant 2023 – Central London Colonel Saab is a modern Indian restaurant from Roop Partap Choudhary. It is located in Central London at the grade II listed former Holborn Town Hall. Inspired by Indian culture, family traditions, and a commitment to excellent customer service, the award-winning Colonel Saab restaurant is delighting customers with its exotic culinary expertise. Inspired by the memories and travel tales of his father, Col. Manbeer Choudhary, Roop Partap Choudhary has created a wonderful modern Indian dining experience in the heart of London. Colonel Saab – the restaurant – is as one might expect, very much a love letter to its creator’s family, Col. Manbeer Choudhary, and his wife Mrs Binny Choudhary. Their travels across the Indian subcontinent served as an inspiration for Roop, who sees his restaurant as a chance to pay homage to them and to India itself. Colonel Saab is a contemporary eatery with an old soul. It revels in nostalgic old-style jazz music, displays museum worthy artworks, and serves food with a modern twist evoking the flavours and textures of India. The décor features imposing rose-coloured chandeliers from India, and was designed in collaboration with Binny Choudhary. There is also a full range of exciting dishes served to suit all tastes. Everything combined leads Roop to describe his restaurant as a nostalgic palate of memories, aromas, and flavours. Roop Partap Choudhary is a celebrated hotelier and entrepreneur, but Colonel Saab is his first London restaurant. Since it opened little over a year ago, the aim has always been to provide a fine dining experience paired with warm hospitality. It strives to achieve excellence by ensuring every dish is made using the freshest of ingredients, and prepared with the utmost care. Its chefs take great pride in their work and employ strict quality control standards. This is to make sure only the best food and beverages are served. Service and menus are also regularly reviewed to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The COVID 19 pandemic hit the restaurant and bar industry badly, but Colonel Saab’s dynamic young team reacted with aplomb. They not only adapted to the challenges but leveraged them to the restaurant’s advantage. Despite having to postpone the opening from 2020 to 2021, the strict health and safety measures that were implemented have only benefited the business. Regular cleaning and monitoring customer behaviours were important to make certain of a secure dining experience. Additionally, Colonel Saab began to offer delivery and takeaway services to its customers. Fine cuisine in the comfort of their own homes was particularly helpful for many at this time. Colonel Saab has an unwavering commitment to surpass customer expectations from booking to dining to payment. It keeps up with the latest trends and always provides first rate service, and this is winning many loyal customers for the restaurant. Of course, its employees play an absolutely crucial role in this. Colonel Saab invests in them by providing training and development opportunities to help them grow within the company. Its internal culture is built around teamwork and dedication to providing excellent service. With this in mind, the restaurant is determined to attract the best talent in the industry. It offers competitive salaries and benefits, and a supportive work environment. Colonel Saab looks for individuals who share the same passion for food and hospitality that it does. It wants people dedicated to providing excellent service to its customers. The future for Colonel Saab involves business expansion. There are plans afoot to open in two new London locations, in addition to its original flagship restaurant in Holborn. It is also working on extending the menu, with new items that showcase the diverse flavours and health benefits of Indian cuisine. It wants to launch a new range of street food style dishes too, which it plans to do during its kebab festival. There is also an intention to introduce a loyalty programme for its customers. With its latest prestigious award as Best Upscale Indian Restaurant 2023 – Central London, Colonel Saab is ticking all the boxes an upand-coming luxury restaurant could possibly want. With it’s a la carte menu, tasting menu and options such as lunch tiffin and afternoon tea, all the dishes Colonel Saab offers are curated to perfection. It is already delighting customers, and undoubtedly will continue to do so with its expansion plans – just on a larger scale! Company: Colonel Saab Web Address: