Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

58 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 Best Japanese BBQ Restaurant 2023 - Hokkaido Good quality meat is essential when it comes to grilling the perfect dish. It can mean the difference between a delectable dining experience and a mediocre meal. However, at Amano Family Farm, quality is at the core of every slice of meat provided. From cattle rearing to cooking the carefully cultivated meat, Amano Family Farm has mastered what it means to offer a barbecue experience that’s unlike anything else Hokkaido has to offer. After graduating from a meat school with a newfound knowledge and skillset obtained from a high-end yakiniku restaurant in 2021, Katsuto Amano became the representative director of Amano Family Farm. With this expertise under his belt, Katsuto has propelled the restaurant to new heights, gaining it a reputation as one of the most sought-after dining experiences in Hokkaido. Thanks to a keen attention to detail, and a determination to offer the best of the best to its clients, Amano Family Farm specialises in rearing Japanese black cattle for its Shiraoi beef. As such, Amano Family Farm holds an understanding of this unique Hokkaido staple that simply can’t be overlooked. Thanks to this unbridled understanding of how best to grill this marvellous meat, Amano Family Farm has adapted itself to offer an experience to its patrons that you won’t find anywhere else in Hokkaido. Partnering some of the best meat in Japan with the brilliant barbecue facilities within the restaurant, you’ll be able to concoct a taste that’s utterly unforgettable. Not only is the meat mouth-watering, but, as a result of Amano Family Farm’s keen awareness on how best to chargrill its specialty beef, you have the chance to unlock the true taste potential that awaits you. When dining, you’ll be grilling your meat using the best charcoal in Japan, Binchotan charcoal, hailed for its longevity, minimal smoke and consistent temperature. Partner this with toxin-reducing diatomaceous earth, and you’ve got the recipe for chargrilled beef that’ll benefit your palate and your health. Of course, excellence is the standard that Amano Family Farm aims to exceed. Whether it’s Hokkaido’s Fukkurinko rice that you’re sampling, or seasonal kimchi that is constantly updated depending on the time of year, you’ll be faced with an eating experience that’s beyond astounding. You’ll be unable to resist its delicious tastes and impeccable service, and will probably find yourself desperate to revisit so you can try more of the delicacies that Amano Family Farm has to offer. And, if you’re wanting to take some of the taste home with you, Amano Family Farm offers its meat to purchase in house and online. So, you needn’t fret about having to go without the irresistibly unique flavours that Amano Family Farm has to offer. However, with its dining prices being so affordable and enticing to a plethora of customers, the experience of barbecuing has never been more alluring. You could easily grill the meat at home, but Amano Family Farm is a must for anyone looking to partake in an authentic, awardwinning barbecuing venture. Amano Family Farm, at its core, is a small business looking to offer people all over the world a taste of the delicious food it’s learned to cultivate since its establishment in 1999. It recognises how charcoal-grilled meat can elevate your dish to the next level, and is eager to introduce this knowledge to its host of patrons. No matter your tastes, there will be something delectable for you to enjoy. Give your tastebuds a well-deserved treat with the grilled meats of Amano Family Farm. Contact Details Contact: Katsuhito Amano Company: Amano Family Farm Web Address: