Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

Moving away from home almost always has one outcome – missing the food that you’ve left behind. Most don’t have a way to truly replicate their beloved dishes, however, this isn’t the case for Margie Holmes. After moving to New Zealand when she married her kiwi husband Andy, Margie had to leave behind the delicacies of South Africa, or so she initially thought. We look into how Margie & Andy were able to recreate the South African tastes she was missing, all whilst building a name for themselves as the pioneer of the most authentic steakhouse in North Island, Little Savanna. Most Authentic Steakhouse 2023 - North Island This delivery of high quality is strongly linked to the strict standards that have been put in place to ensure Little Savanna lives up to its awardwinning status. Since the founders ‘unashamedly love meat’, Little Savanna has dedicated itself to sourcing only the best quality meat in order to present the best tastes that South Africa has to offer. Through combining New Zealand meat with South African spices and cooking methods, Little Savanna has been able to establish a unique dining experience that is completely devoted to guest satisfaction. Additionally, high standards don’t just apply to the food that’s offered at Little Savanna. The staff play a crucial role in the guest experience, and nobody is more aware of this than Margie & Andy. They ensure that each member of staff is working in tandem with their visions for the establishment – to make the guest experience unforgettable by providing fantastic service. As a result, the team has earned an impressive wealth of awards, including the Best Front of House Team in the recent Manawatu Hospitality Awards. And the star-studded staff aren’t the only ones who have won awards in this highly competitive field. Not only does Little Savanna have the best front of house staff in the area, but it has also won awards for Emerging Front of House, Emerging Chef, Best Restaurant, Supreme Award over the Hospitality Industry, and its most recent Most Authentic Steakhouse Award 2023 – North Island. With such a wide array of awards to its name, Little Savanna has proven that it’s a steakhouse that’s practically unbeatable in its field. Every detail has been honed to perfection, and the passion behind the establishment shines through each and every aspect of this wonderful restaurant. At its core, Little Savanna was a way for Margie & Andy to unite their two loves – South Africa and New Zealand. With no initial understanding of the culinary field, Margie & Andy didn’t let anything hinder their progress towards marrying two iconic destinations together to create something truly special. Little Savanna is a must for anyone looking to try a combination that has taken the North Island by storm. [email protected] Contact: Margie Holmes Company: Little Savanna Web Address: stablished in 2017, Little Savanna acts a conduit for one core goal – to present New Zealand produce in a way that’s utterly South African. Through utilising typical South African methods to cook meat, the talented chefs at Little Savanna chargrill their dishes to recreate the style of South Africa that Margie had parted with. As a result of its dedication to South African tastes, Little Savanna has managed to engross guests from across the country, providing an authentic experience that’ll take them on a gripping culinary journey. With such a wealth of success since its opening 5 years ago, one would think that Margie & Andy had an extensive culinary background going into the process. However, astonishingly, they had absolutely no experience when they first decided to take the venture into establishing Little Savanna. Despite this, Margie & Andy have been able to create a fantastic steakhouse that’s unrivalled by any other in the area. And with such a keen eye for quality, it’s easy to understand why Little Savanna has become as highly regarded as it is. E