Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

The capital of the Shetland Islands, Lerwick, is now home to an award-winning Scottish restaurant called Da Steak Hoose. It specialises not only in steak, but in all the fine produce to be found on the island, including things such as other speciality meats and seafood. Steakhouse of the Year 2023 - Scotland Shetland is such a small community that people tend to come together easily. Everyone knows everyone! But with many customers being friends and neighbours, it is imperative to deliver the best possible service. So doing reflects well on the business and its employees, which is important for local harmony. Likewise, when recruiting it is key to find new staff members who are a good fit. The restaurant has cultivated a reliable and talented team. This makes it a fun and happy place to work, and also spreads the joy back to the patrons. Da Steak Hooose is looking forward to some upcoming major events in Shetland. In the summer, there is the Tall Ships and the Up Helly Aa Fire festivals. Events can bring in more custom and also offer opportunities to set special menus. Last year, the restaurant received great feedback for its special wool week menu, so that is something it is keen to further pursue. As Steakhouse of the Year 2023 – Scotland, Da Steak Hoose is bound to delight even more customers with its signature good food and service. It works so hard on providing the best possible dining experience for its customers, it’s gratifying to see it now been rewarded with a welldeserved accolade itself. Company: Da Steak Hoose Web Address: a Steak Hoose is the delightfully onomatopoeic name of a restaurant that can proudly boast to be Britain’s most northerly steakhouse. But it doesn’t only sell steak! Situated in Lerwick, Shetland, it is a small, family-run restaurant that is carving out an amazing reputation for itself. Grounded in classical techniques but with a modern twist, its chefs make good use of all the fresh produce that can be found on Shetland. As a small but caring restaurant, it has always tried to show its guests a bit of Shetland Island’s personality when they visit. It aims to give its customers a unique and welcoming experience. As the business has matured, one of the ways it is able to do this is by filling its dining room with quirky mementos of island life. It also develops its menus by taking careful stock of feedback received via both enthusiastic regular customers and its own team. What this is able to ensure is that both the food on the plate and the setting it’s eaten in have a story to tell. Da Steak Hoose has been lucky enough to gain staff it knows and loves, and who share its vision for success. It also has cherished regular customers with deeply rooted affections for the place. As its restaurant family and history has grown, its core values and identity have become more deeply rooted than ever. The restaurant determines to always achieve excellence in its food and beverages, doing this through its hard-working staff. Both head chef and restaurant manager have decades of experience at the highest level in the hospitality industry. From the moment the restaurant opens to the time the doors close they are there, making sure standards of service and food preparation are maintained to the nth degree. Guests are always welcome to pop their heads around the door, watch their food being cooked, and have a chat with the chef. Thanks to carefully developed relationships with suppliers the restaurant is also supremely confident in receiving only the best quality produce to serve its guests. Presently, the hospitality industry is being particularly badly hit by the rising cost of living. Food and electricity prices have been reaching record levels, affecting both the business and its customers. One of the ways Da Steak Hoose has been adapting to these challenges is by constantly reviewing the ingredients on their menu, liaising with suppliers, considering portion sizes, price points, and basically just ensuring it delivers the very best value it can. It has managed to remain competitive whilst still delivering on quality and service that is second to none. One of the new undertakings for the company is to grow its own herbs and flowers used to decorate dishes. Not only does this save money, but it also guarantees high quality, reliable ingredients. D